What Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have in common



The anger from the left and right towards the Corporate American Political establishment is what binds Trump and Sanders.

Sanders is a socialist whose ideas sound fresh in the ears of those who’ve never heard them and Trump’s uncompromising anger connects with Republicans who are sick of being sold out to corporations.

Democrats and Republicans are paid for corporate servants who have enabled policy that robs 99% of America to reward the top 1% and that level of political servitude impacts right wing and left wing voters in America.

The Republican establishment is bent on killing off Trump because he can’t be bought by the Koch Brothers who own the Republican Party and Democrats have invented Super Delegates to ensure no grass roots candidate can threaten their pacts with corporations.

The prominence of trade as an election issue surprised many mainstream pundits as they didn’t think voters were smart enough to understand the corporate hegemonic structures that rob them of a quality of life.

Corporate America will do all they can to kill off both these candidates as they directly threaten the Military Industrial Complex and Corporate Plutocracy.


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  1. +100 Great Post

    …and for a chilling insider story on how corporate power in USA is upheld by corruption, depravity and worse …key into utube ‘Kay Griggs’ interviews.

    Kay Griggs is a whistleblower of the stature of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden…and even Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  2. This analysis doesn’t seem to take into account that according to Lori Wallach, Trump’s opposition to the TPP, like those of the other Republican candidates, is based on the fact that it doesn’t hand over *enough* power to corporations and unaccountable ISDS.

    • Depends on which level you’re analysing. In terms of his rhetoric to voters, all his pro-corporate policies are explained away as improving the economy for them, making them “the people’s policies”, not corporate policy. In terms of actual impacts, Trump is rabidly pro-corporate and anti-middle-class and pro-poverty on almost every issue, with small exceptions for the areas where corporations are not as enamored with how far into racism he delves.

  3. Both Bernie and Trump say they will kill the TPPA because it benefits only corporations, not workers. They also both HATE “the establishment”, i.e. bought and paid for neo-con politicians like Hillary, Jeb and Rubio.

    • Sure, but Bernie actually means it. Trump is practically a corporation himself. If he is saying the TPPA is bad because it benefits corporations more than workers (citation please) it’s because, like Clinton, he is aping Bernie in a transparent attempt to poach his vote.

  4. The establishment dosnt only own republicans and democrats, they own NZ and many other countries.Our PM is a lobbyist for America unwilling or willing he is hooked by the puppet masters and Nz suffers the consequences.
    The special delegates are nothing more than establishment members . Political lobbyists and special delegates should be banned. Hillary Clinton might just get the nonmination if she is not found guilty of leaking classified documents,but she has to win the the race over republicans.
    The race is decided by the amount of delegates ,if Trump or one of the others dosnt get the required delegates there will be a structured election otherwise known as the esablishment picking the winner.
    Its so crooked in America it needs someone like Trump who has his own money and cant be bought.
    Interesting Fox news has a place behind the podium as part of the establishment, they seem to be promoting him, who knows he could be
    one of the establishment, and the public being fooled ,after all Obama
    was the shining light but he does as hes told it seems.
    i think Bernie Saunders is genuine and the people have given him all the money to fight, Clinton dosnt get given millions for nothing ,she is the establishment choice it seems ,she will do what shes told.
    If it comes to a fitted up nomination there will be revolution in America ,
    the people are not fooled.

  5. National and Labour both share allegiance to neo liberal economic policy. Neither will challenge the dominance of the elites. Neither can be trusted.

    In the US voters have a choice between Sanders with a decades long career of working for the public good or Trump who says what works to stroke his ego and fortune while getting him elected.

    I am thankful we have the experience and skills of the many committed Green MPs and an electoral system which allows us to bring them to Parliament.

  6. “Corporate America will do all they can to kill off both these candidates as they directly threaten the Military Industrial Complex and Corporate Plutocracy.”

    Of course they will, but only us politically interested and enlightened people realise this, the masses are dumbed down to the extreme, and fall for all the emotive scare tactics.

    I have no time for Trump though, he is a rather reckless chap, there is no doubt about that, but I have given up hope that a decent man like Sanders may beat Clinton. Money rules the USA, it rules most of the world, and it is sadly full of mercenaries, who learned nothing but fighting over the morsels left by the one percent at the top, just the idiotic education and job application system humiliates so many of us, I am sick to death of what goes on.

    Problem is, far too few are so far ready to stand up and fight this shit, but let the shit hit the fan, we are nearing a perfect storm, dairy farmers hitting the wall, perhaps the Auckland housing bubble finally bursting, and banks suddenly having very unbalanced balance sheets.

    I see it come and happen, most rather stick their heads DEEP into the sand, scared of reality. It is much easier to dream, to lick ice cream and drink alcohol, and to forget, but the day will come where you can no longer run away from what will hit us, dear people.

  7. Great picture Martyn,

    A picture says a thousand words and this does,

    Yes , Donald Trump said today he would not ratify the TPPA if he become President later this year, as he said (quote) “12 countries are lining up to destroy themselves signing TPPA ” according to RNZ this morning.

    We don’t like Trump but he is right there on TPPA.

    Canada’s new Leader Justin Trudeau said he would seek to dramatically change the TPPA, so we should also ask why can’t we??????

    Keep up the fight as every voice counts.

    • +100 CLEANGREEN…and despite my reservations about Trump we must remember Tony Benn, who came from the wealthy ruling elite but whose sympathies were with the people and for social justice

      The fact that Trump is hated by the Republican establishment and he is anti TPPA should give one pause for thought… and imo means he deserves some consideration, despite his other drawbacks

  8. Bernie can run as an independent, he has used the polls, media coverage, and the televised debates to get his message out there and show up the corruption. It’s a Bernie or bust movement which could bust there rotten system wide open, it is amazing.
    Also the TPPA I believe is for Monsanto to cruise in here with the dairy crash and take over the water irrigators and our country so we will be the new bread basket for America, now that California is dead. We will be the equivalent of the Irish being left with the potato blight. We already are being warmed up like a cup of cold sick to starvation and homelessness in NZ just like America. I find it so surreal that the dickhead Key used Eminem’s song in his campaign since Eminem has songs that really smash the establishment in the face. This is Empire and colonialism now that is eating it’s own tail.
    As an Eminem song goes “The lid pops off, lid pops off …. “

  9. ‘The Bernie Sanders voters who would choose Trump over Clinton

    A Sanders-Trump switch may be far-fetched, but negative views of Hillary Clinton have some voters weighing their options in Guardian call-out’


    “…This week the Guardian sought out Sanders fans who are contemplating switching their allegiance to Trump if Hillary Clinton secures the Democratic nomination.

    Almost 700 people replied to the call-out, and some 500 of them said they were thinking the unthinkable: a Sanders-Trump switch.

    They explained their unconventional position by expressing a variety of passionately held views on their shared commitment for protecting workers and against new wars, on their zeal for an alternative to the establishment, and on their desire to support anyone but Hillary Clinton…”

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