Waatea 5th Estate – the new spy powers


Tonight we look at the proposed new spy powers that will apply to the GCSB and SIS. To debate the issues…

In studio – Human rights activist and former Green Party MP –

Keith Locke

Evening Report editor – Selwyn Manning

And on Skype we have Co-leader of the Greens – Metiria Turei


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  1. One of the best episode yet of Waatea 5th Estate.

    Well worth watching!


    Not at all surprised that Michael Cullen was too scared to front up and be asked serious questions about his report. We all know MSM are not going to bother to grill him!

    This also made the Greens look good. It may not be popular but it is important for NZer’s to understand and debate mass spying and how technology is being used by the intelligence community to steal, store and trade personal information on a global scale under the idea of security.

  2. excellent show martyn and thank you to the panel for clarifying what for me is one of the most important issues we are facing in the 21st century that of finding the right balance between protecting our civil liberties, political freedoms and ideas. What legitimacy does the SIS GCSB Stasi have in spying on people whose political views they and the govt do not like or people 5EYES alliance perceive as threats in a foreign country where there is no criminality involved. Its time to dismantle the GCSB they are politically motivated by the National Party, that is not what the GCSB is for. More not less official oversight is needed for these agencies. Why would metiria be under surveillance she’s a Greens MP for goodness sake she has as much chance of being surveilled as all you panellists for speaking out about our corrupt ratfucked govt and Key’s own personal spy agency GCSB. And us readers its 2 hops 3 hops away under the NSA Patriot Act. It’s why we cant have nice things

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