MediaWorks punished by NZ on Air for Campbell Live



No taxpayer funding for new TV3 soap
New Zealand on Air has rejected MediaWorks bid for funding for a new daily soap opera.

The series, called Trinity Point and touted as New Zealand’s answer to Home and Away, needed more than $10 million of funding to proceed.

A press release from NZoA said the project was given serious consideration but was not supported as it was not a priority.

Fascinating behind the scenes fury and politics involved in the decision to turn down TV3’s new soap.

TV3 were privately assured that the funding for this was going to happen as the 5.30pm soap was the lynchpin behind Weldon and Christie’s plans to reinvigorate the TV network. The new schedule was to see a new 5.30pm soap lead in for a shorter form news show and more dumbed down current affairs with a large chunk of realty TV to kick off from 7pm.

5.30pm – New yuff soap

6pm – new 30minute news

6.30pm – dumbed down current affairs

7pm – Reality TV-o-rama

The 5.30pm lead in was crucial but losing NZ on Air funding for it is a huge blow to a schedule that has already been horribly deformed. The killing off of Campbell Live has been disastrous, the reality TV shows have been a ratings flop and moves to shorten news to 30minutes will be fought.

Rumours are that the decision not to fund the new 5.30pm soap were mostly to do with the way MediaWorks had treated 3D and Campbell Live. The resentment NZ on Air feel about promises made in the past to promote 3D and the way Campbell Live was handled has left a bitter taste in NZ on Air mouths.


  1. There is one way Media Works and TV3 can be revived and get huge public support:

    Sack Weldon and Christie immediately and appoint John Campbell as the CEO and the programme director.

    The owners and the share holders should seriously consider this.

  2. Trash tv on most channels these days…sad demise of television.
    I don’t think the next generation will even bother…

  3. I believe this is termed “poetic justice”. I’m desperately trying to feel bad for Mediaworks management on this one, but the derisive sniggering is really hampering my efforts.

  4. 30mins of news would be an improvement. There is 20ish mins of news, including sports stories, soft car ads and gossip, THEN the sports news.
    Unwatchable, literally.

  5. Good move on behalf of NZ on air.

    Talk about corporate welfare when taxpayers are expected to fund TV3 soaps to the tune of 10 mill!!

    Pity the vulture capitalists did not bother to get rid of the rot of Weldon and Christie (but still expect taxpayers to fund her crap reality crap).

  6. Don’t get too excited tho’ Martyn.
    NZ o A is probably just acting on feelings of guilt and a feint realisation of what it is they’re supposed to stand for.

    When we eventually get back to ‘situation normal’, none of what you see as worthy as a post would be necessary.

    As I see into the future, there’ll be a number of NZoA (and even tMaP) piffleburgers – all ready to claim status and mana – based on dubious ‘experiences’ and 30 years of being NEXT to fame, who’ll be marched out the door minus their expectant golden handshakes.

    I Hope NZoA survives as it surely will. But bet your uncle’s cotton, heavily darned socks, it ain’t gonna be in its current form.
    I’d even go further…. but I dare not.

    All we need is a change of gummint – I hear the sound of squealing pigs now

  7. Actually, I think Media Works are still doing Ok. The bastards have just spent over five million dollars upgrading their studio equipment!

  8. MediaWorks has proven itself entirely incompetent at running a TV channel and is barely solvent as it is. What is more surprising is that their shareholders and creditors stay on the sinking ship, and aren’t wanting answers for poor performance.

    But that’s just the financial and management capability of MediaWorks, and that’s before you even get to the sort of poor quality content that they would try and generate

    There is no level of stupid higher than cancelling a popular TV show and replacing it with a show that suits a small demographic of the center-right – who prefer to watch TV 1 or Sky instead.

    Harsh, but true. MediaWorks, your balance sheet is numbered, and appealing to the far right won’t boost your numbers. Try reinstating decent shows and NZ’ers on the left might just switch on TV 3 again.

  9. Hahaha ! Hohohoho!!!

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year…. and one big gift is TV3 wont be getting their grubby mitts on the taxpayers dollars …

    Now , now…we all know good neo liberals believe in standing on your own two feet, now , don’t we… and if the business isn’t efficient shouldn’t get a subsidy but be allowed to expire…

    And my little elf helpers tell me that neo liberals are one group who only believe their own dogma when it suits…

    They’ll be one group of naughty little boys and girls who might not be getting any presents this Christmas…

    – ‘You better watch out, you better not cry , you better not pout , I’m telling you why….

    He’s making a list , and checking it twice, gonna find who’s naughty or nice ‘ …..

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