NZ trains 1% of Iraqi Army – watch out ISIS!


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I just can’t take this ‘training’ of Iraqi soldiers seriously…

First band of Kiwi-trained Iraqi troops pass muster
Iraqi soldiers have graduated from the New Zealand and Australian Defence Force training at Taji Military Camp to join the fight against Isis.

More than 700 soldiers of the Iraqi 76th Brigade marched out on Sunday.

Commander Joint Forces New Zealand Major-General Tim Gall said the eight-week training programme had been well-received by the Iraqi troops.

…what on earth can those 700 troops do? We’re spending $65million and so far have a tiny fraction of the Iraqi Army trained. We have 20 odd ‘trainers’ and over 100 SAS ‘guarding’ them. What we really have is a facade of ‘training’ and 100 SAS helping US forces target strikes pretending to ‘guard’ the trainers.

The whole thing is a giant National Security deception wrapped up in a Prime Minister induced domestic Muslim terrorist fear mongering threat to keep the sleepy hobbits from asking too many questions.

The US have blown $20 billion over a decade trying to train the Iraqi Army while the Saudi’s have been spending billions arming ISIS in the first place.

What on earth can our $65 million do in that ocean of mercenary blood money?

NZ should be using its position on the UN Council to call Saudi Arabia and Turkey out for funding proxies who are generating the violence and challenge Iraq for their Shia para-military death squads who have created a civilian population sympathetic to the ISIS.

Our involvement in this war is a disgrace.

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Key has purposely manufactured the domestic Muslim threat and has singled out their Community as one being watched when he is challenged on what threat is posed to NZ by ISIS. Even if we accept his argument that there is a domestic threat to homegrown Muslim radicalism and ignore that he’s irresponsibly creating community friction for the sake of politics, then surely re-invading Iraq would be a trigger point for those dislocated and disconnected youth?

Even if we accept Key’s threat paradigm, his solution to send troops triggers the very danger he claims he’s trying to fight!  This is our price for being in ‘the club’, it’s got nothing to do with human rights.

I am looking forward to this months Table Talk where the issue of NZ in Iraq will be debated with MC Mike McRoberts and Paula Penfold.

It will be live streamed on The Daily Blog 7.15pm July 14th.


  1. I have heard from sources “near the frontline”, IS are “shaking” in their boots (or sand-shoes some of them wear), as Kim John Key has supposedly (not made public yet) a “secret weapon”, that will ensure the “final victory” (“Endsieg”, as Hitler also put it, in his last days).

    So let us wait and see, there may be something “big” coming up soon, Kim John Key and his allies are working overtime 24/7, I suppose, together with the “Mad Monk”, aka Tony Abbott, the Aussie “master” across the ditch.

    All are working hard to convince and please Obama, who set the example, with taking out Osama (not himself to be mixed up in name).

  2. I keep saying this…. we would be far far better off to put our (obviously limited) assets, whether in training or aid, into helping the Kurds, who are the one on-the-ground fighting force that is beating Isis.

    Trying to help the inept, sectarian, and corrupt Iraqi regime is total folly, and we may as well not bother, as even if we sent 1000 ‘trainers’ their effect would be a big fat ZERO.

  3. I’ll be your fan watching table talk again Martyn.

    Any chance you can sometime in the following months you can get some opposition Leaders there or maybe you can host an opposition leaders debate?

    About time we had a recap on where they are all at mate, you may forge a united front between them all finally as we need someone to rough them all into partnership against government in this year as NatZ try to ram through some nasty legislation including TPPA?

    • Not surprised at this IKE , The perpertrators of this killing. USA and UK ,have no care for the human race , the endgame is all that counts.
      Its very scary to realise we are being manipulated by these criminals, Any wonder Edward Snowden wont go back to usa,he wouldn’t last five minutes with these deranged, power mad crackpots.
      It dosnt bare thinking about how we will suffer the TPP takeover,they are all cut from same cloth.

      capcha two x 3 are six,

  4. $65m Keys membership fee for the next few months, to the Kazarian Zionist mafiaso. YA really wana stop ISis just bomb the CIA, MOSSAD,
    MI6 and the Wahabi leadership. Its a fake army causing problem reaction solution. If you dont believe me i have some bridges and coastal realestate id like to sell you, viewing at low tide only.

  5. … chur, bro, our boys can teach the ragheads a mean haka, eh?

    That seems to be the sum of our military achievements.

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