February NZ Blog Rankings 2016


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There’s been some changes with the blog rankings in February.

Rank Blog                   Visits/month           
1 Kiwiblog                       303 489                    
2 The Daily Blog            223 231                       
3 The Standard             199 452                          


*Whaleoil has removed itself from the blog rankings.

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  1. Did anyone really ever buy his supposed ratings? I commented a few times that it seemed incredibly dubious and I think it was Kim Dotcom who said it was all rigged by click-bots or whatever.

  2. Whoa, hold on there.

    Whale Oil was not “removed.” He removed his StatCounter – his decision to no longer participate – and let me know this was happening.

    Actually, the 2nd ranking blog from January (Student Art Guide) also removed her Statcounter and asked to be removed from the list.

    It happens – bloggers have their reasons for participating or not participating. It is up to them

    • The post has been altered. That is not what it said originally. It accused Whaleoil of crimes as per usual and was wrong as usual.

      • Yawn.

        No claim of a crime, there were problems with the stat counters this month, we simply thought Whaleoil had been effected by that tech glitch – we had no idea that whaleoil asked to be removed from the rankings.

        Things pretty tough with all the legal bills?

  3. Whatever one may think of David Farrar’s political views, his Kiwiblog’s stats are a whole lot more reliable than the mythical “millions” recorded by Whaleoil. No way could Farrar risk damage to his career as a pollster by fudging the figures for his blog.

    The current ranking; Kiwiblog, TDB, and The Standard, therefore, are a lot more accurate.

    • The figures can’t be fudged. You are insulting Ken and Open Parachute with your baseless accusations.You owe him an apology.

      If you were correct then NO ONES stats could be believed on Open Parachute and it would be a pointless exercise.

      • To state that statistics and figures and polls and rankings can never be ” fudged ” or manipulated is being a bit naive.
        There are so many variables involved in collecting data – where was it done ? – with who ? – cities ? – rural ? age group ? and who is doing the collecting and who funded it and how are they doing it ? and what do they have invested in the stats outcome ? and do they have any hidden agendas ? and so so much more. As I have stated before, I personally do not trust most polls and most research stats and have very good reasons not to.
        I studied statistics and am retired in the fields of social and psychological services
        and I learned to take most all statistics and polls with a few grains of salt.

        Look at all the research stats coming out now that have been proven wrong and misleading and meant to sway opinion and manipulate beliefs. Just because a poll or a research project or any stats are done does not make it right or true or just.

  4. Like polls, these blog rankings are just a load of nonsense and who cares really. Do we not place way to much importance on very likely rigged and biased polls and rankings ?
    Any stats can be manipulated and very often are.

    TDB is rarely biased and mostly about open and free discussion and good journalism. They support excellent writers and mostly (?) intelligent commenters. Kiwiblog is a biased one man show; ego focused mouthpiece for the govt.s views and is a waste of time, as we see it.
    Boring — boring — boring ==>> Kiwiblog. Should be called Egoblog.

    Whaleoil just shows his colours again and it is not a pretty picture.
    Dirty dirty dirty politics little boy getting his just legal desserts right about now.
    You reap what you sow. Who needs journalism bound in so much fear; lies and lack of ethics.

    As folks wake up, they will gravitate towards real; genuine and quality journalism. It is rare but it is out there – ( The Intercept and — RT.com — among others ) The rest will keep their heads in the sand. Let’s consider not place so much importance on polls and rankings.

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