You simply have to watch Professor Jane Kelsey rip Mike Hosking to pieces over the TPPA


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One of the problems of having a right wing mainstream media that has simply become an echo chamber for the hosts’s ego is that when the host goes up against someone on the Left who actually knows their stuff, they get ripped to shreds.

You simply have to watch Professor Jane Kelsey rip Mike Hosking to pieces over the TPPA.

Jane destroys Mike Hosking and he comes across like a spoilt talkback host who only ever speaks with people who agree with him.


For me, this interview that has the 7pm host of the State Broadcaster destroyed in less than 10 minutes highlights all that is currently wrong with political shows in NZ. The  lack of diversity within the panel shows and guests invited onto these shows leads to unchallenged myths accepted as fact.

Progressive voices that actually challenge the status quo are rarely seen on TV in NZ, yet the issues being debated are far more important than the over paid hosts opinion.



  1. Right on the money Martyn!
    Keys lapdog thought he could pull the “she’s one of those egg heads but this is what real folks think” approach.
    Prof Kelsey wiped the floor with the nasty little yapper.
    I especially liked the bit where he tried to use the generalised lots of benefits come from free trade blah blah rationale and Jane responded with something to the effect that “she had just seen a flock of pigs fly past”.

    Master John will not be pleased with his yappy little mate!

    • It gets worse Jane Kelsey reviews the contents of TTPA and the other insidious trade deals in Wake up New Zealand todays article.
      SOE will be challenged by commercial overseas interests,who want total control without any moral obligation by SOE to help struggling businesses like railways, post offices,etc.
      Subsidies for essential services will be challenged by the TPPA courts as anti competitive, and they could keep up challenges thus costing soe’s money to fight the courts on an ongoing basis.
      If a country didn’t comply with the courts findings that country will be penalised by preventing tariffs meaning shut out from trading under the terms of TPPA, this so called trade deal is vastly in favour of America and corporations, does nothing for NZ.
      The profit from exports are nothing compared to losses of soveignty , even governments would be deemed anti competitive.
      So you MPS in National if it goes through you have voted your own jobs, pensions, perks etc away,and
      the peoples pensions and everything else that makes NZ a decent caring society, in favour of profits by corporations who mean to have total control. All this is done in total secretcy.
      My apologies to Professor Kelsy if my understanding is a bit off.
      Wikileaks discovered the info.and Wake Up New Zealand has the full story

      capcha 5-2=3

  2. Isn’t it about Corporations suing countries, not “other countries” suing each other, as these two discussed near the end?

    • Yes it is Rob and its rubbish ,how do you think that NZ with John Key part of the corporations, we would fare.
      NZ dosnt have the money to sue big corporations and we would come off worse with their tribunals run by corporation lawers.

      What have got to trade anyway, Key let milk products get out of hand ,Fonterra in china doing deals with them over milk . Fruit and veg wont make a lot of money especially if Monsanto get in to make all our food GE controlled, and they would have a monopoly so could make our food unpalatable and expensive.
      Once corporations get into NZ they would be mining wherever they like and if we tried to stop them they would sue for loss of profit,if they were allowed to mine and Key true to form would let them , what sort of gain would we have ,none because the corps give peanuts to mine other people land and water. we couldn’t trade any resourses from that
      Pharmacutecals ,Key said the prices would go up, but the government would give subsidies as now, yeah right ,when has Key told the truth.
      If we get drugs now special drugs that cost more to produce,we get charged more, under corps you can bet your house on the drugs all being special and higher prices charged.

      American Pharma are stopping anything that competes with their drugs by raiding places on the premise they are dealing in illegal drugs,when police get to places and find no illegal drugs they still take computors ,records and thestuff the people use to sell natural products , the Pharma wont have anything that competes with them and takes profit away,even if the products do no harm and are genuine,they still have the person arrested,the FDA is on the side of Pharma who will say the product is dangerous.

      The person then has to get lawers to prove innocence, all stressful ,overbearing,and costly ,and the Pharma never gives stuff back,all this designed to frighten off anyone who will compete with them.
      Natural remedies don’t kill but Pharma products sure do,they are in a lot of cases not properly tested but allowed through by FDA.

      Do we want some crooked trade deal that is said to give less than a1% to NZ . This deal Key is doing is a takeover and he knows it. Obama wants the TPP signed off as his legacy,The only people he is bound to please to claim his legacy is the corporations who designed the TPP and the only ones to gain,along with puppets and traitors like Key.
      We have already given other countries the right to make huge profits on property sales, NZ people who are not wealthy will be landless, homeless, and poverty stricken in a very short time.
      There will lots of people living on the streets,we are already a low wage society,we will be jobless as well, unless something is done to stop the TPP we are dispossessed by Key and his cronies.
      Welcome to the world of Corporate greed and control ,a situation deliberately brought about by KEY

  3. And of course Hosking still just had to have the final word on the issue in at the end of that show. This time totally unchallenged, of course. Unfortunately I suspect it is this last total BS Hosking biased rant on the TPPA most people watching will ultimately remember.

    • Yes and in his little unchallenged swipe he accused the Professor of “being a little bit late” when this is the first oportunity she has had to comment on his shitty infotainment, waste of space show.

  4. I can imagine that ignorant pillock issuing a few obscenities off mike after the end of the interview. Hosking got outsmarted well and truly there. Go Jane!

  5. Professor Kelsey presented a well reasoned case outlining the perilous ramifications of NZ signing up to the TPP. Hosking vomited his own unsubstantiated and factually incorrect opinions. His claim that free trade deals (which is not the true intent of the TPP by the way) are only ever good for NZ would sound disingenuous to the thousands of people rendered jobless by these deals. This is the first time I have endured watching Seven Sharp. It will also be the last.

  6. So, about those two-way investor-state dispute tribunals…

    Wow, so a little NZ company can go toe to toe with the American Govt. Who will have the greater resources to bring the case to completion? And who will have the wherewithal to study their incredibly litigious society with complex laws differing state to state? The balance is certainly not even.

  7. Hosking was nothing short of pathetic with his sad-bastard, droopy hang-dog look. What is he trying to achieve? Does he want us to feel sorry for him? He really looks like he doesn’t want to be there…. Hey! maybe he’s just realised that he’s been lied to???…
    It was great watching Jane Kelsey blow him out of the water. Metaphorically speaking, of course.
    Come on, Mike. Join the people.

  8. Now in a real democratic society Prof Jane Kelsey would have been a regular face all over the media regarding this. There would have been experts such as herself adding weight to such an extent that parliament would have been awash with debate – constantly.

    And non experts and nobody’s like Hosking should never have been anything more than just the facilitators of that political debate – not the bloody govt mouthpiece and opinion shaper for the common persons consumption.

    He’s just a journalist for crying out loud!!! And a biased one at that – which renders him invalid in any sort of balanced discussion of a trade deal of such magnitude.

    Not an international trade or geopolitical scientist !!!

    So good job he got shown up for the squeaking little lightweight he really is. He has no call whatsoever in trying to sway public opinion in favour of his cozying up to a PM.

    Apart from which also its totally cringe – worthy to watch.

    • Actually – I got that quite wrong – Hosking isnt a journalist…he’s a TV and radio presenter- which makes it even worse.

      And he sure aint no studied person on international law which makes his uninformed opinions being bandied about like this doubly dangerous.

  9. That interview just showed up Hosking as being very shallow indeed.

    It was like he had read the cover of a book and without reading the content, makes him an expert in his own opinion.
    He was so far out of his depth which showed him up big time.

    But he still concluded his show with his same old dribble about no one ever discloses their position in trade talks, even though Jane Kelsey had pointed out just how wrong he was.

    Hosking is such a bloody fake.

  10. I never watch Hosking. I made an exception to watch the interview on here.
    Are the anguished, twisted facial contortions usual? Are they the result of the regularity of their proximity to John Key’s posterior?

    Hosking is an arsehole. Not because he is on tv, not because he’s well-to-do, not because some people think he’s great, but because as a front person on a public TV channel he should be getting the truth out to the people for the people. He is a failure because while he asks a lot of questions he is unquestioning of the motives the ways or actions of John Key’s mob. He asks questions to denigrate the views of those who have the temerity to consider there is anything unwise of what this Government does.

    • That’s because everything this government does serves Michael’s interests. And they’re his friends. They go to all the same parties after all. I suspect young Michael wouldn’t have become half the “celebrity” he is today without the careful mentoring and condescending approval of his political associates. He’d just be “that smug git on the telly”, and no one would give a toss about him one way or the other.

  11. The risk is that we stand to lose everything… Our rights, our privileges and our country. I personally am not going to stand for this… Regardless of how much fluoride they put in our water…

  12. Pretty damned hard keeping my dinner down watching Hosking performing…

    (Deep breath….. Aahh. Much better.)

    Bless ‘im, he did try din he? A for effort…

    And it’s not his fault he’s such a fuckwit…

    And some fucking jumped up low life producer’s gonna get shafted for putting this communist gauleiter up against the good guy Mike…



    Hell yeah, she ran rings around him! Good on ya Jane; I loves ya!

  13. I’m assuming this will be a done deal and National will push it through regardless.

    So what happens when Labour eventually gets in – how do we get out, are there provisions to withdraw?


    • Introduce a special TPPA/JK tax for the top 1%.
      Make it 25% extra, on ALL assets, capital gains and income, and put it into a ‘ring fenced’ fund, to be used by the Government to challenge ALL AND ANY unfair acts-rules-regulations etc, that come from the TPPA.
      This will be JK’s legacy, hated by the 99% because he screwed us and sold our lovely country to the wealthy elites OF ANOTHER COUNTRY, and the 1% because he was the final straw that got the REAL PEOPLE of NZ to go after them and remove ALL THEIR tax fiddles and rorts.
      No body but JK, Hoskins, Henry and other such idiots will think highly of him in history.

    • No there arnt any provisions to stop corporations ,the next government will have to carry the can .

  14. New Zealand is an almost “perfect dictatorship”, one where people do not even perceive it as being such, that is what we have. The way the media has become part of the establishment and elite running this country is indeed frightening for us, who observe and witness all this.

    I note that not only has that idiot Paul Henry got a corporate sponsor supporting his show, also has Duncan Garner on the Radio Live(ing Dead) “Drive Show” got Westpac on board now, who sponsored or promoted his “regions tour” of recent weeks. Now he recompensates them with extra free airtime and advertising, also offering “prices” to listeners. They are allowed to sell their banking products and services through his show, believe it or not, and it is all done in a format, where he “interviews” a Westpac “expert” or “consultant”, who advises the listeners.

    That is Mediaworks (for some, not others), and that is corporatisation of the MSM, it is reaching new limits. I hear the NZ Herald and other papers are now increasingly publishing “reports” that are written by persons, who got free travel paid for by travel agencies, free services or goods offered by other businesses, to report on stuff, that shines the sponsor or funder in a good light, and at least indirectly promotes their business.

    We have increasing sponsorship and advertising and product placement in many television and radio shows, and people become accustomed to it, and start taking this as the “new normal”.

    Only politically aware and critically minded people notice and understand what is happening.

    Such ones as Hosking, Henry and a fair few others, they are part of the agenda, to marginalise, ridicule and shut out dissent, critical reporting and supposed “negativity”, and besides of promoting themselves, they are all signed up with some big business with vested interests, also Sky City, for instance.

    Subtle and not so subtle messages are constantly sent out, to get people interested in things that they want to push as products or services, and the listeners, watchers and readers are constantly teased or stimulated, to think about little else, but to consume, to judge what is “in” and “out”, good against bad, black against white, right against left or wrong, and to become modern day simpletons, nothing but useful robots and instruments, to justify, defend and uphold this system, as loyal followers of the messengers and public faces that represent the system.

    That is the best propaganda one can use, and marginalisation works, as people are social beings, fall in line due to “peer pressure”, which is created by manipulated herd behaviour.

    Such a dictatorship needs no or very few policemen or soldiers, as it simply functions like a perfect machinery, where the strings being pulled, the actions taken, are all behind the scene, not easily detectable. Those that do see, question, challenge and stand up against it, get dealt with one by one, get marginalised and isolated, so in the end they have no following, except where they can meet with like minded, like for instance here, on TDB.

  15. I haven’t watched Hosking on TV for about 10 years.

    Wow. Just wow. It’s one thing to read about how biased he is, but seeing it with my own eyes was just amazing!

    He may as well be on the National party list.

  16. Amazing that they allowed Jane on Seven Shit! Facts instead of National Party fiction for a few minutes! I bet it will never happen again.

    • I think they were hoping Hosking would savage her over her “lefty” views against “free trade”. Sadly for Hosking and friends, Prof Kelsey knows her stuff and effortlessly dispatched the pompous, partisan windbag.

      1 – nil to the forces for truth and virtue.

  17. well done Jane!

    you stared down the barrel of the camera and served it up ‘in spades’ (of facts) to “Maserati Mike”

  18. What a truly dreadful little man Hosking is. His studiously bored look declares that any view other than his own is beneath contempt. His pompous, fact-free rants are a gruesome parody of real journalistic commentary. I simply can’t bear to watch him – even the cutesy tease they do on the One news set before 7pm makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

    • Just don’t watch him, or TV1 news then. I haven’t watched TV1 news for years. Maybe they’ll get the message.

    • Yeh ! I agree and it shows how lame the owners of the TV 1 are and how out of touch they are with anything other than making their holy dollar and serving their corporate bankster criminals – the corporate elite raging the world with their greed.

      They care less about the viewers needs and desires, just ratings, and they are slaves to the government that dictates their terms and direction.

      If anyone needs to be boycotted – it is Channel 1 and their idiot psedo-journalist Mike ” king kiss a____ ” HoseKing. I know we have better to offer in the world of journalism than to sell out at such a gross and disgusting level.

  19. I had the misfortune to hear Hosking on talkback radio years ago. I was so taken with him that I have gone out of my way to avoid him ever since.

  20. Mike Hoskins is just a propaganda tool for the government any body listens to him needs there head looked at he’s a total waist of space

  21. I can’t stand Mike Hosking but at least he asked all the right questions to give Jane the chance to make the important points in a very short space of time.

  22. Wow, I’ve never watched 7 Sharp before but the intro was so amazingly condescending. If you have any shred of dignity why would you watch such belittling crap.

  23. We focus our attention on an idiot like HoseKing when he is a pathetic pimple on the a___ of his master donkey and the greedy corporations that push the TPPA. He is truly an embarrassment to our countries integrity and ethics and creativity – a journalistic nightmare. Thanks Martyn but all this insanity with pro tppa idiots is just a diversion away from the ugly truths about who controls what and why.

    This trade agreement will likely pass and we will pay huge prices on many levels and not many know why and care less to speak out much against it and act out against it. Most are not even aware of its impacts. The NatZ and other poor deluded pro TPPA politicians are in denial about how many people worldwide are against this deal. Denial City ! ! !

    Let us not focus on brain leaking puppets, who should retire, like Mike HoseKing and focus much more on people like Jane Kelsey and supporting and feeding our abilities to take control of our country away from these greedy 1% ers.

    I continue to maintain that we can do what Iceland did – we are not dead and we can speak out and we are powerful in masses ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  24. Someone needs to tell Mike Hosking that parrotting cliches like “The proof is in the pudding” does not constitute robust intelligent discussion.

    It just makes him look childish and uninformed about what Prof Kelsey was saying.

    The only “pudding” is the one of his shoulders…

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