Will Rachel Glucina destroy TV3s credibility the way she destroyed the NZ Herald?


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Glucina’s new torment vehicle has started poorly. 4 days after launching her news editor has quit.

The question now must be asked, Will Rachel Glucina destroy TV3s credibility the way she destroyed the NZ Herald?

The Press council ruling against the manner in which Glucina got her story from Amanda Bailey was one of the most critical they have ever handed down. The NZ Herald’s real journalists have felt betrayed and the credibility of the NZ Herald has been blemished forever.

Will Glucina do the same to TV3’s already tarnished reputation?

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I say tarnished because when the TV3 management told reporters that news ratings was the only thing that mattered and when they killed Campbell Live off for political reasons, they lost almost all their news credibility.

Will Glucina rob them of what remains?


Let’s consider.

Glucina pretended to be a ‘journalist’ to get access to a woman abused by the PM to put a political slant on the story, while communicating with the PMs Office while her brother worked for the cafe while the cafe owners were talking to the PM. She is part of Slater’s Dirty Politics team, she starts a tawdry gossip site that is given the first 5minutes before the TV3 news to promote its crap, the same TV3 that got a sweet $43million loan from the government at a rate it couldn’t get on the open market. The TV3 headed by a new management team who are best friends with John Key and who moved – using Rachel as a rumour vehicle – to end Campbell Live, the only TV journalist who was making the National Government’s job difficult.

Actually, when you add all that up, TV3 has no credibility left for Glucina to damage.

You can boycott TV3 here. 


    • Agreed. The Nation yesterday was a DISGRACE. TV3 had an agenda, their agenda was obvious, and the whole thing was a fiasco.

      Trying to manufacture as “news” a headline that Winston was gunning to be PM, when his party is a distant third (5.5%) in the polls, with the Greens way ahead in second place (15%). At that rate, Winnie does not even deserve to be Deputy PM, but to do a jack-up story that he might be wanting to be PM, that was ridiculous!

  1. I found it fascinating that the origin of the word glucina is: New Latin glucina, the former name of beryllium oxide, from Greek glukus sweet + -in ; alluding to the sweet taste of some of the toxic salts..

    How very appropriate…

  2. The comments on the Fairfax site are priceless; http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/72030240/mediaworks-staff-turn-on-scout-rachel-glucinas-new-gossip-site

    I note the comments section is now closed (but you can still vote). Obviously the level of people’s displeasure was positively toxic.

    There is hope for this country yet.

    As for my 10 cents plus 15% GST worth? I no longer watch TV3 news or ‘Story’ or 3D or whatever else they shovel out in broadcasts. It’ll be US-style children’s glamour shows (aka respectable kiddie porn), bestiality, and Mike Hosking picking his nose next…

    Ratings rule.

    • Frank, I haven’t followed TV3 since the last episode of Campbell Live. I refuse to even look at the new shows because it’s not even worth my time. I don’t follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or check the website. TV3 journalism used to be at least somewhat respectable, but ever since the new management took over it’s gone up shit creek so fast you’d think the canoe had a motor. I don’t even bother watching The Simpsons on Four. Why would I when I have the DVDs of seasons 1-10?

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