EXCLUSIVE: What really happened inside SERCO



Talking with our sources inside prison, here is what happened…

I spoke to the ringleader of the fight club – the boxer shown in the videos. He was transferred out very fast & is now at Pare . He said there had always been fighting going on, even under Corrections, but he just “revved it up a bit” & Serco staff allowed it. Quite a lot of both participants and witnesses were transferred quickly to other prisons ,  so that would have impacted Serco’s ability to do its own enquiry . 

the report is a whitewash.


  1. Serco have a colossal nerve to take Corrections to court. They knew exactly what was going on. Need an independent judicial review. Shades of whats to come under TPPA

    • @Sandi – totally agree but don’t think this government is capable of an independent judicial review.

      TPPA litigation – here we come.

      When corporates are found out, litigate first. At least Serco doesn’t have it’s own courts yet like under TPP.

      Show some balls government and litigate back and teach Serco a lesson!

    • You’re missing the point, Andrew. SERCO was contracted to run Mt Eden because it was positioned that it could do a better job than the Corrections Dept;

      “This Government is committed to a world-class Corrections system in New Zealand. To achieve that, we must have access to world-class innovation and expertise.

      The appointment of Serco as the contract manager for Mt Eden/ACRP will bring in new ideas and international best practice which will benefit the entire corrections sector.

      Serco has a strong track record in managing prisons. I’m confident that the company will bring the high standards of professionalism, safety, rehabilitation and security expected by the Government to Mt Eden/ACRP.” – Judith Collins, 14 December, 2010

      Ref: https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/mt-edenacrp-contract-manager-announced

      That was the raison d’etre for privatising management of the prison.

      What you’re saying is that SERCO isn’t necessarily any better.

      In which case you’ve just torpedoed the entire rationale for private management of prisons.

      Thank you.

      • FRANK: Yep, and what I’m saying is that it may have done better – because the track record of Corrections run prisons may have been even worse.

        Pulling out individual cases in isolation is not necessarily a good way to judge performance.

        • Yep, and what I’m saying is that it may have done better – because the track record of Corrections run prisons may have been even worse.

          “May have been worse”?! Based on what?

          And “may have been worse” is not a sound basis upon which to predicate a commercial deal.

          On top of which, Andrew, “may have been worse” is a silly deflection from SERCO’s track record which is worse. Not just in New Zealand, but around the world.

          You’re indulging in wishful thinking.

  2. As I heard on the news, Serco is taking the government, that is Corrections to court, by way of judicial review.

    I cannot comment on details, as it is before the court, but we can feel sure, that this is a desperate effort, to save their faces, so they can try and defend the contract they still have, plus a chance to get more contracts for other services.

    It will be very interesting to see whether their court action against a decision by the government to put Corrections in charge at Mt Eden will succeed. They do try to discredit the report the government’s decision was based on.

    I sense Serco are desperate, and we can guess why.

  3. Who cares what happens in prison. If the left had its way, no one would be sent there anyway, especially repeat burglars. Perhaps the left could start thinking about the victims of crime for a change.

    • Nice simplistic view you’ve got there , DAVE,…. however I’m sure most of us , Left or Right do think about the victims of crime… possibly more than you do.

      However , the neo liberal wretch doesn’t.

      What the neo liberal wretch does is lie to the public that crimes down, falsify’s statistics to present to the public , encourages privatization of prisons to justify their treasonous program to sell off of SOE’s – even including non SOE’s such as prisons , then makes a colossal noise about how they are ‘ tough on crime ‘ when in fact they just said that crime is down….

      Does the neo liberal wretch also suffer from schizophrenia as well?… or do they simply lie and change the narrative when its convenient?

      And is it part of the neo liberal wretches operations to place an incompetent Minister of Corrections at the helm who is either too stupid or willingly so – that he turns a blind eye to basic human abuses in our prisons?

      And if so …why ?… is the obvious question.

      Could it be that in the mad ideological rush to bolster up that ideology that regular illegal incidents of assault , murder and rape must be kept from the public’s gaze at all costs?

      And that regular audits are allowed to be fudged deliberately to present to the public the picture that all is well in our ‘corrective ‘ facilities which we have subsidized ?

      Subsidies and concessions that WE the taxpayer have been clandestinely made to pay for to a private contractor?

      A private contractor that was endorsed by the neo liberal wretch as part of the agenda to further dismantle any last remaining shreds of Social Democracy in this country ?

      I certainly do hope for your sake that you do not count yourself in that sorry number of the neo liberal wretches DAVE , but that you are truly speaking in the capacity of a concerned citizen – and not in the capacity of the neo liberal wretch and thief.

    • Nope – they would be full of tax evaders / avoiders. But we wouldn’t leave even such evil buggers to the mercy of Serco

    • Andrew: What would you like people to ‘think about the victims of crime’?

      We know it’s cheaper – thinking, that is – than counselling, or affordable insurance without the zillions of loopholes, or the rather low resolution rates in some areas, or supporting people working to stop impulsive folk before they become statistics.

      We know that the people with psychological issues aren’t either going to get any treatment, or be removed from their cozy lairs in high places.

      But – do tell – what would you like us to think about the victims of crime? Both sides.

    • Dave – so you’re advocating for a more brutal regime in our prisons?

      Be careful what you wish for. Prisons are an aspect of wider society, and eventually that brutality will affect us all.

    • [Andrew, please direct your comments at either blog authors or other commentators you are debating with. Indulging in side-chats with fellow right-wingers will not be published because it offers nothing to the debate. If you want to have a tête-à-tête with Dave, take it somewhere else. – ScarletMod]

  4. This National Government made this mess privatising our jails, so now that could make them look like idiots come election time now we hope.

    We have learnt to never trust these overseas corporations, remember Warner bros, Rio tinto, amongst others that Government folded into?

    • @ Andrea. Re D & A. No Matter. They’re both the same. The common, or garden variety, linear thinkers.
      As a society, we must protect ourselves from the criminals we create and criminals are only the ones that get caught.
      The real criminal in NZ / Aotearoa is paula bennett. She’s the poster girl ( Wait, wait. Little bit if sick… ) for the influential Corporate Welfare promoters who have their remote controlled minions everywhere. Even here, especially here.
      Because of the profitable hardship they foist on us we become dysfunctional and that must be kept a secret.

      If Dave and Andrew are genuine in their ignorance they can’t figure that out because they don’t have the brain power. If they know full well what’s happening then they’er just running defence for their masters. Sowing seeds of doubt amongst the explorative, open minded.
      I watched a deeply depressing though superb documentary called The War on Democracy by John Pilger on Maori TV last night and the parallels to NZ couldn’t be over looked. ( Not for the feint hearted. )

      Milton Friedman’s spider like influence has reached into our lives and gutted us like pigs and the door through which he came was opened for him by that traitorous pig douglas. The cheap betrayer of those who now languish in prisons. I believe that when one must rebuild a house, one must start at the foundations. roger douglas is the central foundation stone to our house of criminal dysfunction.

      Bizarrely, if he’d gone to prison back in the 1980’s, most people in prison today would not be there.

      A commission of inquiry? Get douglas et al in court and see what comes spurting out.

      I read here that one of yankee doodle psycho jonky-stiens heroes was holyoak. That figures.

      Watch this. Get out your hankies. Do not show your kids, there’s a terrible mass shooting that none one should see.


      The parallels between NZ and this documentary can’t be ignored. Good on Maori TV for showing the film. Respect.

      • Just watched ‘The War on Democracy’….

        And it is as you say…two things stood out,

        The first was the same old tired cast of characters -CIA- in tandem with Nixon, Reagun and Bush. The arrogance and denial of the CIA men was palpable… no conscience at all of the thousands of people tortured and murdered as a direct result of Washington’s policy’s.

        Absolutely no remorse of the mass murders and complete double standards in regards to any other country and the democracy they claimed to represent. Overthrow of democratically elected govts and then financing the installation of puppet fascist dictators in their stead.

        All in the name of ‘democracy’. And if the CIA man was cornered by the hard facts ,- fell back on the threadbare trotted out line of ‘National security ‘.

        We then saw classified USA govt document after document that showed they not only backed these dictators, but they also financed them and on the mainland of the USA they – trained the death squads that were sent back to Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina as the enforcers of those puppet regimes.

        The second thing that stood out was the fact that all of these country’s had risen up against the same sort of neo liberal policy’s that this country has experienced…

        They rose up against exactly the same things, – corporate land grabs , privatization , impoverishment , asset stripping and the ‘scrapping’ of any non profit making govt dept.

        And the documentary included a speech whereby George W Bush introduced Milton Freidman at one of his speeches… nicknamed one of the ‘Chicago Boys’… ( Chicago School of Economics )… the world travelling public representative for the neo liberal doctrine.

        The very same brand of economics that created the conditions whereby the populations of those country’s of South America rose up, mass demonstrated and democratically elected leaders who rejected Milton Freidman and his neo liberal USA backers.

        Freidman was a murderer. He knew exactly what he was doing and what it would cause. As was Bush , as was Nixon , as was Reagan , as was Kissinger . All of them.

        And it is the same with all these successive neo liberal govt’s since 1984 that have caused all the social breakdown in this country since then in areas never before seen since the 1930’s Depression.

        Exactly the same economic agenda was put in place in NZ as was in those country’s of South America… and in fact not so long ago we were ranked 32nd in the OECD ,… behind that of Mexico. We used to be around the top country’s before 1984.

        And again,…this is why pressure against this govt and the TTPA must be continued. Because of the above reasons.

        COUNTRYBOY …thank you so much to drawing attention to this excellent and candid documentary. And so much kudos to Maori TV.

        I would strongly recommend ALL TDB posters and readers watch this as soon as is possible.

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