Last nights TPPA meeting



Last nights TPPA meeting was incredible and sobering.

The level of bullshit the Government have used to cover over what the TPPA is really about and the ludicrous ways they’ve measured the economic impacts for NZ have never been so vigorously argued than last night.

The page views for the live stream were in the tens of thousands.

If you had viewed the discussion, you would have heard things never discussed by the mainstream media.

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Like the GCSB mass surveillance, the issue of the TPPA isn’t left or right. No one wins by allowing the Government to sign us up to a deal that creates a De facto upper chamber to our Parliament which is controlled by American Corporations.

The economic gains are an illusion. The protections to our environment are a lie. The ability for Maori to uphold the Treaty has been terminally weakened. We will have to pay more for our medicines. We open ourselves up to be manipulated by American Corporations.

There’s nothing in this deal that benefits anyone other than the already wealthy. It locks NZ into being a garden for America’s food chain, which is fine for Farmers and the National Party, but kinda screws the rest of us.

The talking schedule continues around the country, if you have the opportunity to go and hear, you simply must.

The next protest action is 4th February.

The video of last nights discussion will be posted here shortly.


  1. Did the Labour party representative present state they will leave the TPPA if they are able to lead the next Government?

      • If you think the TPPA offers no benefit then vote for parties that will leave the agreement. Leaving the agreement after it has been ratified is entirely possible and carries no penalty. The real question is whether Labour is one of those parties that wish to do so and if not why not.

        • Are you asking us here at TDB?

          Or are you asking a Labour rep mr goose?

          For me. If a future government was faced with mounting legal costs and plotential payouts of billions. I’ll scrap that agreement in a heart beat

        • The real question is, Gosman, will your party (ACT) oppose a Labour-led government’s decision to withdraw from the TPPA, if it is elected into government?

          If, as you are suggesting, Labour has a right to withdraw, will you support that right? Or will you find new reasons to oppose Labour’s decision?

          • I support the right of political parties to exercise their votes in Parliament how they see fit. That does not mean other political parties have to support them in what they choose to do.

            • And that is called what?

              -Ripping off the people?
              -Ripping off the tax payer?
              -ripping off New Zealand?

              Ok, moving on. Is it true that Key blew out his budget guesstimates again by 1.6 billion?

    • You should have listened to the speech yourself mate. ‘Personal responsibility’, remember?–the mantra that you and your RW rich pricks pontificate for the poor people, the disadvantaged and the less well off in society?

  2. if that stream had been broadcast to most New Zealanders last night it is quite likely Keys head would be figuratively, on a stick by Friday

    this type of peoples media is the future; and the future is now (heh, hows that for a mangled metaphor…)

  3. Gossie is right, Labour’s spokesman was vague and did not confirm that they were against the TPPA, only that they would fight to retain our sovereignity what ever that means – vague and unsatisfactory for any potential Labour voter.

    Labour needs to step up to the plate and come out with something, anything, concrete about their future policies for this country of ours. We do not need two centre parties, the one in power is enough, too many people in this country are being ignored and it’s at Labour’s peril. I can see a lot of votes going to any one of the opposition parties next election and leaving Labour out in the cold once again.

    • Andrew Little was on TV 1 today stating quite clearly he is for trade deals ,but this deal has very little trade attached to it and he is firmly against it and it wont get his support.
      Key when hearing about the huge support for not signing the TPPA said “oh I think the majority of nz are behind the deal,”surely he cant really believe his own lies.
      Well done T D B and all involved, it made the TV and the Herald.
      Key is so determined to push it through he will lie to himself.

      If America passes the deal at all it wont be until after the American elections,most proponents in favour are polling in very low figures.

      • The constant regurgitation of the Hollow Men’s key message that “the majority of NZers support the TPPA” reminds me of the bit in ‘A Pervert’s Guide to Ideology’ in which Slavoj Zizek talks about how totalitarian dictators like Stalin present themselves as the instrument of “the people”. Not the actual people in their country, but a mythical ideal of “the people” on whose behalf the dictator will police, imprison, and kill real people if they dissent against the governing power. Perhaps an idealize “majority of NZers” fulfill a similar ideological role for Key and National?

  4. “It locks NZ into being a garden for America’s food chain, which is fine for Farmers and the National Party, but kinda screws the rest of us”

    I worry that locking NZ into being a garden for America’s food chain will screw everyone including farmers.

    For example, outlawing country of origin food labelling for beef would diminish any competitive advantage NZ may have for it’s free-ranging grass-fed beef.

    The gigantic transnational corporates of agriculture have McDonaldized farming and food production. They have ended up with enormous control over farmers in America and elsewhere in the world. Look at Cargill, Monsanto, Tyson…

  5. Thank you Martin for your part in live broadcasting the TPPA meeting last night. It was indeed thought provoking and sobering.

    I donated though my phone for the anti -TPPA cause. Which I thought was value for money for being able to participate in such an important event.

    Can I suggest when you put up the videos that a link to how to donate is also given a prominent place.

  6. TPPA has almost nothing to do with trade and everything to do with morphing the covert fascist NZ state into an overt fascist state, thereby mirroring the USA.

    Corporations already own the western money system, the media, the politicians and much of the land. They have wanted to own it all for a long time and to profit from everything, including being born, and this deal is the next step towards complete corporate ownership and control of NZ society. Key and company are looking forward to their personal dividends.

    To repeat, TPPA has almost nothing to do with trade -which is falling off the cliff right now anyway (Baltic Dry Index the lowest ever!).

    Protest is unlikely to deter the fascists from pushing ahead with their insane, self-serving in the short-term, agendas -protest rarely does deter fascists. However, economic collapse and environmental collapse -both of which are coming quite soon- will bring the whole house of cards down.

    A system which is founded on lies and which is maintain through lies, and which rapidly destroys the very factors that make life-as-we-know-it possible, cannot last.

  7. When will the video be posted?

    Couldn’t make the meeting last night, but I would really like to watch the video. tks

  8. I heard Rod Oram on National Radio interviewed about TPPA. His conclusion seemed to be there was negligible net economic benefit to NZ. Kathryn Ryan could not get rid of him quick enough although to be fair she may have been pushed for time. I conclude therefore Key is acting under pressure from his US corporate mates who control the US government.
    Why has NZ, at the other side of the world, been chosen for the signing. My guess is Obama wants as little attention drawn to it as possible as the real motive behind the TPPA is to cement US favourable laws and trade laws as much as possible before the inevitable rise of China.
    China, I believe, is more interested in fair trade than the USA despite how they may be depicted by the US puppet media.
    eg The US makes a big deal of protecting the trade route through the South China Sea with their grandstanding at China’s reclaimed islands project. As 90% of the trade through there is China’s I think it is China that is doing the trade route protection and THe US as usual is trying to project its military power where it is not wanted or required.

    • “Why has NZ, at the other side of the world, been chosen for the signing. My guess is Obama wants as little attention drawn to it as possible as the real motive behind the TPPA is to cement US favourable laws and trade laws as much as possible before the inevitable rise of China.”
      Absolutely right Ike. A whole of lot of Obama’s Democrats in Congress don’t like it, so Obama has to go to the home of his most fervent cheerleader to start the signing off process, and then claim to Americans that since little ‘ol Nu Zeeeeland loves it so much why should the Americans not love it too?
      What a cauldron of lies and corruption. I live for the day it all comes crashing down on Key and is exposed for the sham it really is.

  9. A monumental bore, rehashing the same old objections that have long since been countered.

    Even Labour couldn’t bring themselves to say they opposed it. That leaves teh Greens and Mana. Good luck with that.

  10. Yes e- clectric,

    I watched the TPPA event video streamed live, and it was very moving indeed, but even Marama Fox didn’t get mentioned as a partner Jonkey clone, so we are astounded today we never saw a peep from even John Campbell tonight on his show.

    Martyn, can you arrange John Campbell gets a copy of this important event to cover it on his show on RNZ?

  11. +100 – although do not think most farmers are going to benefit under TPP. Like the China trade agreement they might find they are initially better and then much worse off and deeply in debt to boot. Why buy the milk when you can buy the farm is already happening and having a direct supply chain and cutting out the middle men (Kiwis) and just using us as land and a banana republic. Liked Metiria’s scenario of the farmers losing their stock analogy in her Nation speech.

    Looking forward to the link for the TPPA meeting.

  12. RNZ news at815am interviewed Chris Trotter on the division appearing in the Labour Party as Phil Goff & David Shearer have both broken ranks with Andrew Little and come out supporting the TPA.

    Chris agrees there is a clear breaking of ranks within some of the labour line up to keep quiet about dissenting views so ther right are finally appearing so we hope the rest of these right winger labour MPs finally leave the LABOUR PARTY AND ALLOW LABOUR TO RETURN TO THE CENTRE LEFT AND NOT JUST TO REMAIN AS A NATIONAL LITE PARTY.

  13. Hmm, I’m sure I remember Key a couple of years ago insisting that anything New Zealand signed would have to be “gold standard” or something to that effect.
    Gold paint would be more accurate.

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