TDB Political Caption Competition




  1. You have been a good boy up to now John don’t let me down.

    Im doing my best Mr President its those damn kiwis keep getting in the way, they don’t want to hand over NZ to our corporations,the cheek of it ,after all NZ inc is on our Wall St stock market.

  2. ” I want to see batons , tear gas and water cannons . And plenty of media right where your agent provocateurs are placed. And every night that , plenty of media coverage replaying all the props were going to use for two solid weeks. Burning cars, smashed windows , that sort of thing. ”

  3. Mr Prez “Now you hear me good, you sniveling little dick drip, when I say jump, you jump boy.”

    FJK (salivating) ” Yes ‘um sir. I sure will sir. How high you want me to jump sir?”

  4. “Now hear ye, low key – if you expect to come along in my golf buggy up in the North Pacific, we have to ensure the TPPA is operational to keep the Chinese out of our back door.”

  5. John you are my bitch so you must nail TPPA for me and you will be magnificently rewarded when you head home back to the States . See you in NZ my leg up for you for 2017 Elections.

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