So who exactly is on Christmas Island?


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RNZ reports

Figures released by Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton on people detained at Christmas Island showed of the 199 detainees, 113 had convictions, with 71 of those serious offenders.

Four had convictions for rape or sexual assault and five had convictions for child sex offences. There were also 11 convictions for armed robbery, 27 for assault and two for manslaughter.

…so of the NZers – how many were rapists or murders?


That’s right, there were no NZ rapists or murders, so Key’s comments aren’t just grossly offensive, they are also wrong.

Turns out that 128 of the 199 are not serious offenders and 86 have no convictions at all.

Let’s remember – all of these prisoners have served their full sentence in Australia. These are people who have done their time but due to new controversial and retrospective terror laws – they are now being renditioned to an Island 3 times as far from Australia as the Campbell Islands are from NZ!

They are being beaten, abused and kept in conditions that breach their human rights and their ability to contact legal representation is made purposely difficult.

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Then we have other cases of New Zealanders on the Australian mainland being kept in prison awaiting renditioning to Christmas Island like the Prime Minister’s former military bodyguard in Afghanistan. In that outrageous case the NZer hasn’t even committed a crime!

By falsely screaming ‘rapists, child molesters and murderers’, Key is trying to tempt the lesser angels of our nature to take over rather than see his inaction towards human rights abuses for the spinelessness  it really is.

This is politics at its most ugly and malicious and we should not reward it.

Those female MPs who displayed such immense courage by talking openly about their experiences of abuse gives me hope for this country.

Labour showed leadership by sending Kelvin Davis to Christmas Island to investigate, National should do the same.

What’s Mike Sabin doing?

Key should call him up and ask him if he could pop over there and check it out for National.

That all of this is happening as Australia tries to get onto the UN Human Rights Council is the hypocrisy soaked cherry on a bitter cake of political spite.


      • The facts according to RNZ this morning are no Kiwi murderers, rapists or child molesters. We appear to be a land dominated by the intellectually lazy who indulge in vicious and nasty thought processes aimed at beneficiaries and ‘criminals’. Oh for a world were the politics of spite are unmasked and revealed for what they truly are – a base distraction that aims to guard privilege.

        • Key and the Natzi’s are getting hysterical over this issue, Key has been seen to be totally incompetent and out of his depth on this issue.

  1. How much do I wish the truth about Mike Sabin could be revealed at this point in time.

    I know a lot of people have heard via word of mouth or some, err, naughtier parts of the internet but this really does cut to the core of Key’s complete lack of empathy for anyone lower on the food chain than he is.

  2. Shame on you, John Key – you don’t represent the interests of New Zealanders, you only represent the interests of yourself. You think you are above the rest of us and “know what’s right for Mum and Dad Kiwi.” We’ve got news for you – we can think for ourselves so get on and do your job properly or get out. I suspect you would prefer the latter as you have been looking pretty disinterested in Parliament lately. I think the speech bubble would read “what am I doing here – there are other things I would far rather be doing, like a round of golf in Hawaii”.

  3. And how many New Zealanders were forced to try for Australia as refugees of a post neoliberal experiment gone bizarrely wrong at best?
    At worst , it was a deliberate plan to steal off with our tax-paid-for-services and assets to create private wealth for those very few who were ‘ in the know’ and are still at large with our money, with our blood on their hands and now try to avoid investigation by grooming the likes of an emotional pigmy like jonky to run as interference to that investigation while gleefully forcing some of our best people off-shore from sheer desperation.
    Some of whom are now land locked on a stupid little fucking island . That gives me an idea ? If jonky likes islands so much, being a resident of Hawaii ? Lets see how he likes Christmas Island after the inquiry ?

    • 1000% CB..

      Also it is ironical that even JK who is an atheist, forgets that HIS MOTHER WAS AN ASSYLUM SEEKER FROM AUSTRIA.

      Also we should remember that Australia was also a penal colony! and settled by convicts, so who is snow white here>>>> NOT KEY or Aussies.

      Key is a callous despot and now even his ach friend (Duncan Garner) is in the press calling Key this here.

      “Key has gambled people don’t care. He may be right. – And in the process he’s shown how brutal and ruthless he can be, almost as ruthless as the Aussies themselves.”

      • Thanks @ Cleangreen .

        Try this book . ‘ Heroes’ by John Pilger.

        I read it while in Indonesia some 30 years ago and it stuck with me ever since.

        There seems to me to be a vein of …… ? I’m not quite sure what to call it ? Evil seems silly and evokes spinning heads and projectile vomiting. Psychopathic ? Mmmm? Doesn’t really fit with what I’m trying to explain.

        As I learn more about humans and as I age and travel I see a clear line between two kinds of folk.

        One kind is the kind I identify with. ( Thank fuck ) They seem to be, well , like me in that they pretend at least to be… thinkers . They’re not closed minded . They like to understand the nuances of the ‘human condition’ i.e. artistic leanings, sexual orientation, cultural differences for the pleasure of the Difference rather than the fear of it . ( Otherwise , we’d never have the Indian curry and imagine the horror of that ? )

        The other kind. The User Kind ( I’m building this idea as I go . Please bare/bear with me. ) On the other side of the vein is the User Kind. They know how to exploit and dominate. They lie and cheat as if it’s in there DNA . ( Perhaps it is ! ? ) They can, and gleefully will , ruin families, economies, natural environments and even their own kind if it means that they end up with more stuff to pile up and say “ This is all mine ! I have more than you so you lose, loser “

        Australia isn’t all just about convicts and aboriginals. It’s about the clash between the two kinds .

        As it is for us poor old Kiwis.

        Unfortunately for the Thinker kind, the Thinker kind find it difficult to deploy the tactics the User Kind use to keep the mad User fuckers at bay. And interestingly, if the Thinker Kind do find a way of defeating the User Kind by deploying their own tactics against them … ? You guessed it . They become that which they hate the most .

        The answer ?
        Wing it and see what happens ? Nope , can’t be that. That’s what gave us jonky .
        Love ? Only if you also get a gun, a torch, a therapist and antibiotics
        Peace ? Two people? Three agendas, so no.
        Money? Only good so long as it’s spendable. If you’re about to die of thirst but you have this million dollars ? Trouble is ? No water.
        Before enlightenment ? Chop wood, carry water.
        After enlightenment ? Chop wood , carry water.
        Fuck that.
        So, what’s left?
        Well, there is mutual agreements to be different but the same? You know ? Same, same but different ?
        Imagine the scurrilous shenanigans that went on to develop the MRI machine that can find the tumor inside the Thinker kinds thinky thing ? And without the Thinker Kinds thinky thing ? Imagine how mind bendingly fucking boring it would be for the User Kind , when all the using was done. The best mate was back stabbed, for business reasons so sweet aye? The missus was cheated on, the struggling unemployed had just received their foreclosure letter for the dream house that only housed nightmares sold them by the same, now bored User Kind … so, what to do of an evening ? I know ! Look at art an’ shit on the tee vee !
        Clearly, we need each other . No matter how we loath the modus operandi of each others intentions, we need each other . Therefore, there will always be constant conflict . Permanent , on-going conflict . We humans are like two scorpions dropped into a bucket. Perpetually locked into conflict .

        Summation ?

        This is Hell.

  4. Who cares who they are?
    They are your father, brother sister and mother.
    What difference does it make to their human rights -does it make people feel good to only grant rights to the wealthy.

    It seems like the Aus govt are acting the same as the NZ govt has in many of the complaints about human rights violations against the govt.

  5. New Zealand now has no right to criticise the Fijian or other governments for human rights and other breaches or rights. New Zealand has firmly sent into the gutter by this government, led by one infamous Mr John Key. It is a disgrace what is going on, and today Key was not in Parliament and had his Deputy take the heat from the opposition. That Mr Blinglish, a freeloader of highest order, as we remember re accommodation support for Parliamentary Members, did just keep up the lies and deception, using bizarre explanations for what Key did.

    And that useless, biased Speaker was trying to remedy his appalling reputation, by giving a couple of opposition MPs asking questions a complementary extra question, but otherwise he kept up his BS line, and pretended he was “fair” and just and would follow the Standing Orders and Rulings. Grant Robertson gave him a good challenge, at least, and exposed the total hypocrisy of the Speaker.

    Christmas Island is the largest centre, there is one on Nauru, there is one on Mannus Island in PNG, and all prove that the Australian governments of recent years have shown a total contempt towards human rights, they are criticised by leading UN members, for their treatment of refugees and past offenders, some New Zealanders, now sent back to their home country, without adhering to natural justice.

    That is close to fascism, dear friends, and on Tuesday Key showed his true face, not only re the accusations towards the opposition and Labour, but by saying, we talk to the Australian government directly, we do not bother going via the UN.

    So expect NOTHING from this government, expect also nothing re the climate summit in Paris, it is all words and NO action, it is lies and deception, that is the rule of law that Key and his gangster government follow.

    Sadly most ignorant out there do not follow this kind of stuff, and value things by what benefits them into their pockets, in products and services, no matter much is made by slave like labour in cheap labour and low regulation countries. Australians and Kiwis have sadly in too large numbers sold their souls long ago, for the benefits of mammon, and have no more principles, and that is what Key and gang know, so they have the oxygen they need to keep on the appalling shit they deliver.

    What a future do we have with such disgusting realities, I fear for the future, it will be a fascist future.

  6. If Australia gets into the Human Rights Council, it will share it with other grave abusers of human rights like Iran (and Ghadaffi’s Libya when he was around), and discredit the UN project even more, which was meant to care about ‘human rights’.

  7. A Dead Man
    People with No convictions housed
    With Rapist Murders Thieves
    Spied on
    Christmas Island
    Sounds like some/many/a street in God Zone these Days
    that john boy and his mates are busy “protecting” PFFFFFFFFF!!!!

    When Amercians come here for their Holiday
    they enjoy asking at the gas station
    Can I have the key to the john
    they all laugh hysterically
    thinking/knowing jonny boy is full of it
    Thank you for NOTHING boyo

  8. so if you have an institution that is in effect a prison and call i detention center, then send people there that may have a suspect character, that gives the keys of this world a lot of power, hager has a suspect character because he consorts with hackers, dotcom is a pirate, any one posting on this site is inciting revolt – you can be held indefinitely in the detention center while the paper work is in the ‘system’ (the one that died there recently was in the 7 years while the ‘paper work’ was being shuffled) – the normal rules of prisoner care dont apply, cause suprise, its not a prison and its not even on the mainland – any one cant see where thats going?
    dont accept it

  9. Australian government deporting life-long residents over minor offences

    The plight of hundreds, if not thousands, of foreign citizens who are long-term residents in Australia, but face the prospect of sudden deportation has highlighted the reactionary implications of major changes to the Migration Act, introduced by the Coalition government last year.

    Under the new legislation, residents who are sentenced to periods of imprisonment totalling 12 months, often for a series of relatively minor offences, can have their visas revoked, and are liable for deportation.

    Around 80 New Zealand citizens have been deported from Australia this year under the new policy. Almost 200 more are being held in detention centres, making them the second largest cohort by nationality. According to some estimates, up to a thousand Australian residents could be deported to New Zealand in the coming months.

    In reality, the new legislation has seen hundreds of long-term residents placed in a position in which all of their basic democratic rights are abrogated, with many transferred to concentration camp-like centres, where they can be detained for many months if they seek to contest their deportations in court.

    The deportations have underscored the far-reaching implications of the decades-long assault on the basic right of refugees, among the most vulnerable of the world’s population, to seek asylum. Successive governments, Labor and Liberal alike, have scapegoated immigrants to divert attention from the social crisis created by their policies and in the process established a vast apparatus to impose their anti-democratic measures. Those powers have now been extended to other members of the working class—“non-citizens”—regardless of how long they have lived in Australia.

  10. @CB – so to get this rotten government out, the thinkers simply have to be the majority over the users – right?
    For that to happen the people of NZ need to be properly informed.
    Shame the users have taken over most of the means to inform them.
    Social media is the only shining light – and I notice in the TPPA text, they’ll be coming for that soon too!
    But with Corbyn and Sanders being so popular maybe the thinkers are increasing simply by being fed up with being USED all the time!
    Interesting take.

  11. [Ziggy, if you want to present your views, that’s fine. But calling everyone here “idiots” will not endear yourself to the people who run The Daily Blog, nor to most participants. Feel free to re-write your post, without hurling insults willy-nilly. – ScarletMod]

  12. And a thought on how, and why, we’re so locked into the corrupt post European, quasi-USA corporate Australian economy .

    Who did that ? Wasn’t it Keith Holyoake back in 1965 ? It was called New Zealand Australia Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

    Why ? Why did a sneaky old lizard like holyoake sell us out to the Australians , our fiercest primary industry competitors ?

    Was that when our fruits and vegetables were canned by Watties then sold in Australia cheaper than we could buy them here?

    Is that not still the case for our LPG and many other products?

    And what do we get in return ? South Pacific Mexican-esque wet-back status ? Holden cars ? The opossum ? The white tail spider ? The Kiwi bird ? ( Yep, check it out. Our iconic Kiwi is in fact related to the Emu . )

    The only vaguely good thing to come out of Australia was Russell Norman and he’s fucked off.

    Here’s an idea . We close our borders off to Australia , sack their banks and take their economy away by out producing them agriculturally? That’d fuck them off wouldn’t it?

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