MediaWorks hire the female whaleoil – their descent is complete



Rachel Glucina with National’s polling agent and online mouthpiece – David Farrar.


Hiring the female whaleoil  means MediaWorks descent is complete.

The appalling manner in which Rachel was allowed to disgrace the journalistic ethics of the Herald hasn’t stopped her gaining a position with MediaWorks, if anything it’s helped her.

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Rachel was a vocal attack dog for TV3 Management when she started her campaign against Campbell Live. Being fed gossip and complaints helped her fashion their public attack on Campbell Live.

We had hoped that the internet would force the mainstream media to lift their game. The ability to criticise their work in real time was supposed to democratise the news so that the news gatekeepers performed better. It hasn’t turned out that way. Conglomerates now simply recycle content in small bubbles, so that TV3s Celebrity becomes NZ Herald’s lead story becomes The Edge’s morning interview becomes Paul Henry’s topic of the day. Clickbait is what rates, not a broadening of opinion and more diverse voices joining the mix, if anything the mainstream media is worse now than before.

Rachel’s new online gossip show is the warped commercial reality of todays media companies. Clickbait shlock interwoven with hard right bias to an audience with the critical abilities of hungry children shown ice cream.

It looks like Rachel pretended to be a PR person helping a business write a press release to gain access to a waitress who had been bullied more than 10 times at her place of work by the Prime Minister while consulting with the PMs Office. It resulted in a twisted story claiming Amanda Bailey had a particular bent on politics so was probably just axe grinding rather than being victimised by the Prime Minister.

How that kind manipulation and perverse ethics colours a network who have already stated that News is simply about ratings and who killed off Campbell Live for political reasons isn’t a difficult question to answer.

It colours that network a villainous black.

This is why we need a properly funded public broadcaster. These kind of warped market mechanics is the exact sort of media we don’t want and don’t need.



    • If you look closely….
      if you look really closely….
      Rachel looks like she’s been cloned or morphed from another infamous cetacean right-wing blogger. Almost like Frizzell’s ‘Mickey to Tiki’

      And Orwell put it best in the last lines of Animal Farm:

      “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  1. Mediaworks = the Fox “News” of NZ, with the ethics of the English tabloid gutter press.

    The rest of the NZ lamestream media in hot pursuit in the spiraling down of their race to the bottom… of the sewer, that is.

  2. “scout” will likely take over trash can rifling and undie sniffing duties for the Nats while the slightly chastised Slater oil catches up on his legal briefs

    scout does not look promising yet leading with “Hosko” vacuuming his Ferrari on a Remmers St, the piece was mocked by a Hilary Barry tweet showing her vacuuming her more modest vehicle

  3. Mediaworks scraping the barrel for sludge, they found Rachel.
    John Key will be pleased he may give her a bit of ribbon for her hair to make a ponytail he can fondle.

  4. In case you missed it the TV3 are turning on her in spades – not sure that she will survive the website is tired, lame and full of Auckland no ones!

  5. This is why we need a properly funded public broadcaster. These kind of warped market mechanics is the exact sort of media we don’t want and don’t need.

    I was chatting with someone in Australia last week. They watched ABC TV for their news and current affairs. We got to discussing the difference between Australia and New Zealand; Australia has three non-commercial/State ABC channels and three non-commercial/State SBS channels.

    We have one commercialised, nominally State-owned, broadcaster.

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