National Government exporting housing obligations to Australia & Britain


Bill English Idiot

Housing profits could end up overseas
An Australian housing provider that is considering buying state houses here could use any money generated on projects across the Ditch, Prime Minister John Key says.

The madness of exporting our Government’s social obligations in Housing to Australia and Britain would be a thing of brilliant satire if it wasn’t depressingly real.

The privatisation of state housing has been a screaming failure since Bill English announced it. Social housing agencies turned down the offer in NZ and now English needs to try and flog the houses off to Australia and Britain where the privatisation of social housing is all the rage.

The drive to privatise state housing  isn’t just idealogical, it’s fiscal. This Government lowered tax rates and borrowed tax cuts for the rich, they afforded this by flogging off state assets, to continue paying the bills while revenue streams for social infrastructure are so reduced, the National Government need to make money from flogging off state houses.

This self inflicted reduction of revenue allows National to continue with the belt tightening meme and stops Progressives from spending. State house tenants are simply the latest pawns in this Government’s idealogical blitzkrieg on institutions they can dismantle without the middle classes noticing or caring.

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When all we have left in the media are National Party sycophants, the middle won’t be listening until the property speculation bubble in Auckland pops and the facade of the Rock Star economy collapses on stage due to a drug overdose.

Until then, sleepy hobbits will continue to snore.


  1. If you oppose the theft of our state housing stock, please write (politely) to Horizon homes in Australia. They’re a respectable charity and may not want to be smeared by association with the worst elements of the Key kleptocracy.

  2. Key will try to offer them a deal they cannot refuse as it is only kiwis he wont offer the fair deals to like you and me.

    Key operates with such hate for us kiwis by giving preferential treatment to foreigners, that he presents as a traitor to his kind.

  3. If it’s any consolation, in terms of affordable housing, Australia is buggered too — thanks to Tony Abbot and his merry band of shysters.

    The young, the unemployed, the disabled, the working poor — we’re all being hammered on a global scale. If I were a “left-wing conspiracy theorist” I might conclude it was a coordinated assault on all those things we hold most dear — including basic human decency.

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