What mainstream haven’t mentioned about Westpac corporate narking on Nicky Hager



The true scope of Police harassment directed at Nicky Hager should send a deep chill through each and every NZer.

What we are witnessing in real time is a growing Police State with all the casual fascism of a book burning around a BBQ.

The Police have also understood the deep negative egalitarian anti-intellectualism that infects the NZ psyche. The desire to hold the powerful to account is perceived by this culturally cringed rump of NZ as being a smart arsed stirrer who simply  by their ability to string together a coherent question makes them a target for ‘oh-you-think-you’re-smarter-than-me’ styled resentment.

The cops know this and know that their extraordinary harassment of Hager will be ignored by the mainstream media and will be seen as just desserts by rump NZers who still think the biggest issue with Dirty Politics is that Hager used stolen e-mails.

Let’s just recap what has been revealed by TDB with what has been revealed today in the NZ Herald…

Detectives investigating the Dirty Politics hacker Rawshark sought the banking, telephone and travel records of author and journalist Nicky Hager without any search order or other legal power.

Court records show Westpac – the government’s banker for 26 years – handed over “almost 10 months of transactions from Mr Hager’s three accounts” at the request of detectives investigating the hacking of Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater’s email and social media accounts.

Other companies that were asked for Hager’s private details told police to come back with a court order, which would have legally obliged them to surrender the information.

…this is clear evidence of the NZ Police bullying and threatening companies with adverse legal ramifications if they don’t hand over information on a  journalist who had embarrassed the Government – note, not one bloody search order or warrant has been signed, just the NZ Police using threats. This is just scratching the surface, as The Daily Blog revealed in July of this year, this practise of threatening banks means that the banks themselves then use this request as a black mark against the persons credit rating. By the Police threatening Westpac, Westpac responds by putting a black mark against Hager’s credit rating.


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On top of that, we had Nicky Hager himself tell NZ during last months Table Talk

Most interesting was the new fact that Nicky Hager stated that the Police had tried to arrest him and had attempted to tap his phone rather than just raid his house for evidence on who hacked Cameron Slater.

Just consider that for a moment. The Police weren’t really looking for evidence as to the identity of RawShark, they were actually trying to arrest Hager and attempted to spy on him after he humiliates the Government. A Journalist targeted by the police for highlighting unethical behaviour by the Government and no other media outlet even pick up on this new revelation.

…you could wait months for Scoop or the NZ Herald to bring this to your attention, or you could just read The Daily Blog. Note, no other mainstream media outlet have picked up on this Police tactic of hurting people’s credit rating or that Hager himself said the Police were attempting to tap his phone and arrest him, not Rawshark.

This abuse of police power to attempt to arrest a journalist who embarrassed the Government should lead every news bulletin in this country, but because our mainstream media have deteriorated into clickbait entertainment banality, the ramifications of this type of abuse of power aimed at journalists holding the powerful to account isn’t explained to voters.

No wonder National are still polling near 50%.



  1. It should lead every news article but chances are it won’t. Small article in the Herald today on a long weekend when the All Blacks are playing a semi final so nobody will give it more than a passing glance without pausing to think about the society that Key and the Natzi party have created that allows this shiiiite to happen. Police and GCSB and SIS being used as political tools to spy on and harass citizens; who cares as long as John Key leads the All Blacks to world cup glory. In the words of Billy Bragg (Ideology) “While we expect democracy, they’re laughing in our face .

  2. I just think the cops should hurry it up and lay some charges. That way, if the TDB is right, then the police will end up embarassing themselves in court when the judge starts asking them awkward questions.

    • Why bother with that they have caused him lots of grief and no doubt expense by their actions. If he has the temerity to write anything bad about the nats or their friends again no doubt he will be raided again

      • Why bother with that they have caused him lots of grief and no doubt expense by their actions.

        It is standard police practise to lay vexatious charges, unfortunately it is a practise that is generally tolerated by the judicial system. It is extremely difficult to hold the police accountable for this practise.

        It’s one of the multiple reasons that our system is basically broken.

  3. Slightly off topic but given it’s about the man whose dirty politics were exposed so blatantly by Nicky Hager, I see the Herald are going into bat for John Key again in their latest editorial.

    Subtly written in a manner that would have Joseph Goebbels blushing it was an article of faux criticism of the great man over his revelations that he pisses in showers. The editorial rounds out tisking that Key is “candid to a fault”. Wow NZ Herald, so skillful a casual reader would miss it but it’s skillfully done nevertheless. Did National write it?
    Yes New Zealanders, apparently the most skilful doublespeaking, misleading PM this country has ever seen is straight up honest and truthful.

    Is it coincidental that this clever love letter/editorial features at the same time as Hagers court revelations? The forces that be really do work hard behind the scenes for this government do they not?

    • John Key is the most popular PM this country has ever had, he is a Rock Star leading a Rock Star Economy.

      • Yeah right. Natz also thought they had Northland in the bag. I don’t buy that people love the Natz. Many people hate the Natz but don’t like what the opposition is offering either and choose to either not vote. Also those phone polls are phony. Ha ha:) Would not believe anything coming out now in these polls.

        In my view the opposition lost the election not that the Natz won it.

        As soon as the opposition get a clue, start collaborating, be strategic and concentrate their energies on winning votes off the Natz rather than jibing at each other and trying to bring someone easier down, going phew when the next smear campaign is directed at someone else in opposition, that is the day that the Natz have formidable competition.

        The opposition also need to get real on policy, austerity plus selling the country off Labour, in free trade deals? Not really the message to get voters and the Greens (people want and expect more than a warm house for a few and a free lunch for decile 1 schools), Russell was on the mark when he talked about the death of democracy and how agitators should be celebrated). Think BIGGER PICTURE.

        The whole basis behind our welfare and justice system is being eroded and this is made possible by dirty politics and political raids on Hager to silence journalists exposing the dirty secrets of how the Natz are manipulating the system in every way they can to suppress the truth and keep the lies streaming in.

        Strength in numbers. If all the opposition join forces and start laying complaints in a united fashion then it will be harder for the Natz to get away with all the lies and cheating.

        P.s in my opinion JK is pimping out Max Key as some sort of way to get the youth vote next election. Notice all the sudden interest in Max Key in MSM. It is the American George Bush and junior scenario. Just a warning. The Natz have a plan for next election and they are executing it, what are the opposition doing NOW, TODAY to win the election and the people?

      • jonkey is a real boy-band rock star :- vain posturing front-man, prancing about in an ecstasy of self-love, trashing hotel rooms/our society, doesn’t write the tunes, just sings the lyrics provided by big business ‘music’ industry

  4. New Zealand Police doing unlawful, illegal John Keys Political DIRTY WORK AGAIN.
    Yes the NZ police done the same with me on John Key orders to cover up for Corruption by Orewa town planner Hannah Thomson, and Len Brown in the runup to 2011 election.
    Issues regarding nationals controversial supercity needed to be silenced at election time. John Keys Security handed over my phone records to Orewa Police on the afternoon of the 11.11.11, Kirby on 15 th December, a month later applied for a warrant for my ph records to mislead that a due process of law had been followed.
    Constable Michelle Kirby and Sargent Mark Hobbs from Orewa Police were instructed to arrest me without a charge and make up a charge later. So a John Key demanded gag order could be put in place. Arrest and detention was made with NO CHARGE, they would have to find one .
    Also of note is in the Scott Guy murder Police NEVER got a warrant for phone records, hence when the investigation was reviewed instead ,of saying they didnt get a warrant, the pretended they overlooked going over ph and cell tower records which was impossible. It also tells us that such records are already available without warrant….of course we are not always under surveillance…yeah right.

    • “Keystone cops” they are, and corruption OF THE POLICE is becoming rife today as it is looking more like 1933 Germany.


    • Shit that is ridiculous Russell and the first time I had heard anything about your circumstances. It sounds unbelievable and the stuff of a movie, but just shows how low this government and John Key will go to stifle any bad news, or bad polling.

      If only Campbell Live hadn’t been canned – I’m sure he would have taken up your case and given it the coverage it deserves.

      Contact Nicky Hagar and ask him to act on your behalf. It would be a great book in the lead-up to the 2017 election, but this time without the Dotcom distraction and scapegoat.

  5. “…you could wait months for Scoop or the NZ Herald to bring this to your attention…”
    Surely you mean “Stuff or the NZ Herald”?

  6. The trouble with some of the NZ public is they always need to be on
    winning side. Keys minnions have done hatchet jobs on opposition parties ,constantly calling them leftie loonies, implying anyone voting for the opposition is a loonie, when the real loonies are the ones fooled by Key the Obama implant.
    American leaders now are found to be liars and war mongers and money manipulators,these are the people who decided NZ needed Key,
    they needed him to ruin NZ while looking like the good guy,
    Key is definitely the smiling assassin.
    Voting for Key has a snobbish value,by people who have no principals
    like to laugh at Key sniping at rivals,its like siding with bullies to be safe, NZ is anything but safe with Key,he operates on Cabal principles he has none of his own.
    Obama was praised and thought to be a savior,hes proved to be anything but.
    Its time the rabid right supporters woke up to the fact that their hero is a cheat and a liar,told how to deal with us by the cabals.
    Labour hasn’t helped by changing the leadership so often because Key rubbishes them.
    Time for a change the country needs someone with decency and honor
    both attributes Key is lacking in .

    • As I have said in the past Key and National advise Labour or critique Labours performance via the media. Unfortunately the media is controlled by National and if anyone steps out of line they are sacked.

  7. Reminds me of the East German Stasi.

    Does anyone remember the Teapot Saga and John Banks in Epsom?

    Similar circumstances. Key appears to be a nasty little man.

    • Key looks such a shrivelled little genuflecting turd in that photograph in the AB’s changing room, shaking hands with, admittedly, giant Sam Whitelock … but couldn’t get over what a real shortarse he is – our omnipotent leader? Whole world must be laughing?

    • we all know jonkey nactional is not working in the best interests of New Zealanders…some would call it corrupt on obvious issues of injustice and selling off of state assets/state housing/KiwiRail/Goldman Sachs advising Treasury etc…jonkey has a history of money changing and involvement dubious deals as a trader



      the extent of the underground corruption is not known…at the moment it is more questions than answers…and the questions and answers of one of our best investigative journalists Nicky Hager is being impeded by the police harassment , doing over his house for a whole day, spying on him and impounding his computer for no good reason

    • Well, Chris, you’ve definitely missed the point haven’t you?

      Nicky Hager has published information regarding dirty politics – including some material that many would call corruption if it were done by any other political leader. But instead of having a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate Hager’s findings, we have the messenger being searched and harassed by the Police.

      What do you think might happen to Martyn if he tried publishing evidence of “John Key’s corruption of any kind”?

      I think the treatment meted out to Nicky Hager answers that question.

      • Thanks for pointing out that Martyn might draw the heat should he publish, Frank. That particular bit hadn’t occurred to me until you mentioned it.

      • I sometimes worry about what might happen to bloggers and journalists who take on the government. All it would take is for a rogue element or a deranged fanatic…….

  8. This from Naturesong on the Standard


    From Scoop:

    “At the time of the raid Nicky Hager was working on a series of articles based on documents sourced from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Intercept editor and Citizen Four documentary maker Glenn Greenwald wrote at the time of the raid:
    Whether or not Hager’s work with The Intercept may have partially motivated the raid, the situation underscores the dangers of using invasive law enforcement tactics against reporters—they impede the reporting process, render source relationships very difficult to protect, and offer the very authorities that reporters are attempting to hold accountable a window into their ongoing reporting. (The Intercept‘s collaboration with Hager will proceed.)”




  10. Come on everybody, lighten up on the old johno, He has a tough job leading the country and captaining the All Blacks. Key played a bloody blinder last night against the Boks. If it wasn’t for him we would have lost the match and wouldn’t be in the final next week. That’s way more important than him telling a few little porkies or being just a wee bit corrupt surely. So he covers up for paedophiles in his own party and pulls the odd ponytail in the big scheme of the things at the end of the day as long as we win the world cup ackshully that is all that matters. Can’t wait to see him drinking steinlager from the cup being cheered on by his adoring team mates.

      • And don’t wear your hair up in a pony tail… as well as pissing in showers , ‘ feeding his chickens ‘ enjoying recreational porn , – the guy has a penchant for pulling pony tails – always female – and always young females …. and by some film footage … that means young female children .

        Where’s JASON EDE ?????????????????????????????????????????.

  11. Bread and circuses, bread and circuses!
    It’s an old Roman Emporer’s trick that clearly still works, right here in NZ.
    How naive and pitiful is much of our populace.

  12. I doubt whether he will get any mud on him as he tends to let others do the dirty work but good call on the shower.

  13. I have to say bravo for this article, Martyn. I don’t think this article would frankly interest the mainstream media. Clearly, they have other more important priorities, it seems. Nonetheless, the truth needs to be continually exposed. I was rather pleased to see the Canadian election result on Monday given that they tossed Key’s equally nasty friend, Stephen Harper. But there is one difference between NZ and Canada: there are still some mainstream media outlets (and brave journos) who were prepared to challenge Harper’s nastiness and misuse of power whereas here you could name the brave mainstream journos there are on one hand and perhaps not even that.

  14. Average bloke asks: “Who is Nicky Hager? Where does he play rugby? Or is a a cricketer perhaps?”

    You go and ask around, I would not be surprised about such questions. And yes, the MSM cannot be bothered, as they have largely all become mercenaries, willing ones, I observe. No solidarity with others, it is number one and little else, that counts.

    By the way, what happened to John Campbell, I thought he was supposed to start working at Radio NZ in September. Now he seems to be writing for the Sunday Star Times (at times).

    His former staff moved on, some still working for Mediaworks, so much for “solidarity”, I suppose.

  15. The more we head towards a police state the more the tighter the MSM will plug their ears (la la la I’m not listening!) and pull the bandage over their eyes (Horatio Nelson – I really do not see the signal). They will only start taking notice when the thugs come to their buildings and start taking their staff away. What you gonna do when they come for you dudes? You will find out what a police state is all about then and you will curse yourselves when you think how you made it all possible with your John Key and National hero worship.
    I would laugh at you getting your just deserts but with my political ideology I would probably have been dealt with long before.
    Happy trails scribes!

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