If Key and the Police want a riot at TPPA – they’ll create one



The audacity of Key lying repeatedly about the TPPA has led to a building fury.

The lie that this forced trade deal which signs away our sovereignty would be debated in Parliament is shown up for the falsehood it is when it was revealed that Key intended to sign the deal before Parliament even opened.

The lie that this won’t impact Maori Treaty rights or our ability to pass environmental laws has been shown up by new papers released this week and the entire economic case for the deal has been blown wide open by research released today.

By signing it a mere 2 days before Waitangi Day is almost attempting to create disorder.

Now we find out that the NZ Police are training their staff to start police a riot…

TPP: Police undertake riot training
New Zealand Police have been undertaking mass riot training ahead of the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Auckland next month.

The trade agreement, that has sparked widespread controversy due to its closed-door negotiations, will be signed by international diplomats on February 4.

Dozens of large-scale protests have been held across the country as the five years of negotiations for the deal came to a close in the US last year.

The Herald understands that increased riot training – officially known as public order training – has been taking place ahead of the signing, as police prepare for more possible civil unrest.

…Muldoon green lighted the Springbok tour in part to divide the country and harden his support base, by agreeing to a signing 2 days before Waitangi Day, Key is playing the same divide and rule politics.

The first chance to fight back is the Town Hall meeting in Auckland next Tuesday (live streamed on The Daily Blog) and the massive protest action planned on the 4th of February.

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If the Police are actively training for a riot, then they are planning to manufacture one. Everyone going on the 4th must take their cellphones and record Police actions so we can hold the buggers to account. It would not be the first time a National Party Prime Minister used the Police to beat protesters and activists and if they do, we should be prepared to publicise that around the world.

We will not be intimidated. We will not back down. We will not allow Key and his corporate overlords sign away our democracy.


    • TDB hasn’t turned on anyone – let alone Mr Trotter.

      The wisdom of what Mr Trotter was advising is sound. This article says as much.

      If the Police are doing riot training , its obvious that Key expects it. As well, – wants it.

      Why?… because it will justify his signing of the TTPA as the MSM will only report on the violence and instability – by which it will be so much easier to marginalize protesters as simply ‘ uninformed’ , ‘ left wing ‘, ‘rentamob ‘, …its all been done before by right wing politicians and for exactly the same reasons… to put a slant and spin on those who oppose them.

      And their agendas.

      It is obvious Key wants to use any violence to further his agendas – and his scurrilous condescension’s and deceptions – especially with all the obscene amounts of powers hes given the GSCB , SIS and Police.

      So do we want to appear as mindless raging bulls blundering into the trap Key is hoping for?


      We have all seen it all before , how Key lies and manipulates – what did he label Glenn Greenwald? – ‘a henchman ‘ , … what did he call Nicky Hager ?….a left wing conspiracy theorist or words to that effect.

      And as we all know , it was Key that lied about XKEYSCORE and the CORTEX surveillance programs.

      It was Key who was lying and in denial about Dirty Politics and the subversive operations coming directly out of his office.

      WHERE IS JASON EDE ???!!!???

      Key couldnt give a toss how many New Zealanders end up in court so long as he comes out with his self righteous facade in place.

      So dont give the liar an inch. Dont give him cause to gloat and call Kiwis suckers and go on playing his mind games with the populace.

      Play the little piece of shit at his own game .

      • The location is both symbolic and a provocation in itself.
        Instead of Parliament Buildings where something like this should be signed, it’s being done in the city of business at a casino (what better emblem of blood sucking capitalism than that).

  1. Very peculiar this TPPA and I am having trouble reading between the lines, it is not a Free Trade Agreement but an Economic Pact between Nations, however signing our sovereignty away to Foreign Corporates?

    Can someone enlighten me?

  2. Please spare me the conspiracy theories. The police would be negligent if they did not prepare for the possibility of public disorder. I believe there will be disorder but it will not be the doing of the police, although the perpetrators will try to blame the police.

    • @ Ben

      You state “I believe there will be disorder but it will not be the doing of the police …” –

      No it will be the doing of FJK using NZ police as his personal army to attack legitimate protesters!

    • Mr Common sense.. trotters analysis is 100 per cent correct, in any society it is the few awakened sages that lead the rest of society who live in the land of the nod, induced sleep inflicted by the establishment msm, it is always the sages who lead these folk into change and or awakening.. the best way to discredit the sages is to have disorder brought about by agent provocateurs laced in with the sages, John Lennon once said ‘the establishment prefer a riot as they know how to deal with violence they have been using it for thousands of years, the only thing they don’t know about is non violence and humour’,,

  3. If the TPPA is so good for our community and we all want it, why are the police having riot training? The question also has to be asked why they made it public that they are having riot training, it seems to me very provocative. We have had no trouble at the previous marches, I have been to them all, there has always been a good feeling. One can not help asking themselves why is this being talked up so much, why is it the day before Waitangi Day, why is the PM talking about going to Waitangi Day when he knows it will be also provocative. All of these questions point in the same direction, someone is wanting there to be trouble, once again to take the communities eye off the medicines, health, environment and sovereignty which along with many other things be for ever changed by the signing of the TPPA.

    • If the TPPA is so good for NZ why was it done in secret and why has it not been debated in Parliament.

      Quote John Key “nothing to hide, nothing to fear”?

  4. This has been very well planned. I would guess it was about 6 months ago all front line police were armed with tasers.
    It’s all scripted.

    • @ novelbull –

      Civil Disobedience is not inciting a riot! CD is a legal form of non aggressive passive protest. The riot will come if the police use unnecessary force against protesters engaging in CD actions.

  5. I have just finished watching on you tube ;

    ‘Into the fire ‘… about the 2010 G20 summit in Toronto Canada , and if this is anything to go by with Key and his lies…. THIS is the scenario that could easily happen here.

    1100 people were arrested on an archaic 71 year old law …


    Press For Truth Presents Into The Fire

    World leaders and activists from around the world gathered for the G20 Summit. With over 19,000 police officers and security personnel on hand, the results lead to over 1100 arrests, martial law in downtown Toronto, and the most massive violation of civil liberties in Canadian history.


    It was appalling. The Police there were nothing short of absolute maggots.

    The film is a good two hours long but I STRONGLY advise you to view it. As this is the sort of length and breadth taken by these world ‘leaders’…

    You will see them in their true light .

    This is also why it is imperative that demonstrations are peaceful giving no leeway at all for Keys justifications for giving excessive powers to the Police .

    • ‘Battle in Seattle.’

      The police carried out violent pre-emptive attacks on protesters -squirting with irritants, clubbing heads and bodies etc.- to terrorise them BEFORE the main event. The mainstream media fulfilled their extremely important role of NOT reporting any of it.

      The purpose of police (and other security forces) is to protect the interests of those who have much more than they need from those who don’t, to maintain the divisions in society and maintain the flow of wealth from those who have little to those who have far too much.

      History teaches us that whenever revolutions occur the first uprisings fail because palace guards/army/police shoot to maim and kill, and it is only after many hundreds/thousands of ordinary folk have been killed that security forces change sides.

      Most New Zealanders are not suffering yet. In fact most are very comfortable at the moment. It will be AFTER the global corporate fascist state, heralded by the TPPA, is established that New Zealanders will really begin to suffer.

      In the meantime every will continue to be made incrementally worse by the Key government.

  6. “TPPA to be signed 4th Feb – is it time to riot or protest?”

    So Bomber incites people in their thousands to to converge enmass, to riot and to shut down the signing, and then claims it’s the Police who are inciting a riot by engaging in additional training.


    • Kia ora Jollo

      If you read the blog you will clearly see that I don’t incite people to riot at all. I am merely pointing out the genuine anger there is amongst many parts of NZ that the TPPA is being rammed through. It is such an enormous loss of sovereignty protest is at a civil disobedience level.

      That’s the reality, that’s not incitement.

      And anyway, that blog is a week old, the Police have been training for a riot response for months.

      Muldoon used the Police to be heavy handed to force confrontation and divide the nation over the Springbok Tour and Key could do the same with TPPA protesters. The scrutiny should be on Police tactics, not the passion of the protestors.

      The world will be watching.

      • So you are telling people to converge on Sky City, that mere protest is no longer enough, and civil disobedience and confrontation are required in order to shut it down. But hey, nothing resembling a ‘riot’ could ever eventuate out of that could it?

        “maybe we need to recognise protest now must become civil disobedience if we are to shut this down. And shut it down we must……..every single believer in our sovereignty must converge on Auckland on the 4th to shut this down.

        The time for confrontation is now.
        The time for confrontation is now.
        The time for confrontation is now.

  7. Please all Beware of Agent provocateurs (under cover cops)
    Expect them ,Point them out & publicly Shame Them, do not fall for
    them & do not be encouraged or join in with those trying to encourage
    Illegal, Violent or Dangerous acts……… Please watch
    *How police Agent Provocateur frame people*
    watch other similar, Educate yourself (from other examples via You tube)https://youtu.be/IbZngn_CbkM
    & come prepared ……. Key said we need the greeks to teach us how to really protest!

  8. If there is riot, I won’t be at all surprised it will come from the political end, through indirect connection of government placing troublemakers amongst the protesters. Look at what happened when the French police infiltrated the demonstrators with civvy dressed members of their police at the Paris talks.

  9. On February 4th New Zealand Police trained in all things riotous will descend upon us at Sky City. We will be aware of the provocateurs placed in our non aggressive protest by police, and eject them. We will OCCUPY Sky City. Bring a pillow.

  10. SO YOU KNOW,,,,,,,,, Let us “ALL” stand out……….. On Thursday 4th February in Auckland………
    There’s going to be political party opponents……… Organizers (who have put their heart and soul into this event)……. Guest speakers (who REALLY know their stuff)……… Long time experienced “peaceful” activists who ALWAYS run a REALLY good rally……… Ordinary Everyday New Zealanders (who have full right be be seen and heard too)……….. Tamariki (the one’s who most of us are doing this for)……… And OLD (who deserve safety and respect)…..As well as both Maori and Pakeha coming TOGETHER united (an AWESOME sight to see)……….
    YES,,,,,,,, Thousands will come together in Auckland for the TPPA Rally ( No doubt about it) …….. And it’s EVERYONE’S chance to let this government know EXACTLY where we are at with this agreement……….
    SO………. PLEASE……… DON’T GIVE THE MEDIA CAMERA’S ANY OPPORTUNITY TO FOCUS ON RIOTING or OUT OF CONTROL BEHAVIOR………. Cos,,,,,,,, that’s ALL that the government will see when they tune in to what’s going on that day………. AND,,,,,,, the only re-action that will be achieved is (by John)………..
    Awwwww yip,,,,,,,,,, THOSE FULLA’S AGAIN…….. SIGN ON.
    Kia Ora New Zealand…….. Let’s do this TOGETHER!!!!

  11. “public order training” eh? Classic Newspeak. George Orwell would be turning in his grave.

    BTW for those who are confused, a “riot” is where people go apeshit, randomly smash stuff (not targeted direct action but just random), and violently attack anyone who happens to be around. “Civil disobedience” is the tactic advocated by Ghandi, where a crowd of people attempt to prevent injustice taking place, even if this includes nonviolently breaking the law.

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