TDB Politcal Caption Competition




    • … landing aborted – into the Capitol Lily Pond… Francis surfacing under camouflage as a security measure.

  1. Pope Francis should take his collar off in high winds ,it makes him look like a frilled lizard ,no offence intended .

  2. In the absence of real spirituality and more in line with one world government aspirations….

    Let us ascend on the wings of the ‘ Rock’…St Peter…except that Peter was a humble fisherman affronted by St Paul for hypocrisy in favoring the Jews….

    And although Peter was a true believer…I really don’t know about this character…or any of them since the dispersal of the Jewish Nation Israel since Titus sacked Jerusalem in A.D 70 -71….

    I think after the Germanic expansion into and effectively annexing Rome some centuries later it all got watered down somewhat…and politicized into bloodshed to justify all manner of skulduggery….tying into it compromises such as the Germanic pagan aspects…

    Far from what Peter and Paul had intended to ‘do unto others as you would do unto yourselves’…. the words of Jesus Christ himself….

    Which is quite simplistic and understandable to be honest.

    Even the children understand that principle.

    ‘ Out of the mouths of babes’ ….

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