Right Wing Mayoralty Candidate whose business advertised on Whaleoil talks leadership


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The Managing Director of the company that chose to advertise on far right hate speech site, Whaleoil, has announced her bid to run for Mayor and inevitable privatisation of Auckland assets…

Victoria Crone declares bid for Auckland mayoralty
Businesswoman Victoria Crone has officially thrown her hat into the Auckland mayoral ring, declaring she will contest the city’s top job at next year’s local government election.

In an announcement at technology tutoring school The MindLab on Monday afternoon, Crone said she had resigned as MD of Xero’s New Zealand operation to concentrate on her mayoral aspirations.

…thankfully look who is backing the candidate…

The entrepreneurial community turned out to back Crone at the launch, including Xero founder Rod Drury, MindLab founder Frances Valintine, and Figure NZ founder Lillian Grace.

…that smells Red Peak more than a Wellington Twitteratti twitter feed, so this will have all the range of Khandallah. It will be blue green and as rarified as Cycling Hipsters.

Crone argues that Auckland needs someone who isn’t a politician and that because she is not, that is a plus.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Wellington is who you need to strong arm and that requires political muscle. Goff can do that, Crone wouldn’t know where to begin. It is Wellington who refuses to come to the party in terms of infrastructure investment, reframing this in the manner Crone has suggests the candidate either isn’t aware of this or is being disingenuous.

The reality is that if Crone won, it would take 3 years just to learn how to do the job.

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I wonder about her leadership style which she self describes as “fresh, inspired and fit for the future” was in play when the company she was the Managing Director of chose to advertise on far right hate speech blog, Whaleoil?

Here is what the company had to say…

Xero boss withdraws advertising from Whaleoil
Rodney Hide has confirmed he was probably behind a series of Whaleoil posts attacking Xero that led Rod Drury to suspend advertising on the controversial blog.

In response to the latest in a series of Whaleoil posts critical of Xero, Drury said had cut advertising spending on the site over what he claimed was a campaign being steered by Hide.

“I’ve been a long time reader of Whaleoil and we even used to advertise here as we like to support the sunlight of good challenging discussions. (I turned that off yesterday after your misguided Hide campaign and it now appears to be open season on us.)”


…so let’s get this straight.

Xero chose to advertise on a far right hate blog but stopped when he went predictably feral on them? So it was okay to support that kind of political sadism, but when directed at your company that’s when you cut financially supporting him?

How is that in any way shape or form “Leadership”?

Wouldn’t “Leadership” have required Crone demanding that Xero doesn’t financially support a far right hate speech blog?

I’m not sure how allowing the company that you are basing your political appeal on to advertise on a spite blog is “fresh, inspired and fit for the future”. Sadism like Slater shouldn’t be rewarded, it should be shunned.

Finally. Auckland City is a City, it is not a business. I do not want my City run as a business because the people who win that game are the wealthy, not the people.

The 1% have enough, let’s not give them more Auckland.



    • The human face of Cronie Capitalism. Time to get a left-wing honeypot, to derail her campaign. Thumb firmly implanted on forehead – not me. Maybe a left-wing verion of Luigi Wewegi or John Palino and their accomplice?

      • It’s just Xero dosnt have the name recognition that Sanatarium or Less Mills has. I’m gana stick with my original prediction and say tu parles

    • @ Kim Dandy.
      Yes, exactly. And a greedy , grasping, soulless business at that. But like 99.99 % of post neo liberal businesses in NZ / Aotearoa, the people at the peak of the money pyramid make millions while the supportive many below get shat on while carrying the weight.

      I work in the film ‘industry’ and women like victoria crone are a dime a dozen. There seems to be an unhealthy predilection for ‘ Cronies’ ‘ to be attracted to power. When I see one of them coming I slap up my guard and watch my back like a hawk. And we never , ever have professional conversations in private or on the phone without email back-ups.
      I think our entire country’s population will eventually turn into Zombie Cronies. Either that , or become exiled to the hinterlands beyond the Walls, like Invercargill as @ Frank M talks about below.
      ( Invercargill’s a great town . It feels ‘ real’. It’s hard to explain to most people and impossible to explain to the neo right. I think it might be that there’s nothing about Invercargill that attracts players in the false economy that plagues Auckland. People there are just happy to have a house and their families around them rather than have no disposable income while living in a million dollar myth that belongs to a foreign bank. )

    • “New Zealand is a country – yet it is being ‘run like a business’ – and it ain’t working!”

      Seems like it’s working to me…off-shoring, depressing wages, taking power from the working class, etc.

      Aren’t those the end goals of businesses?

      • To a point…but if your going to go that way….at least get it right.

        It is the goal of neo liberalism.

        Not necessarily of all businesses . Certainly not in the majority of honest businesses at any rate. But for those who see the manipulative and exploitative ( so -called ) advantages of neo liberalism for self centered greed, yes, you are quite correct.

        To which, those in New Zealand have all to often followed and who now reap the social and domestic economic disaster thereof.

        As is physics, so is economics… do one thing …expect a certain result, do another …..likewise.

  1. “Finally. Auckland City is a City, it is not a business. I do not want my City run as a business because the people who win that game are the wealthy, not the people”

    And Len, earning about 400K a year, putting up rates almost 10% under his watch when inflation is less than 1% is OK as he is a left leaning Labour endorsed Mayor, to be honest Martyn how could she do it any worse?
    The Chch Mayor is looking at selling assets also, but I guess that’s because you can blame Key/National for not giving enough, but Len doesn’t have that luxury, and now we hear he’s spending almost 500K on a new ‘logo’…yes, not like a business at all eh?

    • Considering the lack of funding which former right-wing mayor, John Banks, left the city in a parlous state, it’s little wonder that Brown has had to take up the slack with increasing rates for more infra-structure.

      You Aucklanders want more roads and better public transport but squeal every time someone presents a price tag to your wish-lists. Well, News Flash, Bucko, those things don’t come cheap. If you want sweet f**k-all in a city, go live in Invercargill. It’s cheap as.

      …but Len doesn’t have that luxury, and now we hear he’s spending almost 500K on a new ‘logo’

      Yup, indeed not. Old “Banksie” made sure of that by flogging off as many of the city’s assets as he could lay his hands on.

      • I take it this means that “Banksie” wont run so you have to thank her for one thing at least. Problem is that if Goff wins like Dalziell in Christchurch he will find that the National Government do not play well with local government especially with people who used to face them across the house.

        • Banksie?….Banksie???….

          Wasn’t he the man who was outed and convicted for fraud….and was later cleared by a court who had certain interests in neo liberal back – scratching?…

          Moreover to add weight in a trial to send an ILLEGALLY STATE SPIED on individual to the USA to avoid political embarrassment?

          Banksie ???




      • We ” squeal ” because the govt. wants taxpayers to cover their mismanagement and corporate greed and corporate lobbyists and other psychopathic corporate priorities. Our govt. ( both local and national ) are employed by us not these other ( mostly corporate )
        interests and their greedy gains and priorities.
        The Natz run the show and they are taking Auckland and this country into a very ugly deep whole. We taxpayers should not cover the bills for their mismanagement and greed. So squeal we all should and loud and clear against injustice and piss poor governing.
        Anyone associated, in any way, with Whaleoil needs to have their head examined.

        All these city projects could be funded if we had our priorities straight and were not being led by unethical; hypocritical ; criminal and greedy influences. Iceland can do it and so can we ! ! ! !

  2. Well said, Mr Bradbury. The last thing Auckland needs is another “business friendly” sock puppet pandering to the rapacious brigands who infest certain leafy suburbs in our once fair metropolis.

  3. PS
    I don’t live in Auckland, so just a spectator really, do you think Goff will do any better than Len?, already read your critique of him as a ‘Labour right winger’ who is for the TPP and not a good ‘labour’ choice (maybe one of your contributor blog authors and not you, apologies if incorrect). Seems you will back Goff for no other reason that he hasn’t advertised on Whale Oil! excellent way to pick a reason for not having one person and supporting another.

  4. Funny…apparently the female T .Rex used to turn and could potentially devour the male after copulation…. many spider species do the same…and many more of the animal kingdom…

    It is not hard to see the same sort of behavior exhibited among right wingers…

    Perhaps a lesson could be learned as to the base instincts of the far right wing here…

    They will band together as long as their individual needs are being met…in this case avarice and greed… but as soon as their guiding motive of profits are threatened they will quite readily and ruthlessly abandon former colleagues and acquaintances…

    I see a long term battle strategy emerging for the left here… all that needs to be developed is the tactics to exploit it…

  5. All I see here is yet another exec pulling the pin on Xero……….only this time to be a mayor? Why not as Vice President of North Korea, it’s more believable! What is really going on at Xero?

    But in the truly unlikely event she really wants to be mayor I assume her manifesto would involve selling everything owned by the ratepayers to her bestest buddys!

  6. The political right apparently have an unshakeable belief that being a successful business guru inevitably means you would also make a successful politician.
    It might work that way in a provincial centre where everyone knows everyone but in a metropolis like Auckland it doesn’t mean anything.
    There is more than being a mayor than just simply being a bean counter.

    • And presumably you think a collection of teachers and trade unionists can run the country.

      As the Tui ad goes…yeah Right!

      • @ Awander
        The Tui ad ‘ goes’ does it . I see.

        Moving on.

        You write
        ” And presumably you think a collection of teachers and trade unionists can run the country. ”

        I’d say. Yes. Yes, actually. Better than the cadre of crooks, liars and greedy, manipulative perverts. Definitely so.

        Well educated people in collaboration with hard working people with an innate sense of empathy ? Oh yeah. I could see that working all right.

        Can I suggest one more thing ?

        Instead of sourcing your philosophical inspiration from advertising hoardings ? Try ‘ books’ instead. They’re really good ! The have many more words and have pages and everything ! Some even have ‘ pictures ‘ ! I know, right ! Amazing what the modern world has to offer. Any teacher will point you to a ‘ library . Any unionised bus driver will drop you off at the door for a pittance.

        • I think you are mostly right although I have meet a few teachers & trade union leaders I would not leave in charge of the milk money. I am glad I don’t have to vote though as Goff would be one of my least trusted politicians on the left of parliament.

      • Awander…..are you one of the frustrated privately contracted CEO’s – oops sorry – head teachers at one of the current schools in the news lately for National’s support of privately – run education facility’s ,…perchance???…

        Didn’t get along with that guy in the union who works three jobs just to keep his family afloat in Keys bullshit rockstar low wage economy?

        Couldn’t keep up with him?

        Looking forwards to that end – of the – year CEO’s bonus , are we?…

        There there,…there’s a good boy…. not long till your bonus paid -for holiday in the Caribbean…

        And then you can tut tut and gloat and massage your shitty little ego problems as much as you like sipping on that Pina Colada in Puerto Rico whilst comparing the peasants there with the ones back home you and your ilk love to have working – oops, – slaving – for you….

        Have a nice holiday Arsehole.

      • A Mayor is just a figure symbol these days, as we have followed Rodney Hide’s suggestions years ago, making changes to the one new Auckland Council that led to this fiasco. I admit what had been drawn up before was also not that good. It was though Hide who worked for the Nat ACT government, who brought is the Auckland Council and system we now have!

        The Mayor has just one vote, but in a split Council this can be the decision maker, apart from that his powers are strong in some executive areas, but otherwise he depends a lot of how the Council is composed.

        Teachers are besides lawyers and business persons the dominant number of persons in Parliament and in local bodies. What we need is a good mix of professionals, and also representatives of the ordinary folk out there, who are these days ruled by an elite of tertiary educated, largely middle class and upper class representatives, who have too dim a view of the true needs of their citizens.

        Hence we get this arrogance at national and local body level.

        So having a candidate that comes from and speaks for the ordinary people may be refreshing and more productive than to have the lot we now have, who you seem to favour.

  7. You’re absolutely bang on Martyn.

    About Wellington muscle-power, I mean.

    If you JAFAs doubt that, just take a look at what has happened to my city.


  8. Prepare for Auckland City to suffer from “Crone’s Disease”, if she ever makes it.

    I listened to this on RNZ this morning, and was very unimpressed by BOTH contenders:

    I do not want the Mayor of Auckland to be one that has warm ties to the existing business community above all others, as we already have far too much influence by the business lobby on Council. I also do not really fancy a rather pro neoliberal, a public private partnership supporting Mayor from the right side of Labour, who has made a career of dancing will business and various political lobbyists, who are responsible for much of what New Zealand is today (a neoliberal paradise, where media and opposition have no real clout, where it is all about one self and making easy business and great profits).

    Phil is always smiling and greasing with his smooth operator talk, a polished career politician looking for a secure retirement in a post as Mayor, where he can close of his CV before going into retirement. He does not even live in the city, as he lives on a lifestyle block south of the Bombay Hills.

    What we really need is a person with real alternatives, who looks after the residents of Auckland before anyone else, and who does not sit down and chats with big business to make life easy for them, planning to rake in hundreds of millions of profits in developing an increasingly high density, over crowded, more polluted and also crime ridden city. The developers, mall operators, big and medium size business, alongside the oligopolist construction businesses are rubbing their hands already.

    All the glossy promises of the “most liveable city” with be torn to shreds, once Aucklanders will face the real future, one of 2.5 million residents, more traffic, more costs, higher rates, not improved living, but neighbourhood disputes over fences and within complexes, and more nasty surprises after shoddy construction being completed.

    If only Aucklanders and NZers in general would wake up and stop falling for brochure pics and catchy slogans, empty promises and smiling liars, they do it both at the same time, lie to you into your face and have a smile on their face.

    Both major candidates are privileged, have large donors behind them, and will look after the ones that get them shoed into the job of Mayor. Be very careful and afraid, dear Aucklanders, so far we have not seen a candidate that can win and be there for the people.

    • Oh dear. The left’s solutions seems to be to spend other peoples money – rates 10% up!

      Your lot had two shots at the mayoralty; time for someone from the right to come in and sort the finances out I think.

      • shame that wont happen regardless of whos mayour

        the shit AK is in, is by design, rodney hides design.

        It was always meant to end up this way – its what happens when you make the vast bulk of council functions a series of unelected corporate entities that cant be controlled

        the mayor is but one single vote on a neutered council that can do sod all about anything

        any candidate claiming they will sort out AKs finances, stop rates rises etc is a liar or a fool

      • Because the Right have done such a sterling job with the nation’s finances, Auckland would be a doddle, right? Let’s ask Blinglish how his surplus is coming along.

      • Oh yes…and the solution to the problem is that of the neo liberals… which are fine as long as they can shaft, rip off, practice deceptive legislation in politics to rip off other peoples money – particularly of the collective commons.

        Merry fucking Christmas, ARSEHOLE.

      • Your understanding of “democracy” seems to be based on the idea, that large and also medium size businesses, and their lobbies, including the powerful property developer lobby, should be allowed to continue “buying” their expected future favours from candidates that they “sponsor” with handsome donations.

        That is what we have been getting, my dear friend.

        Sadly the ones that still bother voting in local body elections, barely half of those entitled to vote, are mostly the ones holding some vested interests, that includes the ordinary rate payers, who want their properties kept safe, and ideally have the values of them continue to increase on the property speculation market we have.

        Those that have no business and other wealthy donors, they are usually under the “further ran” category, but some of them may actually be more concerned about the future of their city and its people. Money talks and rules though, and hence we get the promotion of the selected few that dance with those that want to have the city run their way, which has NOTHING to do with democracy in my view.

        So are you one of those well resourced donors that have vested interests, or are you just a fool believing the lies you are told by their preferred candidates?

  9. under john banks the eastern suburbs soaked up all the resources in terms of money and services just look at there foot paths the likes of mt wellington ,mt roskill .avondale oathuhu were run
    down we dont need another john key to loot society for the rich pricks. living in mt roskill i know phil will work for Auckland all of Auckland with fairness

  10. Dude. I like reading your stuff but it seems to be getting more jargon-filled lately and hard for part-timers like me to penetrate.

  11. The privatisation of public assets is inevitable unless the Left start presenting a cogent case not only for retention but for increase of public assets. Lets not just respond to the privatisers agenda with defense. Lets attack.

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