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  1. The entity that used to be the in house maintenance and civil engineering department of Christchurch City Council is now called CityCare. This asset is to be sold off by the CCC. There seems to be two reasons; the first is that despite a huge tax take from Christchurch due to the earthquake rebuild, the national government is not sticking by John Key’s declaration that he would do everything necessary to get the city up and going again. Instead they have loaded the city up with unnecessary and unwanted anchor projects, instigated a really undemocratic governance model which allows the private sector to dominate decision making and over ruled the will of the local people, the second is that as soon as she was elected mayor Lianne Dalzeil contracted a firm Cameron Partners whose leader has been guilty of privatisation such as the Telecom debacle.

    KOA Canterbury is picking the depot of CityCare on Milton Street 4.30 to 5.30 Wednesday evening 16/12/2015. We are clear that we are supporting the workers not attacking them. The reason for picketing this site rather than the Council Office is that there is a much higher traffic on Milton Street than on Hereford Street.

    Come down and join us

    • +1 Stephen Howard

      What is worse is the vanity and corporate welfare projects in the rebuild like the CHCH conference centre…..

      Not really looking after the average joe….

      Or saving money….

  2. @stephen – Christchurch, like the rest of the country, has been ‘done’ by this Nat Government. Swindlers the lot of them.

  3. With the greatest respect for Jonah and his two young boys, his wife Nadene isn’t the only widowed spouse been left without funds to provide for her children.

    Good men and women die in NZ, leaving behind families who will continue to struggle to make ends meet. Most bereaved parents take personal responsibility to provide for their children the best way they can, usually through working, minus the assistance of trusts and public funding.

    In this regard, I’m not saying Jonah and Nadene’s boys should suffer as the result of their father dying, absolutely not. But the fact remains, despite his illness Jonah and his wife at one stage must have been in a reasonable financial position, enabling them to rent a house in one of Auckland’s upmarket and most expensive suburbs, Epsom, while owning recent model cars. Then there was the recent overseas trip, with the intention to travel again overseas, for business purposes next year. A situation many widowed parents are far removed from.

    I’m sure Nadene Lomu realizes now how fortunate she is, more so than many Kiwi widowed parents, to have colleagues in positions to help make sure Jonah’s two sons will want for nothing.

    RIP Jonah, one of NZ’s best sons.

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