83% of Submissions To Christchurch City Council On Asset Sales Opposed Them


Extract from Christchurch City Council’s staff analysis of submissions received on Long Term Plan


“Asset Sales, Rates Rises and Anchor Projects


·        “For submissions commenting specifically on asset sales, 83 percent were opposed to them”.


·         For submissions commenting on funding the proposals in the LTP, just 4 percent were in support of the proposed rates increases.

·         For submissions commenting specifically on the Anchor Projects, 68 percent expressed opposition to funding proposals for them.
Many of the submissions opposing asset sales referred to the Anchor Projects as a reason for doing so”.

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  1. And still John key and Gerry Brownlee get there way.

    The council majority are backing off and selling them over 3 years.

    They are holding onto the big earners and the rest get sold off if this goes ahead.

    I am one of the 83% that opposed the sell off for the same reason I opposed the state asset sales.

  2. Crooks the lot of them – what gives them the right, when clearly the Christchurch people are against it!

    • Government by the people, for the people is little more than a sad joke these days. It’s more like, “Government – Fuck the people!” It should actually be National’s official election slogan.

  3. Gerry and john just don’t want to renegotiate the BLUEPRINT.

    Therefore saddling us with major projects we can do without while the important necessary stuff gets fixed.

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