How the TPPA will destroy Pharmac and make YOUR medicines more expensive



The latest wikileaks of the TPPA highlight how it will damage Pharmac and why YOUR (yes you dear reader) why YOUR medicines will become more expensive.

While the country looks adoringly at John Key, I wonder how they will feel when they are forced to open their wallets and pay more for basic medicines.

Most National voters are property speculating their fellow Kiwis out of home ownership in Auckland, so I suspect they’ll just laugh at the extra cost to medicines, the Gen X, Gen Y, beneficiaries and the working poor however are about to get another kick in the guts courtesy of Key handing economic sovereignty over to Corporate America.

Let me explain in very simple language how the TPPA will force YOUR medicines up. The new transparency clauses mean Pharmac has to open up the cost decisions they make to the US Pharmaceutical Industry, so if Pharmac decide to buy a medicine because it’s cheap and is good use of taxpayer dollars, the US Pharmaceutical Industry under these new rules can challenge Pharmac’s decision to buy that cheaper medicine and not their more expensive version to force Pharmac to include the legal costs of them taking Pharmac to the TPPA disputes into their decision making.

So, it’s a bloody shake down. US Pharmaceutical’s threaten Pharmac with legal disputes every time Pharamc doesn’t buy their expensive version of the drug and Pharmac then have to take those legal costs into consideration when buying the medicines.

End result? We will get bullied by US  Pharmaceutical interests into buying their expensive versions of medicines meaning you and I pay more for our medicines.

How the sleepy hobbits of Nu Zilind have fallen for all of this is anyone’s guess.

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We get NOTHING out of this bloody deal, we simply hand our economic sovereignty over to US Corporate interests. Since when were NZers so spineless?

Labour have set up a petition. Sign it.


  1. Yes people who have to buy daily medication are the one’s who are going to pay a very heavy price.

    John Key and Tim Grosser are nothing but a pair of traitorous bastards.

  2. I don’t believe New Zealanders are spineless Martyn. I believe New Zealanders are brow-beaten and exhausted from all the hoops they must jump through just to get through their daily life. A similar method is used to wear down torture victims, although torture is more focused, over a shorter period of time, so the tortured are aware of what is happening. New Zealanders that understand what is really going on feel powerless to stop it, if our disregarded and ignored referendums are anything to go by. The demise of our country being thrown to the wolves, aka, large corporations, is slow and steady so some won’t realize what is happening until it is too late. The population had been deliberately diluted with immigrants who fear complaining, based on their own experience of living conditions they have come here to escape from. These immigrants do not understand what our country once was. A classic divide and conquer tactic. The only way to block the power of a large corporation is by refusing to buy their stuff. Research alternative medicines, that are probably better for us anyway. Keep the information coming Martyn as you have always diligently done. Knowledge is true power.

  3. National have hounded East Coast people almost into submission with their brutal covert power hold on local governance and media but I see a core of resistance in these folk’s who have learned that Key and his crooks are now showing t hat their reign is ending and the people will rise again.

    National policy of a sinking lid gradual destruction of our safe secure lives is obvious to all now as they thought we would never notice the gradual changes they are making behind our backs.
    National repression is now wearing thin, so the end is in sight.

  4. Well….it must be time for a collaborative series of books co – authored by Martyn Bradbury , Frank Mackasy , Prof Jane Kelsy , Kieth Locke , Kieth Rankin , Tim Selwyn and others covering the history of this country politically and economically then juxtaposing this with what is the current sad state of affairs.

    Following that , a travelling roadshow with lectures and workshops , complete with guest speakers.

    A nice thought but perhaps the logistics would be a little hard to organize I admit.

    On the other hand – putting that line up together would be a powderkeg politically to highlight discussion and force the issues into the public arena.

    The MSM would be besides themselves on just how and what to report.

  5. Nobody is discussing the combination of Social Bonds + TPPA. Please start while there is still time to influence a decision.

  6. A clearer picture can be found here:

    So Now The TPP’s Real Purpose Is Revealed

    The “TPP” has been “negotiated” in secret; our government refuses to release what’s in it and both Congress and President Rob-you-blindBama loves the complicity of both Congress and you.

    Now Wikileaks has gotten their hands on the health care component. Well, it’s not called that, but it clearly is that. Yes, this “trade agreement” is meant to, and will, prevent you from doing things like going to Mexico to get a medicine made there that sells for $100 instead of paying $30,000 for it here.

    And how will it do that? It will make the price $30,000 everywhere.

    Ok, maybe that’s a bit unfair. Maybe it won’t be $30,000. But you can bet it won’t be $100 either or anything close to it.

    I’ve spent so much digital ink on this since 2009 because it was clear that unless stopped the medical and pharmaceutical industries, in concert with the so-called “insurance” business, was going to ruin federal, state and local budgets — and you, personally.

    I’ll just stop here, because you’re still in your chair and still making excuses, and my keyboard is well-worn.

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