Dumber and dumber, scarier and scarier



Donald Trump gets Palin backing


Sarah Palin.

Donald Trump.

Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump.

If the spectre of a neo-fascist demagogue ruling the most powerful nation on Earth – bristling with an arsenal of city-smashing atomic bombs and other advanced, lethal weapons – wasn’t chilling enough, the prospect of  a political moron endorsing a billionaire clown-presidential-candidate would be like a Hollywood political satire.

Team America, The Omen III, and Wag the Dog meet Reality.

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If people cannot fathom how Adolph Hitler came to power, they need only pay close attention to current events in the Land of the Free. Even without ISIS raping Iraq and Syria, a post-anti-biotic world, or man-made global warming, we are now living in scary times.

One can only hope that the American people – or at least a sufficient voting number of them – are better than the seductive malevolence that Trump represents and offers as his ‘Final Solution‘. For Americans, their one and only means to reject the rise of fascism lies not in their Constitutional  Second Amendment “right” to bear arms – but in the ballot box.

For all our sakes, let’s hope they use their vote wisely.





Radio NZ:  Donald Trump gets Palin backing

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  1. Demographics are against Trump becoming President. He won’t get hardly any black or hispanic votes and only about half of Anglo-Saxon votes. So if he was to be the Republican candidate, and Bernie Sanders by some miracle was to be the Democratic one, it would be the best chance ever of the United States having a truly progressive President.

    • I have heard that Trump’s ratings amongst black and hispanics are the highest for any GOP candidate in decades

      • ^To be fair, a couple of polls have borne this out – though they have been from polling organisations like Clout, who are closely related to the GOP. That said, the GOP hierarchy don’t like Trump, so this connection may not be significant. Either way, it will be interesting to see if they bear out with time.

      • I have heard that Trump’s ratings amongst black and hispanics are the highest for any GOP candidate in decades

        You’ve heard wrong;

        … SurveyUSA’s poll probably is mostly showing partisanship by black voters, and the specific numbers reflected in that group are outliers from past findings, perhaps due to methodology.

        …Trump is cherry-picking, in order to make the case that his rhetoric isn’t hurting him and the party with non-white voters. Maybe, over the long run, it won’t. But this one poll doesn’t show that by itself.

        Ref: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/09/09/about-that-poll-showing-donald-trump-doing-well-with-black-voters/

        Back to Reality, Andy.

  2. You think Trump is a moron?

    So if you were American, which of the other morons would you vote for?


    Because, quite frankly, it’s ‘slim pickin’s’

    • It’s a global phenomenon these days that you don’t necessarily vote for the best candidate. You vote for the one who isn’t a dangerously insane imbecile with all the tact and diplomacy of a land mine.

            • Connections with Bill Ayers et at, CAIR ( a front for Hamas and Islamic Supremacists), the Muslim Brotherhood, and a general hatred of the American people.

              I could go on…

              • Connections with Bill Ayers et at, CAIR ( a front for Hamas and Islamic Supremacists), the Muslim Brotherhood, and a general hatred of the American people.

                I could go on…

                If that’s all you have, Andy, then you’re full of it.

                “Connections with Bill Ayers et at, CAIR ( a front for Hamas and Islamic Supremacists)” – What ‘connections’?

                “a general hatred of the American people” – is your opinion, and pitiful it is.

                “I could go on” – but you don’t, because you have nothing.

                In short, you’re grasping at straws and parroting shit from American neo-con sites.

      • To be honest, if it became a race between Trump and Hillary, I would simply refuse to vote if I was an American. Voting for the “lesser of two evils” is still a vote for evil.

      • Hooton and the Republican neocons have other reasons to dislike Trump

        …Trump is not beholden to the corporates or the lobbyists ( he has his own money)

        …Trump is against the TPP

        …Trump is for detente with Russia ( if a third world war starts, it will most likely be between Russia and the USA). He and Putin seem to have a mutual admiration society.

        I would say Trump is a nightmare for the Republican Party and the neocons…and the corporates and lobbyists eg Israel..he is not their man, he is not in their pockets…like Saunders isnt in their pockets …and unlike Hillary Clinton who is in their pockets

        This is interesting on Hillary Clinton’s adviser Sidney Blumenthal and France’s real reasons for supporting the invasion of Libya..oil and French currency.


        • Chooky:

          Good point, but having plenty of money of one’s own never seems to have stopped the super-rich from hankering after even more. I think he’d be just as susceptible to lobbying as the next person.

          Perhaps even more so. (He obviously cares more about money than about anything else).

          • @Murray Simmons…You could be correct ( I won’t say ‘right’)….I hope not…but there is always room for worry that he will u-turn and support the neocons

      • When even the Right wing disown Trump, you know that’s a step too far.

        Then again, Labour did undermine and destroy Hone Harawira and his nacsent Mana Party.

  3. Under TPP that the Natz are itching to sign here in NZ, we will be one big unhappy family under Trump and Palin (if elected), tied at the hip by corporate lawfare.

    Oh how reassuring.

  4. ‘For Americans, their one and only means to reject the rise of fascism lies not in their Constitutional Second Amendment “right” to bear arms – but in the ballot box.’

    At no time in its history has America ever been home to freedom and democracy. It’s all been a lie, a well-established myth.

    The US has electronic voting. And electronic voting can be rigged to deliver whichever result (candidate) the sociopaths behind the scenes want in office.

    The collapse of the US as a society has been underway for decades (arguably since Kennedy was taken out by TPTB for opposing expansion of the Vietnam war and questioning the money-printing role increasingly of the Fed) ), and there is not stopping it now.

    With Key acting as chief saboteur of NZ, we can expect NZ to be taken down with the US, and for the local fascists to attack the citizens of this country in order to hang on to their ill-gotten acquisitions.

    • Afewknowthetruth:

      If you look closely at US history, their electoral process has been flawed right from the start, electronics or not in the voting process.

      As regards Kennedy, nobody can sensibly claim he was shot for opposing the Vietnam war, when he was the guy who expanded it, was involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis and approved the Bay of Pigs attempt at invasion. He was a hawk. People wrongly sanctify Kennedy, but he was the son of a bootlegger. He had close ties to the Mafia who helped him get elected by using a Teamster block vote in Chicago. If you’re into conspiracies regarding his death, the most likely scenario is mob related.

  5. ‘Trump gets Palin backing’ should perhaps read ‘Trump buys Palin backing’.

    I feel sorry for those Americans who must just be cringing with embarrassment right about now.

    A bit like us really. We have a short, hooked nosed, Trump clone with a hen house full of squawking old Palins scratching around in his dirty money.

    That same dirty money will buy weapons and ammunition from the Israeli arms industry to kill the product of their own creation. But bit cunning and devilish is it not? I’ve always said ‘ If you want to make money? Find a market then supply to it’ . I have no money so perhaps I have no idea what I’m talking about. But these guys do.

    Israeli arms dealers .

    • Another brilliant post Countryboy –

      “A bit like us really. We have a short, hooked nosed, Trump clone with a hen house full of squawking old Palins scratching around in his dirty money.”

      Love it 🙂

      Also at least you aren’t afraid to dare mention Israel, calling it for what it is, an aggressive, manipulative, rogue state, supported and propped up by that international cesspit of currency trading filth, Wall Street, through it’s equally dirty host, the USA!

  6. I find it amusing that “liberals” joke about Palin and Trump when Canadian liberals voted for the stupidest Canadian PM in history

    (aka Prime Minister Zoolander)

    • Trudeau sounds sensible enough to me:
      “The Liberal solution is clear: If we pass smart laws that tax and strictly regulate marijuana, we can better protect our kids, while preventing millions of dollars from going into the pockets of criminal organizations and street gangs.”

      Trump big plan is to build a big wall, like he thinks he’s on Game of Thrones.
      “The wildlings are coming at us with minimum-wage labour Lord Commander, what shall we do?”
      “We shall build a wall.”

      It’s either laugh or cry. What other sane response is there?

    • I mean the one that calls for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of all the Jews. Is that the “Final Solution” also proposed by Trump? I missed that in my daily trawl of Breitbart

      • Get of your trolling steroids, Andy, you are losing the tiny remnant of any “credibility” that some like Gosman may still give you, commenting with such absurd words here. Go into rehab, soon, please, I worry about your well being.

        • Your content free abuse is welcomed. It was Frank that Godwin’d his own article by referring to Trump’s “Final Solution”

          This term is generally used to refer to the Holocaust.

          So my “trolling” is obviously an attempt to clarify the position

          Or, perhaps you’d like to live in your neo-Marxist social construction of reality instead.

          • “Or, perhaps you’d like to live in your neo-Marxist social construction of reality instead.”

            Jeez who wouldn’t Andy? It’s gotta be way fucking better than the shit you monetarist tories vote for year after year…

            • It is Trump proposing the bombing of ISIS

              I don’t personally think this is a good idea. Ground troops are needed.

              However, I don’t actually think this is comparable to the Shoah (Holocaust)

              If everything is “neo-fascist, “final solution”, “apartheid state”, etc then it diminished the meaning of the phrases.

          • Andy, those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. I’ll take the author of that maxim over Godwin, any day.

            Your butt-kissing of Trump is a joke, and funnier still is that you’re trying to deflect all over the place to minimise Trump’s scariness.

        • Please tell me what Trump’s “Final Solution” is.

          As for my “credibility”, I have no interest in garnering any respect or credibility with Leftists, who I have the utmost contempt for.

          • So what the fuck are you doing here then, especially given there is Whaleoil that is presumably tailor made for folks of your political/idealogical persuasion? Does the very existence of TDB irritate you so much that you feel you simply must comment here with your drivel?

            • I descend into the intellectual level of the blog I am commenting at.

              I’m not Trump’s greatest fan, but I’m failing to see how he is a “neo-fascist” about to undertake the “final solution”

              I would have thought these labels would more accurately describe the IRI (Iranian) leadership..

              Anyway, that’s enough drivel.

              • Andy, I suspect that if you were around in the 1930s, you would’ve been a prime candidate for Mosley’s British Union of Fascists. You would’v thought Hitler was an “effective leader”.

                • As it happens members of my family were killed in Germany in WW2, but don’t let that stop you accusing me of being a fascist with no evidence whatsoever.

                    • Which fascist do I support?

                      You are claiming that Trump is a “fascist”, which I find problems with given that you haven’t defined the term

                      However, more importantly, I have not, anywhere in this comment thread, state that I support Donald Trump.

                      So how does this make me a fascist, exactly?

                    • You also called Obama “radical”, but have failed to explain that why he is supposedly a “radical”.

                      You use the term “liberals” and “stupidest Canadian PM in history” – but fail to define “liberals” or why the new Canadian PM is the “stupidest in history”.

                      In fact, you spout a lot of rubbish, Andy, without any meaningful explanation. Which doesn’t stop you from writing more ignorant nonsense.

                      As for your claim that you ” have not, anywhere in this comment thread, state that I support Donald Trump” – well, you’re expending a lot of energy defending him and trying to deflect criticism from him. Admit it; you’re practically in love with the little hitler. He embodies practically everything you want in a Leader.

  7. Does it make us feel better, to see how mad the right in the US has become, to see that not only our ‘Esteemed Leader’ holidaying in Hawaii gets away with idiotic comments and conduct, on radio and other shows?

    It is only amongst sections of the right in the US where these two find appeal, the Tea Party branch of the Republican Party, and some others, all competing for attention and making bizarre, most extreme and racist or anti Muslim comments. There are still Americans that hold more moderate and balanced views.

    But the most worrying thing is how the MSM give all the madcap nonsense coming from Trump so much airspace, even in print media.

    We have similar phenomenon, where too many in our MSM ignore what really matters, and rather report hitting slogans, one liners and short, uncritical press releases by our government, and do not bother doing research.

    It is not getting better, it is getting worse. Overseas news sites that are a bit more quality also are faced with barrages of anti Muslim and anti migrant comments, so they have closed their comments sections to certain stories.

    Sadly much frustration and dissent amongst people is again going into directions where minorities and other detected enemies are being insulted and attacked, it reminds some of how the Nazis used the media to label Jews and disliked minorities and dissenters as the enemies and burden of society.

    We see again, humans never learn much from history, after one to two generations past wars and other disasters get forgotten, and are in danger of being repeated, as emotions get stirred up, by such hideous characters like Trump and Palin.

    Her shrill voice on radio and TV yesterday convinced me, she should be attended to by some professional psychiatrists some time soon, she needs urgent treatment that woman from Alaska.

  8. This opinion by Richard B. Spencer, editor and founder of Radix journal may be of interest on Trump



    …”I think that Putin and Trump in a way offer an alternative to what’s going on at the moment. They offer an alternative what you call neo-conservative or neoliberal foreign policy. I would stress that Vladimir Putin didn’t endorse Donald Trump. But I would say that Vladimir Putin probably sees Donald Trump as a positive phenomenon in a sense that the way different world leaders interact, really they interact through foreign policy. Donald Trump does not seem to be an ideological person, someone who would want to spread democracy, to overthrow dictators, spread the American truth, justice and American way to the world, particularly the Muslim world. He doesn’t seem to operate on this ideological basis. He seems to operate on the idea of “there’re other powers, we are going to have to get along with them, we are going to have to deal with them.”…




  9. This from Liberal Realist ..on The Standard

    IMO (of the forerunners) Clinton is by far the most dangerous (when compared to Sanders or Trump). Clinton is a hawk, a warmonger. Clinton advocates dnagerous confrontation with Russia. Clinton is also an unashamed Israel supporter.

    Sanders on the other hand, looks like the best option by far. One major issue I have with Sanders is, that he will not look at the issue of Israel and it’s insidious apartheid policies.

    See Sanders reaction to being heckled re: Israel during a town hall meeting, as an example.


    • *Shock* a supporter of Israel.

      All reasonable people support the Islamic Supremacists with their deeply misogynist death cult.

      • A false dichotomy …the issue is the Palestinians, Palestine and Israel

        Saudia Arabia has supported ISIS and Saudi Arabia is a friend of USA, Israel and UK and NZ apparently….and what do you say about this?

        ‘‘I prefer ISIS’: Iran’s terror infrastructure is greater threat to Israel – defense minister’


        Irony much!

  10. Good points Frank but I have to admit to feeling a bit like Joe Bennett does about Trump. Oddly divided…

    Part of me wants to see him as the next El Presidente because it would be the most hilarious bit of miscasting since Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab. And with that Tasmanian Devil Sarah Palin as Veep! They would both be so inept it would keep the media in riotously rich comic sketches for a long time as well as bringing some hilarity back into my life.

    Sadly however, as long as these loopy cowboys are sitting on an arsenal (arse nal?) of Biblical proportions at the same time as they are feverishly imposing Manifest Destiny on the planet, my reaction is going to be more like the “Oh good God, please no!”

    • The current POTUS has kindly allowed the Islamic State of Iran to be the biggest threat to world stability.

      Nevertheless, the “left” continue to support these appalling dictators who treat women as second class (at best) citizens, who think that Israel and the Jews should be exterminated, and who support the rights of young Arab men over the rights of the women who are being raped by them, in countries such as Sweden and Germany

      As I have already stated, my contempt for these self-serving parasites (the “left”) is as deep as it can get.

      I don’t particularly like the alternative either, but don’t blame “neoliberals” when the west turns on itself.

        • So we can safely ignore the putative nuclear threats from the Islamic State of Iran, a country that executes gays, women and other lesser mortals (according to the patriarchy there) , a country that holds rallies where crowds chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”. A country that sanctions child marriage and where adherence to Islam is compulsory

          You, on the other hand, are the voice of sanity, who accuse the Trump of wanting a “final solution” and of being a “neo-fascist”.
          (he might be a populist rabble rouser, but .. )

          I agree that if I stopped reading and stopped listening to the people in the Middle East who are being persecuted, the women that are being enslaved, the women of Sweden and Germany that are being raped and abused while the authorities turn a blind eye, I might stop being a “paranoid fruitbat”

          If someone drilled a hole in the side of my head and sucked my brain out with a straw, I might actually believe that Islam is the region of piece and that Climate Change is the biggest threat to the world.

          • Andy, Andy, Andy. Let’s agree that the middle east has some social problems (eg violence against women, queers, and other minorities), as does North Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. Let’s agree that these social problems are bad, and if possible, we want things in those countries to improve. So, now we’ve got some common ground, yes?

            Consider that these social problems are found right across all the countries in those regions, regardless of whether the particular state is US-leaning (eg Saudi), Russia-leaning (eg Syria), National Isolationist (eg Iran, Pakistan), or Regionalist (eg Lybia under Gaddafi), and regardless of the proportion of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists or any other religious group in those countries. When problems like violence against women, rape culture, and irrational prejudice against minorities (eg muslims in western countries) occur in these countries, they are complex social problems, with historical roots, and no one silver bullet solution, just the same as when they occur in the “West” including NZ.

            Keeping all this in mind, do you really think your claims, even assuming they are true, are good reasons to “bomb the shit out of” any of those countries? Do you really think further traumatization of those populations, already reeling from centuries of colonization and mass murder by the “West” (beginning with the Crusades), and massive destruction of the civilian infrastructure and community networks, is going to reduce the incidence of domestic violence, prejudice, or militance?

  11. Great headline title Frank, and Happy New Year (belatedly, sorry)! I tried to come up with a suitable analogy this morning on first hearing the news, but failed to come up with anything as incisive as that!

    However, I’m still wondering if the result of the US Presidential election will be as “dire” in its consequences as its made out to be by most pundits. Obama went into the White House with great plans for America and appears to have been frustrated by “the system” at pretty much every turn (of course he might have known all that in advance and was just having us on, with “Yes we can!”.)

    So I’m wondering, (apart from being the “Commander in Chief” with his finger on the button), if the Presidential Powers are all that they are made out to be. Yes, that finger on the button could be dangerous, but I suspect that Big Money, The bloody Corporations, Wall Street, or whatever else are REALLY the ones who have the final say . . .

    Puppet or president?

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