If National aren’t sexist – how do you explain this photo by young female National Party supporters?


National are busy rushing around claiming they are not sexist, so how do you explain this calendar shot by Young National to raise funds?

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.21.27 am

Young women naked but for a shirt claiming to be a ‘Key Person’ is as creepy as Key’s weird need to touch ponytails.


  1. I pretty sure Louise Upston would defend it, quoting her Prime Sinister
    “It could have been men…”

    Where else can Young females go to meet Older men and drink and have a fun time? I know a party they can go to…

  2. The Sunday Times ran some arse-licking and vomit-inducing pieces on Key and his family.

    Editorial: Why PM John Key is our father of the year


    Stephie Key: ‘Rebellion is not the intention’

    The editorial states that John Key is a good father because he allows his children to take risks.
    Attending a private art school in the heart of bourgeois Paris with access to a bountiful trust-fund. Risky eh?.
    Posting images of yourself in your undies. Risky or just risqué?

    Good parenting isn’t really about risk but a moral judgement made about someone’s raising of their child, more precisely, if the ethical framework of the child is “judged good” then the parents were “good parents”.

    When I see Stephanie Key’s instagram account of her work
    I just see the aesthetic of a spoiled little rich girl.
    One particular image of her as a Room Service Maid
    appears to reflect the “judged bad” ethical framework of her father
    (The servant as sex toy).
    Surely children brought up surrounded by such privilege should know better.

    • @ EE – and the “artist” you have mentioned, goes by the name of Cherry Lazar when exhibiting, the surname being that of her late paternal grandmother. I suppose there will be a reason for that!

    • Those images remind me of someone else I know very well. I won’t go into details for privacy reasons, but the person I know was missing a father figure (he walked out) all her life. Even at age 40 she still has an empty space in her psyche for him. She does the same hair, make up stuff you see in the pics. Just wondering….

  3. Its a Northland school ,well Mr Key is trying to help Northland!!!!
    This calendar is not suitable for primary school kids.Although the girls depicted here are older,still not appropriate.

  4. I’m not sure I see this as “sexist”. It’s trying hard to be sexy but women are allowed to be sexy if they want. It’s more a matter of taste as to whether one likes it or not. Mostly my heart just sinks to think they support Key.

  5. Any other political leader would probably be horrified to be associated with a soft porn stunt like this, but from what he has done and said in recent weeks I would guess that Mr Key will think this is great. Wonder what we will get next – models claiming that Mr Key can unlock them any time?
    Seriously, is there any integrity left in the National Party or is it just a party for sleazebags?

  6. The issue isn’t so much that the girls/young women ‘dropped their pants’. The issue is that of the double standard where it’s OK for trust fund kids to drop their pants, but anyone lower-born is labelled ‘uncovered meat’.

  7. John Key is our father of the year, John Key worlds greatest rugby player, John Key supreme golf expert, John Key immortal fashion hair style…
    sounds familiar

    • Wow Jennifer,

      How about Best Carpenter with a hammer? (hammering in a nail on a Northland billboard)?

    • Sexism is exactly what it is and your are not yet sensitive or aware or intelligent enough to recognize it.
      Bet we would not see Young Nats boys half clothed bodies in this calendar ! ! ! ! !

      I bet these young women, some day down the road, will regret choosing to allow their half clothed bodies to promote a lying and unethical prime minister. Time and more exposure will tell the people the kind of man he really is. He is a corporation in disguise of a man. He is all about making money for himself and his corporate oil drilling etc. buddies. Meanwhile there is just not much money to properly help those in need in our country. We can send troops to an insane ongoing war but have not much money to help starving children and seniors and vets in need and on and on and on and on.
      Rock Star Economy my a____ .

      This is no smear campaign from the left, this is a dose of reality that you Ben, are unaware of the importance of. My experience of the Young Nats is that they are very much like their revered “so called” leader, lots of laughs and limited in substance and remaining out of touch with most New Zealanders.

      • The character of the prime minister and his party does not enter the equation here when we are discussing whether this calender is sexist or not. Your comment makes it sound like you assume I support Key and what his government is doing. Well I don’t, though once again that doesn’t matter in this discussion.

        Would you consider it just as sexist if it was for Labour? Would half-clothed men also be sexist?

        These women choose to be on this poster, there is real sexism in this world and this is not it.

      • If you see this as sexist you are part of the problem. This blog is irresponsibly claiming sexism for political purposes. How about highlighting the real sexism in our society and political parties.

      • For goodness sake, keep women in the kitchen barefoot, tell them what to wear, dont let them support a political party, no freedom of speech or expression….

      • A swinging voter who gets sick of both sides using what I would call dirty politics, and the above is one such example. (As a complete contrast – the campaign and ultimate success of the elimination of zero hour contracts is an absolute win for the left – that sort of campaign and action is perfect and does the left proud)

  8. I’m doomed . Because I think they’re cute ! The sad thing is, other than perhaps the fact that an old coot like me still has an eye for pretty women , is that they’ll look back on this and cringe in shame that they wore those awful T shirts . Not because they’re just cute young women having a laugh.

    I’m not sure that the image as such is sexist though. Perhaps I don’t really know what’s sexist and what’s not . I just like women . And if they’re scantily clad, all the better . Call me old fashioned if you must .

    On reflection it is pretty vile given the nature of yankee doodle psycho jonky-stiens behaviour towards the pony tail with the female human attached . Yes, then that is bloody poor form .

  9. At least they didn’t stoop to “I’m a Key girl”, though person and this picture suggest both genders are “open” to Key.

    Can just imagine this year’s photo. In light of recent revelations, a true Key woman will have a ponytail; “he can jerk me anytime”.

  10. This sexist garbage came to light because Judith Collins gave it to a political journo, Tova O’Brian….in May….has the cat shown her claws?

  11. Is the ice cream voucher a hint that none of the above girls are over 16 years old? They look like they could be anywhere from 15 to 18 years old.

    If the founding principles of the National Party are still in effect in today’s Party, then this is definitely sexist. If they aren’t and we measure it only by today’s values, then it’s more a statement of ownership over “lesser ranking individuals” inside the Party and to a degree, society in general.

    I find this about as offensive as the whole “biz-kids” movement. Which is to say, it is offensive, stupid, and a movement that supports wilful ignorance of peer-reviewed developmental research. Thinking your favourite aspirational group owns your young people like cattle labour units, to be exploited for self-promotion, is pretty callous. I feel lucky to not have been born into the life. Envious I am not.

  12. Are the participants in the photo shoot all over 18 years of age? Is this even mentioned on the calendar? I would like to know.

  13. None of those girls in the picture look happy to be there. Wonder how they were coerced into to baring their bodies. Unless it’s a joke I don’t get, the ice cream ticket suggests underage girls.

  14. Do I detect emerging similarities between Gloriavale and the Nats …. their attitudes to women, their style of leadership, their ‘if you’re not for us you’re against us’ attitude, etc etc…???

    Maybe Campbell Live has a subliminal message for the country in his coverage of Gloriavale. Which will mean another nail in his programme’s coffin, no doubt.

  15. Why can’t they have a pair of pants on? Three of them are pulling the t-shirts down – uncomfortable, or making the logo more readable? Is this meant to be “a bit naughty”? Strange. They look quite young to me, 14/15. Is it like, look – new cattle for the cause! Check these out, candidates! They’ll be coming on line as, er, voters, soon…
    It looks like a form of submission to the cause. Hazing?
    I remember a soundbite from either the first or second JK election victory. A reporter was moving through the crowd at Nat party “headquarters”, and stopped to ask a woman what she thought of the election win. She just stared at him and said, oh, you’ll have to ask my husband about that. I think it’s a deeply, DEEPLY, chauvinist party. Gives me the cold sweats to be in those kinds of environments. You can feel the bloodlessness of the place.

  16. Hi folks

    Does anybody know what’s wrong with The Daily Standard today 5th May – I go into both this site and TDB but can’t access it this afternoon? Says the webpage is down. Can anyone explain what’s wrong??

  17. The girls almost look like they are under duress, holding their t-shirts down as far as they will go and moving their legs into positions suggesting they are trying to protect their modesty.

  18. any one that thinks this photo is ok in any way, the girls are under 16 years old, do you not understand that?
    Im sure some will argue we dont know the age of the girls, in a jury case where the ages in photos is not known, the jury decides, in all honesty Id have to say these girls are under age – Im sure its totally normal for national supporters

  19. If the Labour or any other party had produced something like this, the MSM and the Nationalphile broadcasters would be screaming about child porn.

  20. I wonder who the photographer was, could it have a person who resigned for personal reasons or was it that MPs brother.

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