EXCLUSIVE: Mark Jennings Oaktree shadow and how TV3 are trying to explain their ratings meltdown



TV3 and the rest of the mainstream media do not want to acknowledge the role of the boycott on TV3 for their ratings decline.

It doesn’t get mentioned because the media networks are terrified that such boycotts could pick up real momentum and impact their crap biased news shows as well, so while the media will admit the social media campaign to support Campbell Live resulted in the highest ratings the show ever attained, they refuse to even mention that same social media power could drag down ratings.

By denying the fact that ethical news consumers have boycotted a network for political interference into real fourth estate journalism, TV3 Management don’t have to have their role and real reasons for killing off Campbell Live scrutinised. Instead it’s all to blame for some other mystical reason.

This need to avoid real investigation into their motives for knifing Campbell Live has risen all the way to Oaktree, the American vulture fund who owns Mediaworks. Recently Oaktree demanded someone from TV3 Management turn up in Europe and explain what the bloody hell is going on with their assets and why these recent changes have melted down ratings. One would have thought that someone from the TV3 Management team who was actually behind the politically motivated move to end a current affairs show that was embarrassing the Government would have been sent to explain to MediaWorks Corporate Overlords the momentual cock up that has occurred.

That didn’t happen. Sources to TDB via the Tip Line say that poor old Mark Jennings, the head of news and current affairs was sent to explain things to Oaktree rather than the Management team who decided to gut Campbell Live. So weak was Mark’s explanation for the ratings meltdown that Oaktree sent a corporate shadow from Britain to follow Jennings around and now as Jennings walks around and does his day to day tasks, this Oaktree shadow follows him listening to everything.

So I’d like to take some time to speak directly to that Oaktree Shadow.

Hey Oaktree Shadow, how are you doing? Did you know we shot Lord Of The Rings here? Have you seen our beautiful landscape? Heard of the All Blacks? That’s all us.

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I appreciate you are pretty busy trying to crucify Mark Jennings for Oaktree as you desperately try and understand why your short term investment into a tiny NZ media business has turned belly up, but I think perhaps you need some more context.

The new Management Team at TV3 are close friends to the government, they decided to axe Campbell Live – hosted by the most popular news personalities in NZ – for political reasons, not commercial reasons. They have plotted and used Cameron Slater’s business partner over at the TV ratings blog ‘Throng’ and Rachel Glucina to seed negative stories about Campbell Live to set in motion its downfall (Cameron and Rachel are far right media personalities that make the National Front look pleasant).

Threatening Campbell Live provoked a huge social media campaign that boosted ratings and when it turned out TV3 Management were politically motivated to kill off the show, that social media campaign turned into a boycott and it is that boycott you are seeing in your ratings meltdown.

Blaming Mark Jennings might be convenient, but it isn’t where the decision for change originated. If you want to take your Oaktree masters a couple of heads on plates, it isn’t his you should be aiming for.



  1. I was wondering when the offshore investors would start noticing…

    The consequences for Mediaworks will be many, but prime amongst them will be a change of faces on it’s Board of Directors. I can think of two characters who will shortly be resigning “for personal reasons” or “to follow career opportunities elsewhere”.

    I give it till the end of the financial year, next year.

    • Great news Frank. Maybe after the right-wing muppets have resigned ‘for personal reasons’, then maybe Oaktree will appoint someone from the left of the spectrum, to re-vitalise Mediaworks and get its ratings’ share back.

      Promise you’ll still talk to us all when you are famous Frank!

  2. Or, if you want to turn your investment around, why not provide a genuinely independent NZ medium for real NZers? After all, NZ is a small cog in your plans for world domination.. maybe we could be lab rats to show the appeal of a totally unbiased media……. hnahh.. just dreamin’..

  3. Let’s all write to the Oaktree outfit and tell them the real story, that political interference constructively dismissed a very popular programme and a very popular potential New Zealander of the Year.

    I want that left-wing bastard ‘gone by lunchtime’.

    Oaktree Global Headquarters
    Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.
    333 South Grand Ave., 28th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90071

    New York – Sixth
    Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.
    1301 Avenue of the Americas, 34th Floor
    New York, NY 10019

    • Dear Oaktree,

      A couple of little acorns in the world of Media have been appointed to directors in New Zealand at Mediaworks. I suppose you could call them ‘branch managers for the National Party”

      But something is rotten in this state of media. They got rid of one of the most decorated broadcasters and champion for those people and entities, being screwed by unscrupulous scumbags. His name is John Campbell. The programme was called Campbell Live.

      So New Zealanders (we call ourselves Kiwis) have decided to boycott one of your television stations. TV3. You’ll notice that ratings are going down, that viewerships are tumbling and advertising revenue is dminishing. Many kiwis are annoyed by your newly appointed “political appointed’ directors. The person orchestrating this is alleged to have said “I want that left-wing bastard[Campbell] gone!”

      Time to chop these political appointments off at the root.
      Otherwise the capital being invested in your Oaktree Fund will be shrinking rapidly.

      Yours sincerely




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