The Standard to lay a Police Complaint for Cameron Slater paying a hacker to hack blog


As Nicky Hager fights the Police raiding his home, you can keep up to date with Jon Stephenson live tweeting it on The Evening Report...

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…sounds like the NZ Police are about to get a beating from the Judiciary.

While that is happening the editor of The Standard, Lynn Prentice is today laying a complaint with the Police against Cameron Slater paying a hacker to hack The Standard

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…this would come on top of the Police investigation into Slater that Ben Rachinger laid and on top of the defamation action currently against him.

Not a good day for Slater or the Cops.


  1. Good for Lynn Prentice here, as this hacking has gone way to far in the country to where folks are now fearful of using computers now,

    The is reverse suppression of the citizenry of the country or virtually seeding the intent to gag us all now since us bloggers are the only free speech left out there telling “The other side of the story” – offering balance to the MSM that is trumpeting the Government propaganda.

    Thanks Martyn for advising us of TS being hacked, I did not know as the last time I blogged on TS September 15th 2014 I was banned for “Godwin” talking about NAZI type activities here inside NZ, that has now since become the rule that TS will now be well aware of.

      Yes it is Germany classic colonising again this time without a blitzkrieg or maybe that is a blitzkrieg?

      Police did their own version of it on a defenceless journalist and how ugly so we need to raise funds?

  2. One of these things is not like the other…one of these things just aint the same….can you guess which one is not like the other …before I finish my song…

    Hint : Ones an investigative journalist who has ‘ the public’s interest ‘ behind him….in exposing dubious practices in high places…

    The other would appear to have been an active agent in encouraging those dubious practice’s…

    A chocolate fish for the ones who get the right answer.

    Oh what a web we weave …and that’s just the problem with weaving a web of lies…sooner or later men and women of integrity speak up and out against those misusing power and authority…

    And like a deck of cards… it all comes crashing down.

    Think Humpty Dumpty and you’ll get the picture…

    • One of those things is already associated with a police raid, the other won’t be.

      Take my word for it.

  3. More power to Lynn’s elbow.

    I wonder if Slater house will be searched for ten hours and his property confiscated?

    What are the chances?

    Go on, NZ Police; surprise us.

    • Hope so frank,

      God we need the police more than ever, to protect us against the criminal Government who are full of wrong doing now, and they will turn on police then?

  4. the chances of Slater oil getting a 10 hour ‘turnover’ run the gamut from highly unlikely to totally, absolutely, non existent!

    but having said that, it will be nice to see him hopefully marginalised one way or another

    • Slater, marginalised? As I recall, my teachers always told us not to fill the margins with our worthless crap, as that was where they wrote their notes.

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