Is the Whale Oil beached?



Sad news for dear old Cameron. Our favourite recidivist criminal has been found guilty of contempt of court in his defamation case that Matthew Blomfield has taken against him.

The full story of the case between Matthew Blomfield and Slater is here and the vile means which Slater decided to destroy Blomfield’s life by publishing stolen emails is as ugly as it is hypercritical in light of how Slater screamed victim over his own emails being hacked and handed to Nicky Hager.

Can anyone read Fisher’s story and not throw up a little? It’s pretty grim stuff and is simply sadistic cruelty for mere kicks.

Matt Blomfield was beaten bloody. A shotgun blast ringing in his ears. Blows from the stock of the weapon splitting skin to send blood running down his face.

It was a horrifying attack at home. His children were watching. One stood at the window as her father grappled with the intruder. The other sought shelter in the house, seeking safety from the armed man who brought violence to their home.

Blomfield had fought off the attacker, fiercely enough that police later found blood from which they took DNA.

There is no justification for anyone to be beaten in front of their children like a dog in the street. Incredible that Blomfield’s stolen emails and the long fight for justice he has suffered at the hands of Slater doesn’t seem to get anywhere near the speed of Justice Slater has enjoyed. Blomfield has been fighting for 2 years to get Police to move on his stolen emails and he has been beaten in front of his family, Slater on the other hand has an investigative journalist’s house raided within 36 days of making his complaint.

Blomfield’s departure from Hell Pizza wasn’t pleasant. There were accusations, ill-feeling and an eventual falling out with those who had been friends – Hell Pizza director Warren Powell, his PA Amanda Easterbrook and Powell’s friend Marc Spring.

The depth of feeling is captured in emails held on a file in the Manukau District Court, where Blomfield is suing Slater for defamation. Filed in support of Blomfield’s claims, the emails show Easterbook arranging a meeting between herself, Slater, Spring and a liquidator in April 2012 for what was called “Operation Bumslide”.

In a chain of emails between them, there was a joke about Blomfield being raped and one in which Spring made disparaging sexual remarks about Blomfield’s wife Rebecca. Spring did not return calls.

Easterbrook did not want to comment beyond saying: “Just because you’re copied in on something doesn’t mean you agree with it.”

About that time, Facebook messages apparently hacked from Slater’s computer and supplied to the Herald, show him forecasting a “big story”. He told one confidante it “involves Hell pizza, a g[u]y called Matt Blomfield” and a lawyer. “I’ve got him on money laundering, cheque fraud,” wrote Slater.

Blomfield alleges Operation Bumslide began to play out in early May 2012 when he became the focus of more than 100 articles posted to the Whaleoil site in a two-month period. Slater declared the beginning of an investigation based on the contents of a hard drive he had obtained on which were 10 years of Blomfield’s communications and personal records. There was no explanation about where it came from, but court documents would later allege Blomfield’s former business associates had given it to Slater.

In the weeks that followed, those court documents allege, Blomfield was described as being involved in “drugs, fraud, bullying, corruption, collusion, compromises, perjury, deception” along with being a “psychopath” and a “pathological liar” who loved “notoriety and extortion”.

Blomfield, who sued on the basis the claims were untrue, says he was puzzled over Slater’s interest: “I’d never heard of Whaleoil.” He says he wasn’t contacted before any post ran on the site but watched, initially incredulous then frustrated and finally strained, as the blog painted a picture of someone he says has no resemblance to himself.

“There were stories of me committing every crime you can imagine. I felt like the only thing Cameron Slater hadn’t accused me of is killing someone. The time and energy it takes from someone is very hard to deal with.

“There were only so many people I could sit down with and walk them through the story and say what had actually happened. You’re never going to match the reach of Cameron Slater.”

The apparently hacked Facebook messages show the blogger appealed to media interest in his Blomfield posts. In May, after the campaign began, one Facebook correspondent asked Slater: “Any journos taken you up on your offer?”

“Not yet,” the blogger replied. Journalists were “lazy”, he said.

…there was NEVER any public interest in what Slater did to Blomfield, that’s why Slater lost his case in Court when he tried to pretend he was a Journalist to gain legal source protection against Blomfield’s defamation case. Getting slammed for contempt is just the latest blow to Slater, rumours are that he has also missed dates to have paper work into the Court for this defamation case and it’s due to start again early November.

Meanwhile Colin Craig, a person Slater was crowing about a month ago would never see the threat of defamation through, has served him papers and talking to people close to that case, Slater is toast. You can tell how frightened Slater is of the Colin Craig case because he keeps saying in every blog he writes that Colin is going to have many things exposed because he’s going ahead with his defamation action. What Slater has miscalculated with his usual ham fisted attempt to shove Colin aside from the leadership is that he’s backed Colin into a corner where all he can do is take legal action. Cam has made a raft of allegations which he will need to prove in Court, I have serious doubts he will be able to do that.

Then of course there is the investigation by the Police that Slater paid a hacker to try and hack The Standard.

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The only thing more unbelievable than the sheer hypocrisy of a wolf who cries boy are the readers of his blog who keep giving him thousands of dollars each month to fund his legal fees when he’s the one so out of line.

If he does go down, many on the right, the PM included, will be sweating the super nova Slater will unleash when he gets taken out.

It’s taking a long time, but Slater’s reckoning seems to be getting closer and closer.


  1. …fraud, bullying, corruption, collusion, compromises, perjury, deception” along with being a “psychopath” and a “pathological liar” who loved “notoriety and extortion”.

    Sounds like Slater is describing himself? Especially the “who loved “notoriety and extortion” bit.

      • Yes, also not to forget that John Key openly admitted to regular communication with this character. Talk about a foul brood roosting together.

    • “drugs, fraud, bullying, corruption, collusion, compromises, perjury, deception” along with being a “psychopath” and a “pathological liar”

      Sounds also like Slater not only described himself but the 48 % who voted for yankee doodle psycho jonky-stien .
      Gutter press needs a gutter market. That market is the New Zealand public.
      I watched a delivery man snarling and sneering at those kids trying ( Albeit symbolically ) to gain access to the Ministry of etc etc in Wellington re the TPP text. He was full of contempt and hatred for those fuckin’ hippies makin’ a fuss.
      Please , for Gods sake TDB . T Shirts, bumper stickers, business cards ( Free from Vista Print ) . Market the Light Side. Give people a place to go when it gets Dark. Most people whom I talk to but would love to find out, connect, involve, and make a difference by having their opinions voiced have never heard of TDB .
      Fucking slater is everywhere like black mould. There he is with tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber , smiling like a serial killer about to get to torturing.
      On the matter of the Show us your Text ? The crowd of people who were trying to gain entry into their ministry looked more like a busy bus stop of people . There were a scant few souls looking afraid. The police interestingly had no appetite for roughing up kids and I know because I talked to a few of them.
      I don’t need to point out that our democracy, our government is by us and for us . Not them. Not Slater etc. So to augment change you must engage the people FIRST !

    • Sounds awfully like Shonkey also Frank.

      Maybe Slater can be one to spill the beans on keyster also?

      “fraud, bullying, corruption, collusion, compromises, perjury, deception” along with being a “psychopath” and a “pathological liar” who loved “notoriety and extortion”.

      • Cleangreen, you can guarantee once the mentally fragile greasy whale is cornered and challenged, he will squeal like a banshee, spilling the beans on FJK, Collins et al. It won’t be pretty.

  2. The problem is, when you are surrounded by low life, and are one yourself, you assume everyone else is pond sucking scum like you.

  3. Yankee Doodle Key with Whale Spew and Kiwi Bog I couldn’t think of a nicer threesome to have a long lunch or dinner with. There would be some severe ranting about the dangerous left wing elements in society. The NZ equivalent of the US Tea Party, god help this country if we have another three years of the Natzi Party!!!

  4. Anyone who has dealings with John Key gets contaminated,MPs ,Slater ,and all his nasty cronies. Slater is on his own now,if John Key goes in to bat for him,it will go badly for both.
    Slater has been blinded by being praised for his nasty behaviour, anyone who was associated with him must be very apprehensive now, and so they should be,it might all be too much for Slater to cope with ,he should name names for his own sake ,he has been used and dosnt realise it.

    • 1000% Elle,

      The “converts” such as Stater should be due to his being the fall guy, are the best at exposing the dark underside of Planet Key.

      He would become folk hero if he just opened the Pandora’s box and rid the NZ of them so we can return to a caring society we were before.

  5. When I look at these three faces, I wonder if anyone else feels sick to their stomach that a leader and two in the journo world are so far out in left field – so biased and out of touch with the people of NZ.

    Are any of us that brain dead and manipulated in this country to still want to support the likes of these three power hungry idiots ?

    They are full of smarmy bias and the kind of lack of ethics that makes us want to shiver and expose their nonsense more and more. Glad to hear that Whale oil big belly is being brought to a bit of justice. Just wish the other two could be taken off their high horses as well. We can only hope. We need better leaders and better journos in this country. So much macho ego and deceptive game playing in their smiles that it makes you want to barf.
    Makes you think of the term – I will scratch your back if you scratch mine.
    In fact, it looks like that’s what is happening in this photo. Ha Ha

  6. Slater’s been compromised, too exposed to be the right-wing media attack dog, because of calling Christchurch people “scum” and West Coasters “feral” (among his other Fox-style-rants). He got his arse kicked by Jesse Ryder, a working class cricketer, who was set upon by ‘Key-types’ in Merivale. Slater also embarrassed Key and Collins and the Nats through his email leaks.

    Time to put lipstick on the bulldog (or bitch, if the name fits). Rachel Glaucima seems to be the new right-wing hater du jour. We’ve now got an erstaz woman hater, who threw Amanda Bailey, victim of John Key’s tugging to the media wolves the right-wing sludge-fest is restored.

    So, a whale-vomit, has been replaced by a dog-breath (as she’s called in polite circles).

    You can change the zoo, but you can’t change the animals.

  7. So in one corner of the ring we have Farrar and Slater not only writing glowing reports of the Likkud Party but also being invited to Israel and being wined and dined and put up in hotels at the Israeli govts expense…

    In the other corner of the ring we have the groomed and selected ‘soft face ‘ of the National Party following the harshness of Don Brash – this John Key who had no qualms whatsoever being the right hand man of Andrew Kreiger who pulled off the greatest Forex heist in history against this country New Zealand…

    Both pro American hegemony economically and politically and both pro Israel.

    Both pro neo liberalism , and in Keys case – an installed operative for instigating the American drawn up TTPA.

    John Key and Cameron Slater .

    USA and Israel.

    Cameron Slater and John Key.

    Israel and USA .

    John Key and USA .

    Cameron Slater and Israel.

    John Key and Israel.

    Cameron Slater and USA.


    Zionist Extremism.


    • And when Shonkey secretly slips away to attend again the annual meeting of the most powerful global Illuminati “club” “The Bilderberg Group”, will Shonkey demand secretly his reward for selling NZ to them? You bet he will.

      Maybe he will request Bilderberg Group top brass to catapult him into a powerful world stage job, in the world bank or IMF or perhaps even the (OWG) One world Government, run from either EU or UN?

      This creep never did anything for free, just wait and see.

      “In times of international deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” By George Orwell – from his 1949 book “1984”

      Also known as the ILLUMINATI, these elite stay under the radar screen secretly pushing the world toward globalism. They have become a corrupt mafia-like criminal cabal probably worth many – and I mean many trillions of dollars. The Jewish ancestry Rothschild family based in the City of London may be worth $500 trillion.

      These power elite have owned and controlled and the Federal Reserve Bank (and other sovereign banks) ever since they connived to bring the FED into existence back in 1913. The elite have been lending to both sides of warring nations since the Napoleonic era and getting mega rich in the process. The Money Power elite always steer toward bigger government and more pervasive rules and regulations using the Hegelian dialectic. The more market manipulation and disruption chaos – the better. These evil evasive elite engineer events worldwide on an “ORWELLIAN” path which suits their world domination goal of BIG BROTHER.

      To these criminal megalomaniacs any subterfuge is OK – including the deaths of over 150 million people IN ALL THE WARS in the 20th Century. Why? Well, the elite have fostered all the wars as smokescreens for taking our freedom and to get rich loaning money at usurious rates to both sides of warring factors. How many more souls will die in the 21st Century at the elite’s hands in the their contrived inflation and now a deflation leading to the Greater Deflationary Depression and phony war in Iran leading to a possible phony World War Three?

      This subversion of the world led by Masonic Labour Zionists and their co-conspirators is really happening. On your watch!

      The elite (sabotage) promote, steer and engineer the world toward chaos and turmoil using the “Hegelian dialectic” – a two solution mantra – in their wholly-owned press. The elite’s scheme is to always foster in the end a solution that leads to bigger more invasive government or better yet anything which leads to bigger one world government. At the same time, morals, family, education and liberty are purposely degraded and eroded in their dastardly takeover plot. See: Agenda 21 Scheme – if you don’t believe me.

      • When the Mount of Olives in Israel is split in two during mankind’s last and final limited tactical nuclear war involving the east and the west…

        No amount of elitism will save them then.

  8. @Winnie….You lefties should leave Ms Glaucima alone. I think it’s CLS Clark-loss-syndrome. You lot were so gutted when Helen Clark deserted you, that you just can’t stand to have another strong woman on top. Look at the way you lot have treated Judith Collins, Paula Bennett and Louise Upton.

    And let’s face it, Ms Glaucima is the perfect advocate for the policies of the centre. More rights for women, beneficiaries; stiffer penalties for wife-beaters and abusers; a fair wage for a fair day’s work and pay equality. And let’s face it, even the hajib and burka, prevent women from getting sunburn from too much UV exposure.

    It’s a no-brainer really. Key and Glaucima stand for women.

    • Here here – and three cheers for the Ministry of Silly Walks as well.

      Because Ms Glaucoma would certainly feature in all her credibility as a journalist in any classic Monty Python sketch as well.

      As would the Key – stone cops activity’s of the current pony tail pulling eccentricities of the current joke Prime Minister , John Key.

      Although ,…it must be admitted… it would have been mildly amusing if it were not repeated misogynistic common assault , workplace harassment and serious abuse of power by which the judiciary in this country are too cowed to take this serious joke of a Prime Minister to court.

      That’s when it ceases to be funny at all.

    • Are you for real – See More – or are you a secret troll or a secret anonymous politician ” want to be” seeing not much of the truths and the realities beyond the propaganda ? ?
      Bet you are heavily corporate bound and/or work for the Natzi govt ?

      Yeh – Key stands for women as he pulls their pony tail when she communicated that she did not like it. He is a ” corporation in disguise of a man ” – not my quote. Are you not aware of his and Helen’s history and hidden agendas and questionable allies ? Take some time and check out some of the good links that good folks put up on this site.
      YEH – we really trust and respect the likes of Crusher and Paula etc. and their blind faith in a train wreck of a government. This country and those needy in her are far worse off with these elitist power hungry women ( and white wealthy men ) making decisions. Are you and they so out of touch with the majority of citizens in this country right now ? Do you really believe every word out of Stephen Joyce’s mouth ? Sounds like it.

      Again, I feel that — WE ARE MANY — and you all are very much fewer than you think !
      If Iceland and England can clean up their homes a bit, WE CAN TOO ! !
      WE just need to replace leaders like those in AUS and NZ with ethical and honest people who are not owned by the greedy criminal banksters and criminal corporations. Then our media will also not be owned and we can get more good journos instead of the above two biased idiots.

    • David See-more, – Seymour

      “You lefties should leave Ms Glaucima alone”

      You should get and see-more, you are suffering from tunnel vision.

    • Hahahahaha ah…. @ See-More . You should really chose your words more carefully. You talk of no-brainers ! Oh , the irony ! Hahahhahahaaha aa a !

    • Maybe you should do a little more research around here first.

      Not too many think of Helen Clarke as a saviour of the left.

      Glaucoma is nowhere near the centre. She’s a neo-liberal far right winger.

      I’m guessing you are too because it’s a favourite trick of neolibs to call their free market right wing bullshit as “centre”.

      Centre is where Corbyn and Sanders are… 🙂

  9. it would be a mistake to tag Slater oil’s fortunes too closely to dear leader’s even though ShonKey has obviously put distance between himself and his previous late night phone “bestie” after public exposure of Nats and Slater’s dirty tricks

    Slater has tory/pyscho DNA and is embedded at the top level (heh) of Nat society, and till they shovel in the dirt he will support his capitalist enablers as they will him in his legal travails

  10. Have tried to go to whale oil blog to see what he is saying and it is crashing all the time so somebody is playing new games with server and he isn’t squealing to news media this time so think everyone is now giving him a fairly wide berth. He appears to be no longer protected and is being left to sink! I would imagine next change of phones the dear leader will not be giving him the new number.

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