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  1. The tyranny of Government sponsored monopoly capitalism encapsulated in one short story,…post/…elderly-forced-to-sign-up-to-ultrafast-broadband

    Neither Chorus or the Wellington City Council, (with in the background the Government as the funder), come out of this smelling other than being involved in institutionalized abuse of the elderly,

    It emerged yesterday as this story has continued to evolve on RadioNZ National that Chorus has the ability to provide a phone-line only service over the ultra-fast fiber optic network,

    Chorus’s mea culpa is that ”none of the ‘providers have asked for this service so it isn’t being delivered”, (why would the ‘providers’ hook people up to just a phone line when they can be ‘forced’ into an internet connection even when they will never use one),

    The Government and the Wellington City Council cannot escape this incident without being washed in the guilt of abuse of the elderly,

    The Wellington Council as can be seen in the ‘Stuff” article, if i can be forgiven a quick leap into the vernacular of the gutter, didn’t give a shit about the lives of the tenants it proposed to house in the new build Marshall Court Council flats and its obvious that by accident or design the funder of the ultra fast broadband roll-out, the Government, didn’t give an iota of thought to including the provision of an and/or clause in its contract with Chorus as far as being able to connect a simple phone line only to the fiber optic network,

    At the risk of sounding like a salesperson, ”but wait there’s more”, there is, more that is, it appears that in an emergency such as a long power outage the whole shoddy ‘grand ultra-fast fiber optic network’ craps out,

    It’s obvious that the regulator needs to step in and force Chorus and the independent providers who like the electricity providers/retailers give the appearance of having coalesced into a comfortable Cartel around the provision of fiber optic services to provide a phone only service with a price to the consumer that is equivalent to the copper line phone charge, and, all advertising of the fiber optic network should clearly offer such a phone-line only option…

  2. Good media coverage of our Martyn this morning on TV one.

    Did you all see our fearless Martyn Bradbury on one news interview by Alison Pugh between 7-8am today 5th May 2015? Martyn was good and rammed the issue home saying the waitress was repeatedly harassed with hair pulling by PM Key month after month after month against her wishes and constant complaints, and Alison also really sided (slightly as she could be allowed) in tightly regulated environment she is in there.

  3. Considering what’s going down at the moment with Key and his odious MPs, it’s all coming together now, why the Natsies didn’t want anything to do with Winston Peters’ suggestion (Bill?) for establishing a national sex offenders’ register, as a means to protect communities!

    A sickening, sinister little picture is beginning to take form amongst the Natsies!

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