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  1. Saving Syria

    “The Russians have once again thrown Washington a lifeline to rescue Obama from his administration’s catastrophic policies in Syria. After years of demanding forced regime change and watching the rise of Islamic State, can the official groupthink in Washington finally accept defeat and embrace Putin’s offer?

    CrossTalking with Sami Ramadani, Abdel Bari Atwan, and Daniel McAdams.”

  2. i have been thinking who is the nearest we have got to jeremy corbyn – not in who out of current crew is most likely to deliver corbynomics – but who is nearest to corbyn the person/politician..

    ..and if you are looking for authenticity and consistancy – and a life-long commitment to deeply unfashionable at the time politics..

    ..i’ve just tweeted out that you surely couldn’t go past keith locke..could ya..? actually surprised me when he he is a very fit/full of vigor man..(has been flashing the cycling-clips since cycling itself was deeply unfashionable.)…and i thought he lots of gas left in his tank..

    (and just the fact the spooks have been spying on him since he was a him bulk street-cred with ‘the kids’ of today..)’s a thought..!…maybe he should join the labour party..?

    ..(just saying..!..)

    • +1 Phil.
      cos James seems to be cuddling up to all that ‘efficiency and effectiveness’ the Natzis proffer and pretend (and that new/pragmetuk/fushinchupbrigade Labour betrayed us all with).

      Btw …. if Labour’s sellouts are today’s CHARDONNAY socialists [so-shlusts] (albeit with New World and Countdown offering loss leader stocks jugling for position with the various boutique offerings from the Woirapa and Marlbra), what the fuck are we going to label ‘New Greens”?

  3. ‘Op Nimr: Anonymous targets Saudi websites as teen awaits crucifixion for ‘anti-govt activities’ ‘

    “Hacktivist group Anonymous has called out Saudi Arabia for its horrific human rights record by attacking the Gulf kingdom’s government websites. The attack is in response to the upholding of a death sentence handed down to 17-year-old Mohammed al-Nimr.

    Earlier in September, Nimr’s final appeal to the Saudi courts was dismissed, and his sentence of death by crucifixion for alleged anti-government activities in 2012 can now be carried out at any moment.

    ( …and jonkey nact is friends with Saudi Arabia?!)

  4. Someone! please explain to me how wrong I am…..
    I look at the Green Party who I have supported in lieu of Labour going bad.
    I even acted as a scrutineer at the last election (where btw…. Labour didn’t even show up)
    I witness
    – then absence of MT (coleader) in the media so that Aro Valley James can front. …… fair dues – he needs to build a profile
    – I’ve worked in that corporate banking world myself witnessing wankers (under the duress of having to pay a mortgage and bringing up a family). Similarlry, I’ve also seen first hand how adherents of a concern for public values are persuaded to buy into the neo-lib bullshit. Sometimes they’ve never experienced anything else, other times the just liked the idea of American Express Gold and the trimmings that cam with it – certain African dictators and former NZ trade unionists alike.
    – I witness daily – the complete and utter kaka of those professing left wing values selling out – on a horizontal left-right and verticle despot-non-despot axis of course possums. (One such instance, above, but another comment I met in passing that mentioned something about Greens wanting redundant rail (and even not-so-redundant rail) being converted to cyclways – CleanGreen perhaps?)
    – somewhere else another comment do do with ‘consultants and self-proclaimed experts (I have Paula Rebstock in mind here) are not to be trusted.
    – I witness various folk supporting the idea of a market driven emissions trading scheme (scheme is fucking right!). AND after we’ve all witnessed various market failures. But all that in favour of a tax on polluting assholes and making polluters cleaning up their shit!
    Pardon the cynicism…. but ffs MT and Greens. Front the fuck up soon.
    If not, I afraid I’ll have to assume yet another post baby boomer free-marketeer has managed a hijack

  5. Sorry to see The Daily Blog has suddenly become such a toxic environment for Green supporters. Seems no one is remembering that Green Party supporters are a significant part of its readership.

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