Next set of Serco allegations to be worse



As TDB first reported back in July, the allegations of wrong doing within Serco are set to get worse.

Kelvin Davis has met inside prison with prisoners and the list of abuse is immense. Expect him to start dropping them in Parliament during question time over the coming weeks.

The whitewash report into the allegations at Serco follow previous unpublished reports that highlighted concerns going back over a year. Why haven’t THOSE reports been released and when will they?

Serco are looking now at Rail and social housing. God only knows how a private corrupt corporation will manage safety on trains and housing going by their failure in prisons.

The ever brilliant Antony Loewenstein makes the point that Serco are only staying afloat because of their brutal Australian refugee camps…

British multinational Serco is in trouble. After years as the favoured outsourcer for public services in Britain and countless countries around the world, the latest figures show a financial crash of unprecedented proportions. The firm announced it is writing down its business value by nearly AU $3bn with no dividend for shareholders and a plea for an injection of a billion more dollars. This is a “bitter pill”, according to its chief executive Rupert Soames.

Revealingly, the corporation admitted that without its Australian detention network, its profit would have been even worse. In other words, imprisoning asylum seekers in poor conditions for extended periods of time in remote locations is good for business. Serco won the contract to manage all of Australia’s mainland facilities and Christmas Island in 2009 – I was part of a team that first published the contract between Serco and Canberra in 2011 – and the profits have soared ever since.

Those of us who have been campaigning against the privatisation of prisons were making these points over 6 years ago, it is sad that the media’s honeymoon with the Government has kept the deep problems here off the media agenda for so long. The reason no one cared about this is because NZers have built up such a media fuelled hatred of prisoners that their abuse has not registered at all as something we should even be informed of.

Stripping prisoners of their right to vote, abusing them and leaving them in poorly guarded environments where that abuse can become the norm should embarrass us. It will barely rate a mention during the Rugby World Cup coverage.

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  1. Yes Winnie,

    We picked that bit up about rail (see link below) and last week Bill English said they were not selling kiwirail?

    As bald faced lairs they always are we know NatZ operate in secrecy always under the same Charter rules rules they use at Bilderberg who are rulers, so they have hidden agendas right now well before they feild any plan to the press for a public reaction firstly.

    Rupert Soames-Serco is mired in many nasty issues abroad also and looks like a very nasty individual today when trying to overtalk the interview in the same manner as Steven Joyce-Goering did to Grant Robertson during the pre election Q+A interview.

    NatZ are teaming up with very nasty individuals here and the press needs to make NZ folks wake up to this now.
    If they are selling Welliton rail station and other assets to Serco why are they not allowing a lease of the Napier Gisborne line to HBRC?

    We have Manfreight boss Don Braid on email record saying he supports a reopening of the napier Gisborne rail, go ask him.

    Don Braid said on Q+A today that rail is so important to take the future truck expansion numbers off the highway network as they wont cope in future.

  2. What is up with sourcing services outside your own country?

    The MetService has confirmed it is vying for the multi-million pound weather forecasting contract on BBC TV.

    Is this all part of a ‘secret treaty’ where we give you one and you give us one back.
    serco ceo is winstone churchill’s moko, who seems to have trouble with the english language,
    after listening to him with Lisa Owen he was full of umm’s and arra’s and the ‘let me talk over you’ attitude so many elitists have.
    rupert kept quoting the fraudulent Corrections Exceptional Status,
    which they would never have had if they had told the truth about how many people have been injured then died, the drugs, fighting, contraband cameras in the Mount.

    Do we really want a company running our rail, prisons, etc,
    that has a history of under handed practices all over the world.
    NO we don’t.

    We need to run our own services with honest people in the driving seat,
    and that means corupt liars have to go as they have proved again and again, to fudge the stats for their own purpose of power.
    Greedy money makers, lying, with no thought of the little people of NZ who made and make this country, truly worth living in.

    Go home rupert and take serco with you.

  3. Why actually have a Government let Serco run the country.

    Obviously Key is not interested in doing anything properly.

  4. Hopefully there will be an official enquiry into this and Kelvin Davis can oversee it, after all it is mainly his people in Mt Eden Prison?

  5. Although sharing your misgivings over Serco, I would suggest you are wrong to paint this a Public v Private sector issue. Our own Dept of Corrections is facing huge problems of its own in prison management. Perhaps we should be looking at HOW we run our prisons rather than WHO runs them?

  6. It’s all a game
    they make it look as though he’s here about the prison,, I’m not buying it.
    Surely that’s a job for one of the minions.
    As for the opinion above about it being kelvins people in prison, we know that the indigenous are targeted and more often convicted and imprisoned unfairly so it’s a very unfair point to make!!!

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