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  1. I’d suggest you take off moderation on this thread as otherwise you will be lucky to get more the 5 or 6 comments.

  2. Don’t know if anybody is going to do some digging around this?

    The Masterton woman who’s been pinged for pretty massive benefit fraud. The judge has decided that it’s no longer necessary for a woman on the DPB to be in a sexual relationship with a feller or for them to be co-habitating, it’s down to the “emotional” connection. Good lord. So, is it better for your children if you avoid all contact with their father/mother as they case may be if you’re the primary caregiver, lest you get mightily charged with claiming a benefit under false pretences? Yes, they should have declared if they were sharing costs, but isn’t it healthier for everyone involved if they do share costs?
    I’m seriously worried about the kind of precedence this case could be setting. Cripes this country just freaks me right out sometimes, I don’t get the logic at all. To me, this is institutional misogyny and I’m thoroughly disturbed by it. Hopefully more details will emerge, it just looks very skewed against the defendant in this article, to my mind.

  3. Message from Penny Bright…over on The Standard ( Open Mike)


    Exposing corruption at local government level in NZ!

    Monday 14 September 2015

    TIME: 9pm

    Face TV
    Sky Channel 83

    • @ ELLE – And Turnbull has proved himself an idiot already, before even starting in the job as Australian PM. He states FJK and his sidekick Blinglish, are politicians to be emulated!!!!! Give me strength!

      The fool is having a laugh, surely?

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