Big announcement on TDB Wednesday 16th



The Daily Blog will be announcing a big event on Wednesday 16th.


    • I’ve found that The Daily Blog keeps disappearing on my smart phone which I like to use to read it at home. There must be some sort of technical problem as this doesn’t happen to other web pages

    • Hope so Elle.

      “A tabloid newspaper to compete with the herald I hope.”

      Hope we also get John Campbell as a regular contributor?

  1. Bomber’s daily digest on prime-time tv; comedy with bite; take no prisoners satire- anything to mess up the masses please!

  2. Can only be a positive, if it’s to do with TDB 🙂

    John Campbell coming over to contribute alongside the great contributors already here perhaps? Yes please 🙂

  3. ” The Daily Blog and its supporters were not at the ‘ Show Us Your Txt ‘ protest rally in Wellington because ….. “

    • The tabletalk was the big announcement? disappointed but pleased Campbell is involved. We need more action less talk ,don’t look at me. I just think Key is so blatent now , hes getting away with everything.

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