TDB Political Caption Competition




  1. [UK Labour Party Ministers] “Enjoy your victory Jeremy but as soon as we can stab you in the back and return the party back to the neoliberalism mandated by our paymasters, we will”.

  2. At long last, the light of progress and prosperity for the good ordinary folk of the UK. Next the rest of the world.

  3. Just occaisonally these days, you see democracy at work. Funny how those colleagues also elected by the very same process, cant cope. This has some way to go yet.

  4. “Friends, downtrodden, countrymen, lend me your ears, we are going on a long spiritual journey, long live the faith”

  5. Our day will come ,Cameron says Corbyn is a threat to security ,too right! a threat to Cameron and his ilke.
    Where is NZs Corbyn?
    Watch your back Mr Corbyn , men of the people are a threat to the 1% and they will not tolerate opposition. Dirty tricks will operate ,be aware.

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