The Dirty Politics campaign to destabilise Conservative Party Leader


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Colin Craig has launched a defamation action against  Jordan Williams of the Taxpayers Union, former chair of the Conservative Party John Stringer and blogger Cameron Slater as those he will be suing, seeking damages of $300,000, $600,000 and $650,000 respectively.

As The Daily Blog pointed out at the time

If we conclude the Donghua Liu manufactured smear against Cunliffe by the NZ Herald was Dirty Politics 2.0 (more on that next weekend) and Rachel Glucina pretending to be a PR expert and not a Journalist for the NZ Herald to get access to Amanda Bailey was Dirty Politics 3.0, Is Colin Craig’s demise Dirty Politics 4.0?

Here’s the image that made me suspicious…


…that’s Cameron Slater at a public event. David Farrier posted it at Colin Craig’s announcement that he was stepping down. Ever since the mounting Court action against Slater, he has been doing everything to avoid getting served papers so for him to come out into public  means something is afoot.

This was after Slater had published a screwed up ‘poem’ supposedly from Colin to a woman Slater wouldn’t name but handed to him by a ‘friend’ of the woman who had been supporting her.

After some digging how about we start asking some impertinent questions?

1: Is the source to Slater who is pretending to be a ‘friend’ to this woman an individual who appears numerous times in ‘Dirty Politics’?

2: Is that same individual also close friends with a person who is currently attempting to take the leadership of the Conservative party off Colin Craig?

3: Does this individual have a track record of using personal information to force changes of leadership in political parties for their own interests?

4: Why are mainstream media journalists using these exact same Dirty Politics sources to enable these people?

It’s almost as if no one learned anything from Dirty Politics because the exact same people are doing the exact same things.

…it will be very interesting to see what comes up in the defamation case. This latest legal fight for Slater follows prosecutions in Court for publishing details that breached suppression orders and his current legal battles for defamation against Matthew Blomfield and the Police investigation into Slater allegedly paying a hacker to commit a crime are ongoing.


  1. If I recall correctly from Dirty Politics was “The Taxpayers Union” nothing more than the National Party pretending to be a lobby group and hiding behind that façade, essentially to raise in the media subjects National wanted raised?

    And therefore why do the National Party want Craig smeared out of existence?

  2. When standing on a political platform of conservative Christian values, one has to be careful to keep ‘it’ in ones pants to avoid accusations of hypocrisy.

    By the way, the image you think is “suspicious” is that of a journalist (Slater) at a media briefing. Nothing could be more unsuspicious.

  3. The fact the bogus ‘taxpayers union’ still get used by the mainstream media shows our media are still into dirty politics up to their necks.

    Everyone knows that the taxpayers union is nothing but the shallowest of fronts for two national party diehards ….. Williams and Farrar.

    Its a false flag operation to run hits and smears …… against the other side but with the odd little shot at their own to pretend impartiality

    The ‘taxpayers union’ is dirty politics at large in front of our eyes.

    Never buy the Dompost or the herald ………. they will never stop playing dirty politics and are part of the nats team.

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