GCSB begin marketing campaign to con NZers



The powers that be probably could not believe their luck when NZers returned John Key to power in 2014. After all the mass surveillance lies, after all the revelations from Dirty Politics, after the public learned that the PMs Office had colluded with the SIS to smear Phil Goff before the 2011 election, the GCSB must have thought all their Christmas’s had come at once.

The vast increase in budgets, the incredible spying power given them by the NSA and the law change that allowed them to do it all legally was an avalanche of good fortune that they just couldn’t have manufactured if they had directly taken over the Government themselves.

The only problem to all this was the public. Beyond the most ardent National Party lovers, the public had deep suspicions about mass surveillance and if the democratic pendulum ever swung back the other way, their new found power might be curtailed. It has become increasingly important for the GCSB to con NZers into believing that they are protecting NZs interests rather than America’s.

Cue the marketing campaign.

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That’s right folks, the GCSB isn’t a stooge for America and doesn’t feed all it’s info directly to the NSA for their own purposes, it’s really a giant cuddly anti-virus system that keeps your computer safe.

As Chris Trotter pointed out about The Listener’s recent PR fluff piece on the GCSB…

Was it Listener editor, Pamela Stirling, who came up with the idea? Or, did free-lance journalist, Rod Vaughan, pitch it to her? And was the deal clinched by the promise of access to all three chiefs? And whose idea was that? At some point, someone in the “intelligence community”, decided that a front page story about a “revolution” sweeping the corridors of Pipitea House would be just what the Director ordered. The question is: was that decision made in response to Rod Vaughan’s request for access? Or did someone make Rod an offer that he – and Pamela – couldn’t refuse?

Because a front-page story in the Listener, reassuring the Baby-Boomers that the SIS and GCSB are now being run by people just like themselves, was bound to prove very helpful – especially now. That’s because a Government-commissioned review of both agencies, led by Sir Michael Cullen and Dame Patsy Reddy, is about to start asking questions. A cynic might observe that Rod Vaughan’s article has very helpfully suggested most of the answers.

What is there to fear, after all, from an SIS staffed by scores of bright-eyed young university graduates determined to keep New Zealand safe from “extremist behaviours”? Or, a GCSB run by someone who understands the importance of reminding “the troops” to “remain focused on the job at hand and to remember their responsibilities to all New Zealanders.”

…if the GCSB really want to con the sleepy hobbits of muddle NZ, they should suggest overseas criminals are trying to hack their property valuations. Watch the howls of ‘something must be done’ then.

The ease with which the GCSB has managed to con us that they aren’t really a mass surveillance franchise for the NSA is as extraordinary as NZers desire to re-elect Key after they were told how corrupt his Government had become.

This is NZ.


  1. re “as extraordinary as NZers desire to re-elect Key after they were told how corrupt his Government had become”

    …but maybe the Election results were corrupted !…they were certainly counter intuitive ….especially the Early Voting which was supposed to have swung in behind Nactional

    …if the powers that be wanted jonkey nactional in that bad …eg Dirty Politics and the attacks on David Cunliffe …they could have corrupted the Election results

    • I think you got it in one there Chooky.

      Another government would have been done and gone after the last election, considering the exposure of all the squalor and sleaze. But not the government of the fraud and traitor FJK! The very same FJK, who controls the media, preventing msm publishing too many details, which if it had done its job as expected of a credible media source, would have destroyed him and his filthy government!

      Corrupt as they come. Sewer politics all the way! And still there!

  2. I keep thinking that New Zealanders wouldn’t care if martians invaded us tomorrow. As long as our PM is there to tell us everything is just fucking hunky dory.

  3. In geopolitics it said the Pope is to head the One World Order,thats the reason for his visit to discuss the details, after all the illumati was started in part by Jesuits of which the Pope is one.
    Its all so weird whats happening now,we could believe anything.
    The One world Order is being discussed as the agenda 30. the evil so and so’s have all their ducks in a row. Key is becoming more outrageous all the time,doing just what he likes because he knows we will be controlled and his job is to make sure it happens.
    Weve talked about it for a long time thinking it was in the future,well the future is now.
    The bloodmoon was to herald the start and it would finish on 6th October,who knows whats in store,no one can say for sure it might just be talk,
    But its not looking good. people have been blind, probably out of fear they refuse to listen.
    I believed that Russia and the brics countries were to be the saving grace,but geopolitics say the Russians are in it with America,
    I hope they are wrong,otherwise hold on to your hats we are maybe in for a hellava ride.
    Michael Woodward is allowing companies to set hours for work and contracts to allow the companies to bind people to a contract without any garantees,and people will be bound to be on hand when they decide, no work sometimes but no get our clause to get another job, slavery is coming up just as One World Order means it to be.
    And no one is prepared to do anything.we all wait for someone else to make a move.
    Key is getting money from every angle ,preparing to leave for Hawaii where he has purchased a 6.5 million dollar mansion,he says for diplomat ,buti expect he will be able to settle down in it and say job done,and look back at NZ and say suckers,they trusted me but im the last one they should have trusted.
    Donald Trump as president will be acceptable to OWO because he is luminati.
    This could be just a scenario ,and nothing else,but be prepared all this scheming and spying and lies, and wars to control other countries has happened,we have seen it . The Rothchilds started it decades ago,
    The Jews don’t like Christians,not all Jews of course just the nasty ones.this circumstance we find ourselves in is nothing to do with religion,but money and control.

    I doubt this will get published,its a bit scary to comprehend. if next wed comes and goes and nothing happens no one will be relieved more than me.
    I think people are aware of something. there is increasing anxiety in the air,but there is a greater power than the illuminati, and that power will guide us.

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