The hypocrisy of National’s Cyber bullying law


We really are a nation of sleepy hobbits aren’t we?

Instead of remembering this…

…we are now told to be thinking this…



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Not only does the National Party manage to create a law that will shut down critical voices on the internet (after killing off all critical mainstream media), but National manage to blur the fact that the true cyber bullies are the National Party themselves!

Let’s just remind ourselves exactly what Dirty Politics highlighted shall we?

* During the 2011 election campaign Slater obtained a database of the Labour Party’s members, e-mails and donations, and gleefully attacked the party. What no one knew is that Key’s dirty tricks person, Ede, had helped throughout, including searching inside the Labour Party computers and helping Slater plan the subsequent attacks on Labour. Ede’s office was just two doors from John Key’s and presumably he was using his Ministerial Services computer. 

* In the same election campaign, the prime minister’s office used its knowledge of secret SIS documents to tip off Slater and arrange an attack on the Labour leader. 

* Ede drafted official information act requests for Slater to use in other attacks, for instance against Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff who were in conflict with the government. 

* When the Labour Party leadership race was on last year and getting good publicity, Ede got National Party research staff to prepare an attack on David Cunliffe and other contenders’ policies that was published on David Farrar’s Kiwiblog website the following day.

* The more the National Government has used Slater, the closer that Key himself has got to the attack blogger. For instance, when most New Zealanders were appalled by Slater’s offensive comments about the West Coast man who died in the car crash, his closest associates rallied to support him. One of those who phoned him and commiserated at that time, according to Slater’s account of the conversation, was John Key.

* Rodney Hide was threatened and blackmailed into standing down,

* Tobacco lobbyists print articles on Whaleoil and then comment with the most disgusting hateful language.

* Jordan Williams smeared Labour Party sex lives on Wikipedia

* Slater has a prostitute friend who tries to dig up dirt via the brothels on Len Brown, John Boscowan, Labour MPs, the Herald’s editors and Duncan Garner.

* Slater had a prisoner removed to a remote prison who ended up attempting suicide because Slater’s mate didn’t want her daughter visiting the inmate.

* Most disturbingly, the PMs Office colluded with the SIS to smear the Leader of the Opposition months before the 2011 election.

Look at each of those allegations, they are the bloody National Party trawling the sewer and these sanctimonious hypercritical pricks have the audacity to lecture us about cyber bullying? It’s like the mafia getting prissy about etiquette.

This is a screaming joke. A sick, sad, screaming joke which seems to not only be tolerated by the media, but actually endorsed by it through their utter lack of critical thought directed at the nonsense of a Political Party passing a law they themselves have breached most of their time in Government. 


  1. Corruption is as corruption does.

    Too bad we don’t have a few more people with a moral compass in that place we call the Beehive like Forrest.

  2. Why is this Nationals cyber bullying law when all parties except ACT voted it through the house?

    Surely all parties are to blame? (excl ACT)

    • Act and four Greens – Gareth Hughes, Russel Norman, Julie Anne Getner and Stefan Brown.

      Gareth and Julie Anne will be getting my vote the next time they stand for co-leaders of the Green Party because this is such a big issue that I couldn’t trust anyone who didn’t understand its implications.

    • Yes …I would have to say…that for once I agree with ……… ……….ACT ………….person………on this.

      Difficult as that may have been ….I believe he was quite right in pointing out the potential abuses such a broadly based , sweeping piece of legislation has for political misuse and manipulation.

    • Uh, because it was authored by National’s Amy Adams?

      Hark back to the passing of Section 59a. Authored by Green’s Sue Bradford, voted in with a cross party support of 113 to 8, meaning, a LOT of National MP’s voted for it. Because it was passed during a Labour-led government, it became widely (and inaccurately) thought of as Labour’s bill, despite its origins, and despite a great deal of support from National MP’s.

      So, yes, even though parties outside of National voted for this new bill, it’s still a National bill. If it’s good enough to dish that kind of attribution out during opposition, it’s gotta be taken on the chin while incumbent, especially when it was one’s own MP that authored it.

  3. You do realise that under the new law with what you posted here you can be potentially had up for making a harmful communication? That’s how stupid and dangerous the law is.

    And it doesn’t matter if you’re telling the truth or not (the whole “Dirty Politics” saga doesn’t interest me although I believe Hide has denied one of the allegations) nor does it matter if you’re stating an honestly held opinion.

  4. Thanks Martyn for highlighting the sordid behaviour FJK & his nasty minions have indulged in over a long period of time, damaging credibility and in some instances, the reputation of those targeted using digital communication to do so!

    However, I’m picking NatzKEY wont be able to help itself. Dirty Politics using sinister means through black ops is what it does best and will continue to abuse digital communication sources to threaten, intimidate and bully challenges to its position!

    This fascist piece of legislation only applies to those who demand accountability from NatzKEY!

    • Yes…..and then just as historical cases are revisited for legal perusal and scrutiny….hmmmm…

      When is a sows ear not a sows ear just because of the elapsing of time?….

      Why is the sea blue?

  5. Key’s opposition to anyone who opposes him, is taking on an ugly sense of desperation from him in the same way that we saw in the history of Hitler when he axed all his critics.

    In history it was seen as a very ugly time like now as the whole tenure of free speech is again being silenced by this “smiling assassin”.

    Has anyone got the whole debarkle of what happened between the 500 staff at Merrill Lynch as this lynch man was used no rid the staff back in 1990’s?

    We could have someone speaking out in the press at the time about the way he sacked over 500 and more in Australia also?

    For example, who was it that called him “smiling assassin?

    Some co-workers called him “the smiling assassin” for maintaining his usual cheerfulness while sacking dozens (some say hundreds) of staff after heavy losses from the 1998 Russian financial crisis.[5][12] He was a member of the Foreign Exchange Committee of the New York Federal Reserve Bank from 1999 to 2001.[13]

  6. NO, but you see the MPs were all worried about school children being bullied online. I read it in the Herald and apparently the bullying is just terrible….

    Ahh, I can’t keep that up. Children were bullied in schoolyards for decades and parliament never passed a law doing something about that but now that ordinary people can tell MPs what they really think of them they rush through this legislation in a panic.

    It actually amazes me that only 5 MPs have the foresight to work out what this legislation actually means – it seems to be because they’re upset at the abuse they’ve been getting – but surely they must be used to that , it’s one of the first rules of politics, don’t get involved if you can’t take the heat. It applies from community board members all the way up to PM.

    • Apples and Oranges. Yes, bullying has gone on for a long, long time. However, the internet provides a platform for bullies to amplify their attacks at a never before seen magnitude. Where a kid suffering from severe bullying might have been able to shift zones and put it behind them, social media / blogging etc makes it possible for bullies to continue to spread their webs much further around. Now step into the shoes of a bullying victim for a moment, if you can, and ask yourself – Where am I going to be safe? When and where might my old nightmares resurface, simply because some fucking moron has decided that I am the worthy target of their infantile abuse?

      The time when we were at school, and the current time, are worlds apart. The psychology remains, but technology has expanded the bully’s power to unprecedented levels.

      Is the legislation sound? I don’t know, I haven’t read it. Is it trustworthy, coming from National? I doubt it.

      However, is it right that people should take a stand against the kind of behaviour that can ruin an innocent person’s life? Hell yes.

      That said, I hope that the legislation provides room for amendments, and I certainly hope it doesn’t turn out to be a trojan horse for National to drown out dissenting voices with. That latter point remains to be seen by considering the legal definition of “harm” to someone. If that definition extends to criticism of National in a public forum, and is subsequently acted upon in a punitive manner, then our fears will be realized. Let’s hope it is only used to protect against real cases of bullying, and not as a political gag.

      I think it’s a very complex issue, and deserves to be thought of in more than a black and white framework of Us Vs Them.

  7. A bit of journalistic bullying ? ? ? On – The Evening Report . nz on June 30 a report
    was posted entitled — ” Jane Kelsey : Minister Groser’s attack shows criticism of TPPA is hitting home “.

    This early a.m. (Wed. July 1) we read some very fine comments and then late this afternoon, for some reason ? – all comments were removed and none can be seen or read. Does anyone know why this would happen ?

    Some of the lengthy comments, at the end of the TPPA report, were brilliant and I think that they need to be made available and forwarded on. I can see why the far right lunatics would not want many to read those great comments in opposition of TPPA. I think we all need to up our level of participating in stopping this horrendous TPPA.

    Did those comments get censored and taken off and by whom and why? Cyber journalistic bullying ? ? ? ?

    • That happens on the Herald website sometimes too. Inexplicably, and quite out of the blue, comments just vanish into the ether. I’m sure it has nothing whatsoever to do with the majority of those comments being scathingly critical of our current government.

      • Exactly, I agree. Someone is pulling the media strings and they do not want the public to hear those who share that have some sense and are exposing their dirty ways. Like TPPA, and that is what this is about, those comments were removed intentionally and they were brilliantly written with sound logic and telling the truth. Shame on those who control our media and do slimy things like that.

    • My comments on this site are regularly cancelled ,the capcha total is in error is the reason given, it says go to the back button and correct,do that and the whole text is cancelled. My capcha total is checked everytime now,but still says error.
      It could be just my computer,i get “something is wrong”comment on my screen regularly ,I have fire wall .
      I believe on a moderated site like this if my comments don’t pass censor,they can be moderated not just cancelled. Am I the only one with this problem?Am I too militant?
      Sometimes if I don’t agree with the writer of the article and give opposing viewpoint its taken down without any explanation.Especially if its to do with climate change!

      • Hi ELLE – your posts are not militant at all, well not in my opinion they aren’t. You always have something fresh to offer, with your comments more often than not, supported with evidence.

        I think there could be a glitch or a gremlin somewhere along the way, preventing some of your posts being displayed going through the Captcha. Some incompatibility there maybe, between your computer and this site. Might pay you to save your comments before posting, just in case.

        TDB is usually fairly liberal and open in what posts it allows through, with the moderator coming down hard on a few posters, whose posts could pose some legal issues, are offensive etc. If this was the case with you, your posts would show the mod’s displeasure with what you say. I haven’t noticed anything such as that, as far as your posts are concerned.

        Keep the interesting comments coming 🙂

        • Thankyou Mary , I was beginning to think I was wearing my welcome out and I do enjoy this site. Im not a yes girl if I disagree I say so.
          Quite a few really interesting posters, you are one,wild katipo and countryboy,not afraid to speak your minds,
          I don’t give a damn if someone is looking at my opinions, nat party and its obnoxious leader can get lost as far as im concerned,i love the way countryboy expresses himself ,its the way I feel but I suppose its a man thing ,but he dosnt offend in any way.I would love to meet you all one day including Frank and Martyn,ciao. 5-1 is 4.

      • that happened to me once…i think it is a glitch…because I wasnt doing anything naughty ….just opposing jonkey Nactionals new discriminatory policy on solo parents …no matter what I did I couldnt get my comment through…even up on ‘Open Mick’

        in the end I put my arguments, which i thought pretty good, up on the Standard…and got a response

        • Well done for your persistence chooky, I don’t think T D B is at fault, I believe the site might have been hacked by right wing rubbish but I could be wrong.

    • I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE. There were no comments deleted from
      The Evening Report after the Jane Kelsey-Tim Groser article. We made the wrong assumption about this. We read the great comments on the Chan.3 website and they are still there and no comments were remove at all. We then later saw the same article on the Evening Report and assumed that the comments had been removed. We did not check the source of the article. I am sorry to S. Manning for this.

      Please – to The Daily Blog, can you please remove all the comments I submitted to you about this as it was just a big mistake. Leave this comment on to explain about this as I just realized what I did and why.
      I am sorry.

    • I MADE A MISTAKE. No comments were deleted. See explanation below. Sorry about that to S. Manning who did not remove any comments and we made the wrong assumption. I would prefer that all my comments about this whole affair be deleted as it was just a foolish mistake.

  8. The agenda 21 is behind the flag change ,its to destroy democracy as we know it.
    The cycleways being built all over the country are not built for tourism or exercise ,the real reason behind them are to get cars off the roads ,not for environmental reasons but for population control.
    All across America cycleways are being built, Texas and other states have refused them because they are aware of the reason for their future use.
    See Wake up New Zealand or google agenda 21 re cycleways.
    This government is following the Agenda 21 to the limit, the cycle way idea is the brainchild of One World Government,keep populations confined to a certain area,easier to control.
    Keys ideas are going under the radar and are on orders of agenda 21 owned by O W G.
    We need to be vigilent about all that this government Key controls.

    • “The cycleways being built all over the country are not built for tourism or exercise ,the real reason behind them are to get cars off the roads ,not for environmental reasons but for population control.”

      Several billion cars on this planet – plus billions more once China and India’s middle classes grow in number – will not be good for our planet. A degraded environment with massive air pollution (see the brilliant 1973 sf movie, “Soylent Green”) will do more to control people’s living standards than anything governments or secret cabal’s can achieve.

      Hmmmm, I’m dubious of that rationale.

      • Not my words Frank ,google agenda 21,its there to see.
        It might take time but with TPP and one world government anything is possible.
        If petrol is controlled they can prevent us driving,remember carless days that stopped a lot of cars on alternative days.
        Im not saying Wake Up New Zealand is always right ,but they have pretty much nailed it with most of whats happening.
        A relative in Washington state says cycleways are being built all over the place.check it out.

      • Im aware of pollution and that its manmade ,but with electric cars supposed to be the new thing,that would go along way to stop pollution.I doubt very much if big oil companies would take too kindly to all electric cars though .
        Money is ruling the world now,and with enough money anything is feasible,including controlling populations.

    • I wouldn’t worry about cycleways here. We’ve introduced a law that discourages people from cycling. It’s the law that forces everyone to wear a helmet when on a bike. The entirely predictable result is a 30% drop (some say 50%) in cycling. You really have to worry if they decide to rescind the law. Then you know something’s up.

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