Here is what happens next with the TPPA



The right are attempting to counter the growing rage many NZers are now starting to feel, All Blacks included, over Key telling them that the TPPA would be debated in Parliament with the news (originally denied by the Government) that Key will sign the TPPA days before Waitangi Day and days before Parliament is even open.

The right cry that signing the TPPA and ratifying it are two completely different issues and it suggests confusion on our part as if Key religiously telling NZ that they would hear the issues never actually occurred.


It’s a desperate tactic, as desperate as initially denying the signing was even taking place. The Right have been caught off guard by the anger from Key’s own middle ground supporters.

The issue here is that Key supporters took him at his word that he would debate the issues around the TPPA, then they find out he’s signing it before Parliament even opens. Those middle voters feel he’s lied to them. They don’t mind it when he lies to unions, feminists and lefties, but THEM?!?!

Here is the step by step legislative process the Government need to undertake once Key signs it on Feb 4th.

Text and National Interest Analysis are tabled in Parliament

Text and National Interest Analysis are referred to Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade Committee

Executive can ratify TPPA after the select committee reports or 15 sitting days elapse, whichever is earlier.

If legislative change is required to comply with TPPA the Executive will not normally ratify until the legislation is passed

Select committee can elect to hear submissions on TPPA

Select committee reports to Parliament

Parliament may decide to debate the select committee report

Parliament may decide to vote on the TPPA

Executive must report its response to any select committee recommendations within 90 days

Any legislative changes required to bring NZ into compliance with TPPA are introduced in a Bill

The Bill follows standard parliamentary process, normally including submissions

Executive ratifies the Agreement at a time of its choosing, normally after the Bill is passed

NZ notifies the TPPA repository (NZ) that its domestic processes are complete

TPPA comes into force when required number of parties notify completion of domestic processes”

So we can fight every step of the way through this process, and we need to demand Labour fight with the same intensity.

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We can stop this madness. The fight back starts January 26th at Auckland Town Hall.


  1. I think Labour is caught between what is commonly known as a rock and a hard place and the divisions in the Party will once again come to the surface. The problem with Labour is it is not a united party with a coherent set of policies which is not a good look going into its eighth year in opposition.

    • The Labour Party are a useless pack of bastards on $-six figure salaries plus entitlements. They were infected by Far Right anti-humans back in the late sixties and have never recovered.

      Labour are now as valid as nipples on a bloke. Nice to have fiddled with but are otherwise useless.

      Labour is National. Can you spot a difference other than one’s in and the other’s not. In.

      Let it be said. Fuck them all.

    • The problem with Labour is they have been ‘white anted’ as a party and are a bloody disgrace to the true ideals of Labour. ‘Neo Lib Lite’ should be there new name. Bloody disgrace ………

  2. Read my response today on Bowalley Road, and my earlier comments on TDB.
    Until today I thought that the next General Election would be in 667 days, or twenty two months. Now I don’ t think so. It is my opinion that all the potential Parties of the Opposition need to plan NOW.
    I predict a Vote of No Confidence in the House and an early election.

  3. This is REALLY what happens next, not what we are told by the Keyphiles what will happen next.
    Slowly, so slowly that you won’t even notice it while its happening, New Zealand will start being screwed by the foreign corporations.
    We will get the big announcements about new trade deals, of course Key and Groser will be trumpeting about how none of this would have been possible without the TPPA. (Did we never get any trade deals before it was signed??).
    What we won’t notice is the dirty details about each deal, how much the foreign corporations will be demanding lower labour costs, lower power prices, non-union labour, subsidies, minimum profits or else they piss off immediately.
    No, none of that is likely to get a mention. The deals will be done in back rooms by the rich to benefit themselves, and the rest of us will get the arse end of it all. We will only find out about it when it is too late to stop it.
    But we won’t know about it at the time because our wonderful democratic process-promoting MSM won’t give a monkey’s, as long as their dear leader is still smiling and telling them it is all good.

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