LATEST FROM HAGER CASE: Police maliciously damage Nicky Hager’s credit rating


This has implications…

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.10.37 pm

…not many NZers are aware that the NZ Police will hit up banks for details on people they are investigating and the banks will hand it over without even informing you AND by the simple fact that the Police are investigating you, the banks will then reduce your credit rating without you even being told.

This is what happens when an investigative Journalist prints emails that disclose the immoral (and arguably criminal) acts of Mr Slater, public relations agents, and members of the governing National Party.

NZers should start feeling terribly nervous about the manner in which the Police are acting as agents of the Government’s political interests.


  1. “This is what happens when an investigative Journalist prints emails that disclose the immoral (and arguably criminal) acts of Mr Slater, public relations agents, and members of the governing National Party.”

    Yes Martyn we agree, “NZers should start feeling terribly nervous about the manner in which the Police are acting as agents of the Government’s political interests”.

    This shows that the NatZ are using our police against free speech for their Dirty Politics agenda now more than ever.

    Didn’t we see this happen in Germany in 1932?

  2. Nz has become a police state, police work for national as hitmen .

    Glad Nicky Hagars case is highlighting criminal behaviour, wonder how Key will wriggle out of any responsibility.

    • Yes, it stinks Elle.

      But you should know by now that any black ops or dirty politics, doesn’t come from FJK himself, but from his office (or orifice, as our fellow poster Wild Katipo is fond of calling it)! “Nothing to do with me!” “I don’t remember that” …. BS, BS, BS ….!

  3. So……as well as being a compulsively addicted fetishist hair puller Premier Key likes to set the state attack dogs on book-writers , does he?



    Oh wait….now the latest is…foreigners buying up and ramping up rentals and house prices preventing Kiwi first home buyers from ever owning a house in Auckland…

    Same crowd as above got their fingers in the till , I wonder ?….wonder if Judith can shed any light for the reasons why ….hmmmmm….

    DOES THIS ….explain the lack of action by this govt ?

    ECHO !!!! ECHO !!!! ECHO !!!!

    Well…this is about our Mr Hagar…who writes a book….detailing corruption , essentially….and then has the police ransack his house for 10 hours – while the other guy called Whaleblubber gets the wet bus ticket treatment….

    Funny old world , innit….but Gee Whiz….don’t those Auckland property prices look kinda high ?

    Surely the big wall to wall photo of Premier Key smiling down on his children at Aotea Square cant bespeak of him stooping to use our police force to protect his interests above our own?

    Surely not !!!

    But then ….what was it again that Premier Key said about there was no mass surveillance of NZers?….and then some nobody journalist from overseas was a called a henchman when he showed Premier Key knew a abit about a software program called X -PREMIER KEY – SCORE…

    And then those horrible lefty screamers got him so worked up he had to go to his buddy’s in the SIS to drag out something to prove hes right and their wrong….

    Too bad the data was irrelevant …though apparently the SIS wasn’t too happy with that because they bleated on about jeopardizing our national security or something….

    Never mind….Crikey !!!…..just look at those Auckland house prices , why dontcha?!!?

    Y’know…there was talk some time back about having a private police force . I wonder if Premier Key would get to pull even more ponytails if that happened ? …

    Geez !!! I cant afford my rent and just take a jack at those Auckland house prices !!!!

    Y’know….if I didn’t know any better….I’d think that maybe ….just maybe ,…Premier Key isn’t such a nice man after all…

    Y’know…maybe Mr Hagar was right after all…and Premier Key really is not very nice…and maybe…just maybe….we should be paying attention to whats happening to Mr Hagar at the moment…

    Because y’know…the same thing could happen to us if were not careful…


  4. In a few short years, the Key Regime has transformed our police force into an agent of a fascist state. The police have lost all credibility, with them being obviously politically biased.

    Then there was also the Dotcom case, where the police acted as if they were the local branch of the FBI.

    This will rebound onto the honest cops who are slogging it out in the frontlines, attempting to reduce crime, as public confidence in them slides.

  5. […] MARTYN BRADBURY’S LATEST POSTING on The Daily Blog should give every member of the democratic public serious pause. The allegations levelled at the NZ Police are serious and deeply concerning. It is very difficult, having read Martyn’s post, to avoid the conclusion that Nicky Hager may be the victim of deliberate political persecution, and that among the principal agents of that persecution may be members of the NZ Police Force. […]

  6. Wild katipo and Mary A

    We are all wondering now since “Colonel Key” has had someone resembling Hermann Goring assembled his “Secret police”

    And sent them to attack book writers dissenting on Government:

    Next step must be to stage a public book burning display?

    Nazi Propaganda and Censorship

    Sound familiar?

    “During the spring of 1933, Nazi student organizations, professors, and librarians made up long lists of books they thought should not be read by Germans.

    Then, on the night of May 10, 1933, Nazis raided libraries and bookstores across Germany. They marched by torchlight in nighttime parades, sang chants, and threw books into huge bonfires.

    On that night more than 25,000 books were burned. Some were works of Jewish writers, including Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud.

    Most of the books were by non-Jewish writers, including such famous Americans as Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, and Sinclair Lewis, whose ideas the Nazis viewed as different from their own and therefore not to be read.

  7. Hager knew what he was getting into when he chose to publish the emails – emails he knew or should have known were stolen. If he can’t handle cops on his back then maybe he’s not quite the hero some people make him out to be.

    • And Slater knew what he was getting into when he boasted to his friends about being in possession of stolen emails and downloaded files from the Labour website, and his intention to use them to inflict political damage upon concerned parties. This was done BEFORE Hager received the info that he used as a basis for his book.

      So, to paraphrase you: If he can’t handle public scrutiny on his back then maybe he’s not quite the hero some people make him out to be.

      So if you want to play the one card but keep the other hidden, go right ahead, but it only makes you look like either a sycophant, a hypocrite, or a fool. Take your pick.

    • You muppets are going to keep trotting that hoary old “stolen e-mails” narrative out for the rest of forever, aren’t you?

      I’m sure I’ve explained the concept of “public interest” to you before, Kevin, so I’m not going to waste further keystrokes in what is obviously a futile attempt to enlighten someone who chooses to be deliberately obtuse.

      As exercises in deflection and distraction go, it’s pretty feeble, even for you.

    • Oh Kevin…
      Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.

      You are such a good little Kiwi, aren’t you? Able to string mindless clichés together until they resemble something a grown-up might say.

      Did a gwown-up tell you that Hagar can’t handle it?

      You go tell that nawty-wawty gwown-up that they were WONG!!

      But ask Mummy to change your Pull-ups first- they stink worse than your breath.

      [Jeeves – I was very close to binning this comment. In fact, I’m still mulling it over. Please dial it back with the personalized commentary. – ScarletMod]

  8. Translation, Kevin; as a National supporter, you are comfortable with your Party’s apparatchiks and bloggers using dirty tricks and smear campaigns to subvert opposition?

    Because, really, it comes across fairly clear that you are more interested in supporting the party of your choice rather than an investigative journalist revealing wrong-doing by at least one government minister; Jason Ede; and Cameron Slater.

  9. Oh yes…our friend Mr Ede….

    Where are you , Mr Ede ?…

    Why did you act like a deer in the hunters spotlight and vanish without a trace when the lights came on ?

    Or was it that you were more of a shapeshifter in the dark hours of the night and spirited yourself away to avoid detection for things you were doing that you knew were not right ?…..

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