How desperate is The Nation on TV3 for attention?



I don’t watch The Nation. Now we know the TV3 management are biased towards the National Party and hire the female whaleoil to have 5minutes before the news each night and killed off Campbell Live for political reasons, it’s obvious that TV3 are part of the problem of voters being misinformed, and have nothing to do with the solution.

It doesn’t stop The Nation trying to gain attention though. They send out their links each weekend to friendly blog sites (not this one) in the desperate attempt to try and create some social media traction, but why bother watching when you know it’s just propaganda for the National Party?

Watch the homicidal chipmunk on a meth bender with a machine gun that is Patrick Gower consistently interrupt Andrew Little in a way he never does with his masters in the National Party…

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…the bias of TV3 is now as apparent as Fox News. I’d rather listen to Radio Live while drinking sulphuric acid.

You can boycott TV3 here.


  1. TV3=Fox News.

    Like the homicidal chipmunk comment, I am sure Paddy Gower could eat sweetcorn through a tennis raquet no problem at all.

    • Face like a dropped pie which then got stamped on out of frustration.

      As for his attitude – only a mother could love that.

  2. TV3=Fox News.

    Like the homicidal chipmunk comment, I am sure Paddy Gower could eat sweetcorn through a tennis racquet no problem at all.

    • Yes we could do worse than boycott TV3 we could take it over?

      Cant we raise some global fundraising beginning now?

      This should be for a truly open global media network like RT is but wrongly and sadly aligned to Russia (by USA) but a good channel at the same time.

      This new free speech Channel needs to be placed from here in NZ.

      We need to start fundraising now don’t we to have the publically free speech channel up and running for the 2017 election?

      • I’m with Cleany – a hostile takeover must be possible somehow. I mean does everything have to follow the rules that favour the status quo? Revolution anyone?

        • How about you get a bunch of lime minded lefties together and pool your money and BUY either the TV Station or the entire Media works business. Why is that too difficult for you to organize?

          • How about you get a bunch of lime minded lefties together and pool your money and BUY either the TV Station or the entire Media works business. Why is that too difficult for you to organize?

            So tell us Gos… why do you post here?

            Why don’t you set up your own blogsite? Why is that too difficult for you to organize?

            • I post here for a number if reasons. One is to ensure this doesn’t become a conspiracy theory dominated echo chamber. It is called valance Frank. I thought you would be cool with that.

              • If indeed that’s true, I suggest that you ditch your comment template of:
                epithet broad generalisation epithet unreferenced claim epithet logical fallacy epithet

                And, replace it with something worth engaging with that might actually make us rock back on our heels and think, “shit he’s got a point there”.

                Tip: telling us we’re wrong definitely makes us think we’re right

  3. Most recent The Nation shows us why we have stopped watching it. So pro John Key and so obvious. Biased journalists rudely and subtly attacking Andrew Little and not really allowing him to speak and they are unaware of the obvious bias and disrespect to anyone non-Natz.

    Used to be we had some good current news and interviews shows on radio and TV but no more now for the most part.

    And Paddy Gower seemed pleased with his interviews and not aware that many of us are disgusted with his pro Natz bias and trying to control the flow of his interviews way too much. He needs to be put out to pasture as well. We deserve better.

    • Yes sadly when Little gave an answer to “just one thing you have done since being leader” Gower did not like the answer, so went about asking the same question over and over again. Clearly Gower’s an idiot if he believes that’s political journalism.
      I did note the same could not be said of the questions to Joyce. Clearly National set down a terms of reference before appearing on this show. And Weldon will obey like the lapdog he is. Unlike when Campbell Live was on air and the real questions were asked, National ministers refused to go on air because the likelihood was of them being caught with their pants down.

      • I agree and feel that most of the journos on Channel one and three
        are so full of themselves and feel like such authorities and it smells so like Fox news. Info tainment propaganda machines serving their masters to control what the people hear and believe.

        It would be laughable if it were not so true and disheartening.
        We are still boycotting both channels and only get feedback from friends as to the continued lack of quality programming and biased news and biased journalists. Keep up the boycott !

    • Why don’t opposition Leaders and MP’s simply boycott The Nation until it offers some balanced coverage? By appearing on this show, opposition MP’s guarantee the shows future. Cease and desist and watch it implode!

  4. Good comparison between TV3 becoming Fox News, first with the removal of the publics only political watch dog when Campbell Live was axed from our screens now TV3 now under complete media censorship only to benefit the National Party.
    Although, when has media not been used as a propaganda puppet in order to suit the political views of those in power? and has this boycott against TV3 only come about because it all comes back to Key and the Nats?

    • Fox News is no comparison. Fox lets on left-wing guests, has a popular following, and doesn’t hide its right-wing bias like TV3 pathetically tries to do. Also Fox has multiple local stations (radio and tv), some are more liberal than others. It also does great ratings wise. TV3 is on the block with crap ratings, and a few hundred thousand channel switchers that aren’t really interested in watching it. Probably they switch channels to skip the adverts on TV1.

  5. This mornings effort was especially offensive-while Gower ragged mercilessly on Andrew Little,he turned around and gave Winston Peters a respectful courteous interview-which luckily Winnie didnt buy and laughed and called Patrick “unbelievable” at the end-then they all got together in a journo huddle and told each other how level minded they all were…SO amateur…..I only watched because al jazeera was so depressing….

  6. Little could not get a word in edgewise and Paddy did all of his interrupting in the most droning of voices, was that to put us off?
    Then he became animated and courteous with David Seymour. The Nation justified it by saying Little had twice as long as Mr 0% but did not admit that was because Gower needed the extra interruption time.
    Fast forward to this morning on QandA with Katie Bradford and Jacinda Adern, excellent interview, it was about the interviewee not the interviewer, well done.

  7. ” homicidal chipmunk ” HaHAAHAHAHha aha ahh ahahaaa ! Fuck that’s funny .

    ” Face like a dropped pie” ! Genius .

    All one has to ask of one’s self is this . How much does Paddy Gower get paid ?

    More than better that and he’d be berating jonky in a heart beat.

    Does Labour not have the readies to pay Gunner Gower to turn coat?

    I bet they do , so it begs the question…

    Jonky and Big Little concurring on flag designs ?

    Rat stink, meet nostrils ?

    • Brilliant COUNTRYBOY,

      Looking out my farmhouse window at the driving S/E rain (WASHING MY CLOTHES LEFT ON THE RACK TO DRY) and the temperature gauge saying it’s only 4 degrees C so maybe we will get some snow again today.

      So wincing at this I turn towards TDB (the daily blog) and read your blog and burst out laughing.

      Thanks for this when everything is so gloomy. “Rat stink, meet nostrils ?” – is what got me going and is your best yet.

  8. Shooting themselves in the foot.
    Good riddance, to all the propaganda, I say.
    Switch off and THEY LOSE THEIR POWER!

  9. TV3 wanted the ‘free market’, and in the ‘free market’ not every viewer in the world is a right-wing sociopath. TV3 should realize by now that dumping their token ‘liberal’ sealed their ratings drop, as there are only enough right-wing viewers for one channel, and right-wingers have chosen TV1.

  10. Paddy Gower needs to go back to Journalism School for a refresher course on interviewing techniques, he is lucky Little didn’t whack him-clown!!!

  11. TDB better than any TV or Newspaper needs to be promoted more to mainstream NZ, we need to motivate the 1.0 million voters who did not vote and I bet most would not be voting National?

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