The madness of MediaWorks


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John Campbell – Metro Magazine

The despicable manner in which TV3 treated John Campbell is laid as bare in the words as they do in the pain so apparent in Campbell’s face in the photos.

Metro have outdone themselves with this interview. It gives real insight into the hurt TV3 caused not just to Campbell, his team and the news credibility of TV3, it damaged the viewers who have walked off  in boycott.

The political machinations to kill off one of the most critical voices on TV has disgusted those who see themselves as citizens before consumers. Allowing corporate greed and political brownie points to dictate your fourth estate obligations has destroyed TV3s once proud history.

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Weldon vandalises TV3’s reputation by allowing the female Whaleoil to pollute and corrode TV3 credibility.

Weldon’s ill thought out changes to appeal to a younger, dumber viewing audience has resulted in a boycott backlash that is still hurting the network. That the management team tried to dump the responsibility for this fiasco on Mark Jennings when Oaktree demanded an explanation speaks volumes.

News then that MediaWorks have decided to reward Weldon’s broadcasting vandalism with a new 1 year contract defies credibility!

TV3 has some of the best Journalists in the country, watching them be bled out for political and economic greed reasons isn’t just sad, it’s a blow to the strength and quality of our democracy.


  1. Weldon is a phoney…he is not even a journalist…he is a trader mate of jonkey

    It should be called ‘ Phoney Media Works’…’Phoney TV3’ or ‘TV3 for Phoneys’

    …next thing TV3 will be a soft porn tv station to try and deflect from the real issues facing New Zealand

    …so jonkey can turn New Zealand into his Banana Republic ( complete with a phoney corporate Red Peak flag)

    …thank God for RT…real television with top investigative journalism , interviews and journalism at its most brilliant from a selection of deep thinking international journalists, many from the USA

  2. What this suggests is that Weldon is actually achieving the results that his bosses want. Maybe Media Works isn’t so interested in making a profit as fulfilling a political purpose, which suggests Media Works management and Key/National are two peas in the same pod. Weldon is probably being rewarded for a job well done.

  3. We now have a country polluted by some crooks and fools in charge of the government and the media. Sad for New Zealand. This is not our way!

  4. Unfortunately it’s the same trend happening across the mainstream media in the Western world. It’s a mad race to the bottom and unfortunately I don’t think crowd funding like Scoop’s trying will save the day for journalism. While there’s a lot of good material on blogs like this it’s like an echo chamber and very partisan. How many blog contributors get paid (unethical Whaleoil aside)? Unfortunately I don’t think crowd funding like Scoop’s trying will save the day.

  5. Even if they do have some of the best journalists in the country (which I doubt): there’s an old saying about how hard it is to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.

  6. He’s jonkeys pet so why would anyone care weather he’s doing a poor job or not. He follows orders, that’s all that matters – forget the viewers, these corporates look after their own.

    • @ Kim Dandy.


      These are some of the facts that I just can’t get out of my head.

      Everything about Charlize Theron.

      Everything about Paula Bennett.

      Our country. NZ/Aotearoa.

      Size of UK but with only 4.3 million people.

      Beautiful, rich, exciting. A bit like myself.

      Here. In the middle of the ocean and oozing in good fortune for its luck to have endless fresh water delivered to us via the Tasman sea.
      While there are mountains and the ocean, we get clean water delivered free of charge. That means we can grow things, therefore we can eat , therefore we can survive.

      We will, perhaps are, at this very moment being invaded. We’re in the process of being colonised. We’re having our country taken from us by the money-rich. And frankly? Who can blame them? If you shit in your nest often enough, one day you know you must go to the laundromat. The money-rich just move on and blame the poor for the mess they’re in. Sound familiar?

      jonky’s job is to facilitate that for his Masters to whom he owes. That’s why the petty criminal and con man must cling to his nightmare, the Prime Minister-ship of our country, for dear life. And his life may well depend upon his on-going success at that.

      To do that more easily one needs to distract the locals with blankets and muskets. Baubles and trinkets. Unfortunately, us locals are not that ignorant anymore and can communicate well and easily with one another so the means of colonisation has to be as equally educated and well planned.

      That’s why the colonisers, the money-rich are destroying our media. To keep us in the dark while they take us over. So what if we don’t watch TV3 anymore ? Who cares . Perfect in fact. If it costs TV 3 millions of advertising revenue dollars? So what? The new kids on the block have billions, perhaps trillions. I’ve seen the Gulf Streams arriving in Queenstown. I know where the invisible gated communities are. When Gee Dubja Bush was re elected I saw on the news a rich looking, grey, nasty old reptilian Republican being asked for his opinion? He was speaking from his home in Queenstown.

      It’s laughable to think they care whether you or I watch their shitty little tv channels saturated in giggly pretty people working for Jewish production houses in LA.

      We shouldn’t care either. What we should really care about is what we haven’t got. A TV channel of our own. A radio station of our own. We have The Daily Blog but for some inexplicable reason the people of The Daily Blog refuse to expand when expansion is so critical. And free to do comparatively.

      I ask , as if by instinct. “Have you heard of The Daily Blog? “ The most common answer is “ Nah, don’t watch the News . Too depressing. “

      Oh ,the irony.

  7. TV3 has hit a new low, as just as trumpet for Planet Key.
    I will never watch this channel again until it restores its former backbone.

  8. If it’s politically motivated (seems to me that it is, I’m in agreement on that aspect) then of course he’s rewarded – Those who criticise are simply not in the demographic. Why worry about a group who are fading from your marketing teams radar, when there is an endless supply of those who are in your scope being born and raised by those you’ve discarded? Even if Mum and Dad lament the changes, when those kids hit their teenage years, they’ll most likely oppose for the sake of it, and go for the dumbed down “fun” option. From a cynical perspective, all of this makes perfect sense.

    • If anyone in the media is in disagreement with this Government they appear to disappear or move on for some reason.

      Is TV One truly an Independent State Broadcaster these days?

  9. @CB – Yes, New Zealand is losing SO MUCH under this corrupt government – but it is being done by stealth. Most are ( frustratingly for me ) oblivious.

  10. A 1 year contract for a CEO is the corporate equivalent of a zero hour contract at Bunnings for floor staff. Weldon is being punished not rewarded.

    • Weldon only has to prove he’s effectively silenced “that left-wing bastard” and make sure that JC can’t sneak back in for a couple of years until at least after next election. Then Weldon will go to the same place as Luigi Wewege went and John Palino – whatever happened to him?

      You got other National sycophants like Henry, Hoskings, Gower, Garner, Plunket, pursing their lips and blowing the right-wing trumpet. Weldon will turn Mediaworks into the tv version of Whaleoil…

      Pursed lips….hm, something’s not quite right with that sentence, but as a middle aged woman, I can’t quite put my finger on what’s wrong with it. I’m off to have another sherry.

  11. Has to be up there as one of the worst year’s of management for any NZ TV stations ever this year TV3. Just dreadful programming decisions all round.

    I wouldn’t go as far to say that they’ve turned the station into National loving though. News etc is clearly right, but most of the ‘trash’ is not watched by anyone from any political persuasion!

  12. It doesn’t matter if you put Campbell on 24/7. Only a handful of people watch him.

    News competes with every other entertainment option. The people have voted – they’re not interested in broadcast news.

    The news media – yes, including Campbell – are to blame. They add little to the debate. They are largely redundant.

    The debate is now online. Between people. Not mediated.

  13. Does Mediaworks still have any financial obligations to the Government, I believe they bailed them out at one stage?

  14. Most TV in NZ is absolute junk these days hence people are shifting to the internet for entertainment and interaction on political topics. Investigative journalism and freedom of expression is dead in this country with Key and Joyce taking control of the media, State intervention just like North Korea.

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