Who inside Labour leaked to Matthew Hooton?


Goff has earned his right to make a stand, after all, Roger Douglas casts a long shadow, but with him needing Labour and Union activists to win the Auckland mayoralty, that stand will be less toxic than it could be.

Shearer however is breaking the rules that were agreed to at the last private gathering of Labour MPs. The other elements of the Right have all fallen in behind Little as he stamps his authority on the Party with his decision to oppose the TPPA.

So who is leaking private internal emails to Matthew Hooton then?

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Whoever it was is now going to find out how the new Labour Party discipline traitors. Expect heads to roll. Little is not following the old neoliberals, he is setting his own direction and those who have refused to get on board are going to face a bleak future.

The decision to oppose the TPPA is a power play by Little, those who have decided to oppose that are about to find out you don’t cross Andrew Little lightly.


  1. Not the point of the post of course, but isn’t it good that Labour are meeting JK and Lori? I mean they are leading academics on the topic, regardless of one’s opinion re TPPA.

  2. You sound surprised that a Labour MP or Labour insider is leaking, why?
    Because it’s undermining Labour tactics or ‘Un leftist’ behavoir?

    When it comes to politics ALL sides leak, in fact sometimes it’s deliberate to undermine your opposition and sometimes it’s to get information out into the MSM before a policy release or major announcement…no matter what it is ALL sides of politics leak and have done for almost 100 years. And lets face it there is nothing ‘game changer’ McCarten has done since he was employed by Cunliffe that would make any ‘secrets’ leaked that shows he is any good as a Chief Strategist, his election results with The Alliance and now Labour speak for themselves, please Labour…keep him on for another decade 🙂

  3. PS
    “Whoever it was is now going to find out how the new Labour Party discipline traitors. Expect heads to roll” And here was me thinking free speech whistleblowers were a good thing for you as a blogger and the left in general, but only if leaking from the right I surmise?

    • Free speech is important for exposing matters of fraud. But in this case free speech isn’t a good excuse for deliberate sabotage.

  4. Ahhh but Sam, using selective ‘sabotage’ in this scenario shows up your hypocricy! I’m pretty sure if an email from National was leaked showing National was meeting someone sympathetic to their policy de jour, TS and TDB would publish it to show/prove dissention within the ranks and how ‘dirty’ the right are, ‘how dare they meet with someone who agrees with them and disagrees with our stance’, all rather hum drum politics that goes on in a daily basis. To be honest I’d be surprised if Kelsey DIDN’T meet with Labour MP’s and i’ll also give you good odd’s on them having NOT spoken/met with Kelsey already, I guess this is just a wee bit more formal and organised. It’s hardly an earth shattering leak and a game changer to call it ‘sabotage’?

    • You have a wild imagination there mr conspiracy. How about in the future you contain yourself to the topic at hand. It may help you to not write like a crack addict

  5. Gratified that Andrew is moving in his direction, not that of the old guard. Back to the basics of safe-guarding Kiwis and Kiwi workers.

  6. Yes right Martyn,

    Andrew little needs to stamp his mark on LABOUR as Key did successfully in National after it veered more to the right?

    So if Labour is turning left so he should follow Key’s success to move right shouldn’t he?

  7. It’s in the public interest for New Zealanders to know about Labour’s links with Jane Kelsey, just as it was in the public interest to know about National’s links with the Exclusive Brethren.

    • You are comparing Jane Kelsey with Exclusive Brethren! You are an idiot.
      You probably are also a RW paid idiot with your constant dirty politics crap

    • What a fricking comparison, Mr Hooton!?

      Are you serious? How many educated professors with a good, respected reputation do the Brethren have amongst their ranks?

      • Matthew polishes turds for a living. He’s mastered the art of euphemism, insinuation and calling a spade a… pelican.

      • are you asking because you genuinely don’t know, or is this essentially a rhetorical question because you have information that suggests there aren’t any? If you have such information surely you are obliged to share it. If you genuinely don’t know, isn’t the implied suggestion that there aren’t any a little unfair?

        • Put it this way. One group (Te Brethren) uses mail fraud to further political ambitions. The other (Jane Kelsey) use academic research to further her political aims.

          I hope that helps weed thought question marks out that you are so worried about.

          • gave you a + by mistake….Jane Kelsey is NOTHING LIKE the Brethren…however you may be trying to draw attention to the moral and intellectual difference between the two, in which case the + stands

    • It is nothing like National’s links to the Brethren. You are making up a bogus scenario that doesn’t actually exist. Just like the scaremongering lies you made up about “anti-#TPP protests plan to destroy property and assault people” as justification for “Police action”

      “Matthew Hooton ‏@MatthewHootonNZ Jan 27
      Police action is necessary because anti-#TPP protests plan to destroy property and assault people. ”


      National have had their “experts” and National and their lies have been called out, so what’s wrong with an invite to all who are interested to being briefed by experts who are anti TPPA? After all Labour were already in discussion and going over it, so what’s wrong in being more informed? And besides National did not meet all of Labour’s bottom lines did they? Andrew Little was always going to oppose it on the issues of sovereignty and he obviously got the numbers to do it. You will just have to live with Labour’s correct and justifiable decision Mr Hooton. People can see through your lies and BS.

      • Hooton is nothing more than a professional paid propaganda PR prostitute for the interests of the Right Wing and the big corporates. He does that for a living! Yuck!

    • I am reassured that Labour ARE talking with Jane Kelsey, aswell as having to listen to all the Pro-TPPA details, which I am sure they hear in abundance.
      Matt himself was out with Jane in public before the Wellington public meeting, I saw them, and didn’t bat an eyelid,so not exactly trying to hide the fact he is interested in her opinion?

    • Matthew – this is beneath you.

      The Mafia bosses meeting with their henchmen is worthy of exposing.

      Those who fight the Mafiosi are not.

      In the case of National and the Exclusive Brethren – the expose was carried out because one political party stood to benefit from rorting an election.

      There is no personal gain involved for Ms Kelsey.

  8. We should stop referring to NZ media as mainstream .
    Mainstream is un biased reporting of the facts
    Mainstream is not beholden to foreign money and influence.
    Mainstream is belief in the truth first and foremost.
    Mainstream reflects what is right for our country
    Mainstream is about ethics not fear about personal consequence.
    Mainstream is the peoples right not to be coerced.
    Mainstream means room for left and right views.
    And mainstream is free of domestic political interference.

  9. As long as you have such ones like Josie Pagani open her mouth to pressure Labour to move towards the “centre” (which used to be “the right”), and as long as she as a member and certain persons in caucus cling to neoliberalism, there are many suspects who would be happy to feed Hooton with some stuff. I took note of some snide comments she made to media over the last two days, re the TPPA repositioning by Labour.

    As for Mathew Hooton, he has many contacts, and he is smart in playing people off against each other. There are sadly some fools in Labour, who fall prey to manipulators like him.

    I am sure there has been criticism of Andrew Little, but here we go again, we got little or no direction and policy from Labour over the whole last year, while after the election we were first told that over the coming months (early last year) Labour would work out some new policies, after a review of older ones.

    And it seems some self aspiring selfish member, or staffer, thinking this may be useful to do, to keep Labour tied to neoliberalism and the interests of big business, has again been foolish to revive the internal debate, to open the wounds again, showing some disunity.

    Hooton is just one, others do the same, there is an army of string pullers working in and for government, right down from the PM’s Office, I fear, to do all to divide the population, Labour and the rest of the opposition, so they can rule a fourth term.

    They will do all to put the daggers in this year, to destroy the last remnants of any challenge, so there will be no reversal of policy for decades to come. That is their goal, to further empower the already powerful business elite, and their government, to consolidate and continue selling out ordinary New Zealanders, who are in high numbers already tenants in their own country, and whose future will be that of serfs working for masters, little else, as they own almost nothing anymore.

  10. There is a great divide between the centre left of the Party and the union left. This is the problem for any leader of the Party. You might be able to haul them into line but the divisions will still be there. As I said in another post I think a split in the party is inevitable. I don’t see anything else as a solution.

  11. This is all part of an attempt to isolate Jane Kelsey and those sharing her concerns and opposition to the TPPA. They have already labeled her a radical leftie, who is against free trade (supposedly), now Hooton and Co try to “smear” Labour with the brush, hoping it will rub off. That is part of the agenda, to discredit by association.

    It is really nasty stuff, Crosby Textor “Mach 10” level, I reckon.

    Sadly the MSM do only look at the disunity in Labour, and forget to actually read what is critical to read in the TPPA.

    As expected, the year 2016 continues where 2015 left off, with the same BS all over again.

    • Could well be correct there WORDS. Because it was Shearer, who went public to msm, announcing his own support of the TPPA. So I wouldn’t put it past him to try and condemn his own party Labour (getting at Little), for opposing the deal!

      Shearer, Goff and a few other neo lib Rogernomes need to be dismissed for their disloyalty (treason)!

  12. Looks like Stasi. Feels like Stasi. Smells like Stasi. Communism in its pure socialist state failed. People, it failed!!. The language Mr Bradbury uses reeks.

    • Andrew

      This is nothing like the Stasi. Hyperbolic outrage at party disloyalty is not the same as; a state police force bent on intimidation of their own populace (you don’t have to look far to find actual examples of that under Key’s government).

      Capitalism in its pure neoliberal form has failed the planet. Reptile, it failed!! The bullshit Andrew spouts reeks.

  13. Says the sewer worker 🙂

    Do you actually know anything about communism?

    Have you heard of the term command and control?

    I just wasn’t aware Martin Brabury was going around telling people what prices business have to set.

    Maybe you could speak a little more about your theories

  14. This thread is a fascinating insight into the mind of a radical.

    The only logical conclusion I can come to is that Labour is ashamed of being associated with Kelsey. Otherwise they wouldn’t try to keep it confidential.

    Frankly – I can see their point…

    • Do you actually know something incite full about labour because your drooling like an idiot. Any other male would tell you to stop stalking Jane Kelsey

    • they didn’t, see my comment above. Gawd, trying to label average, working people who can still think “radicals”, what a joker! (or Right wing radical maybe?)

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