The NZ Herald editorial – it’s all ‘our’ fault for calling the PMs behaviour harassment



When the only person willing to defend your actions in the media is Bob Jones, you have a problem. Bob Jones of course infamously wrote a snuff column for the NZ Herald in 2013 where Jones gloated over goading another human being into committing suicide, so his views on what is harassment and what isn’t are about as worthwhile as Josef Mengele’s musings on First Aid.

Today’s editorial by the NZ Herald however manages to out gross Bob’s misogynist rantings by suggesting that the fact the PM hasn’t been dented in their poll means those who have called the PM’s behaviour by what it is – harassment – are somehow to blame…

He probably owes his survival in the poll to his enemies. They were so quick to accuse him of bullying, harassment, physical abuse and worse, that fair-minded people came to his defence.

… that’s right folks, because NZ is full of  privileged blokes who never want their own uninvited touching of woman to ever be considered ‘harassment’, the PM has been saved from any political damage because ‘we’ called the PMs behaviour for what it is, bullying harassment that is unacceptable.

Note the NZ Herald editorial doesn’t look at their own role in this whitewash. They don’t look at using a Dirty Politics player like Rachel Glucina who deceived  the young woman and put words into her mouth to make it look like a politically motivated complaint. The NZ Herald don’t look at their own responsibility in publishing the story even after being told the woman had removed her permission to use the photos and comments. They don’t even consider the manner in which Glucina spun the story as a reason why people are complacent – oh no, it’s all the fault of us hysterical lefties who seethe that the most corrupt politician in recent modern political history with dirty politics and mass surveillance lies can get away with it. Whose office colluded with the SIS to falsely smear the Leader of the Opposition in 2011 and who can seemingly harass and bully a young female worker in her place of work and have that abuse minimised because we have the temerity to call it for what it is.

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This will start impacting politics when the huge number of women who have flocked to National start questioning Key’s behaviour, not when the men who vote National excuse it.

The audacity of the NZ Herald knows no bounds.


  1. Yr on fire TDB.
    Keyreep stalked one of his employers. Us. NZers.
    Not U.S.
    He wouldn’t dare pull Obamas daughters hair.
    He works for US.

  2. OMG, I have just read the disgusting “Sycophant, Lunatic Rant” by Jones (one of the most Common of names is our society BTW) and am flabbergasted that indeed, the Herald would even allow that type of Rant in our MSM, what the hell are they playing at and who the hell is the Editor that would allow that to be published ?
    This “Sycophant Lunatic Rant” should have only ever been on “Jones” own personal blog (if he has one (and who the F would read it with those types of blogs anyway)) at the most !!! What the F has happened to the main stream media in our country? Oh, that’s right, they are owned by wealthy people just trying to justify their existence and make even more money…sorry I forgot for a moment. Jones is obviously out of touch with Real New Zealander’s…you know…REAL PEOPLE…he obviously knows F..k all and obviously pays “Money” for any real personal encounters, coz I can’t imagine any real people wanting that type of unreal relationship unless they are money diggers !!! Real people don’t need money to be intimate !!!

    He say’s “Politicians are particularly vulnerable”, I am sure they are more vulnerable if they are liars and have to cover their lies….anyone is vulnerable, especially IF THEY LIE !!!

    When it comes down to it, the whole article is a load of absolute crap !!! I used to think Jones was OK…well this article has tossed that out the window along with the “Sexually excited Tossers” who think they can touch women and children how they want to and not be caught out (Northland By-election gave some truths to public opinion and KNOWLEDGE)….makes me think GloriaVale might be worth looking into for A COMPARISON.

    FFS, I would like to know how those other parents feel now that John “Sociopath” Key has been “outed” for his “Fetish”, you know…the ones whose Little Girls hair has been played with (caught on Camera, so NO denial) …those Little girls parents who just stood by and thought nothing of his “Creepy Attention” and the touching of their children. HOW DO THEY FEEL NOW !!

    • And the NZ Herald “Blocks” replies… !!!! When it says it is open to reply…it does not let you reply…even to be able to comment does NOT work half the time !!!

        • Um Gossy, same could be said about you as well!

          However, despite opposing views, it’s called free speech! Part of a “free and open” media (joke these days). A democratic freedom, which we seem to be losing rapidly!

        • You don’t of course, Gosman. But if we’re sufficiently tolerant at TDB that we’re willing to endure your incessant National Party bum-licking, I’d like to think the Herald could be just a little more thick-skinned in regard to comments critical of Key and the MSM.

        • Foff Gosman and peddle your shite somewhere else. Noone here gives a rat’s arse about anything you have to say.

          Come in, be one of the two votes against comments made by people here, then foff. You’ll get your 30 pieces of silver for trolling and most of us here know what you’ll spend the money on, without having to spell it out in white and white.

        • Would you mind if you were not allowed to post on this site? You regularly express your opinion on this site – and I probably don’t agree with most of your opinions. And I don’t hide behind a nom de plume.

          • Gosman – and we all assume this is some arcane abbreviation of “Gossip Man’. You regularly express your opinion on this site and bemoan the lack of freedom of speech.

            You regularly express your opinion on this site – and we probably don’t agree with most of your opinions, but the Ross Clark Fan Club don’t hide behind a nom de plume either.

            • I’m too humble to have a fan club, can the moderator please delete the previous comment as it is obviously someone attempting humour – we are not amused.

              • If the fan club’s previous comment is withdrawn, do we have the right to petition the Press Council?

        • Talking of websites, will some one please explain what happened last night on TDB website . I attempted to access it at about 7pm and found this message on your site, instead.
          “The Daily Blog is currently undergoing maintentance” because” the Daily Blog has been compromised and is currently under repair”. To me this read as though an attempt had been made to sabotage the site so I put a comment on my own Facebook site to alert others to this attempted breach and closed by saying ” The Daily Blog was of course the website that first published the letter of the waitress who was harassed in the John Key ‘pigtail’ fiasco. Is anyone surprised that it is under attack?”
          Tonight I check out your web site. Everything is working and no explanation at all as to what had happened. Can I have an explanation please? This is the way that conspiracy theories start.

        • Gosman says:
          April 30, 2015 at 9:41 am (Edit)

          Why do you think you have an automatic right to have your comments appear on someone elses website?

          What stuns me isn’t that that you said that, Gosman, but that you appear utterly oblivious to the irony of your 9.41 statement.

          • also love how a comment that is more to do with the poor and erratic functioning of a website (to the point where it raises questions about moderation methods) equates to a demand to be allowed to comment in gosmans world.

            The herald comments section routinely displays incorrect comment counts, has comments counts that reduce over time and have some very questionable patterns of editor moderation occuring

            Im not saying they are doing this on purpose – could just be shit coding – but given what we know about the heralds journalistic ethics its not a stretch to claim they are fiddling around with the comments as well

            • Planet Key
              Gosman’s world
              La la land

              All three have a peculiar similitude.

              However, let me wax lyrical and say with a portmanteau neologism – 66.67% of these worlds have fuckwititude in common.

      • Hi Sally.

        I have noticed for a while now most of my posts to opinion forums in msm are not published, despite being diluted versions of what I post here!

        Trying to avoid too many negative comments about Key and his mob of crooks I think. Don’t want too many people thinking for themselves it seems.

  3. The woman who wrote the ‘open’ letter to the National party women’s caucus about the behaviour of FJK, is making a complaint to the Press Council for the disgusting way they have handled this.

  4. Why does the ponytail take on significance? Partially because of the act, but more importantly what it’s symptomatic of – John Key’s selective yet infectious myopia.
    Seems that Key can share his myopia with a significant proportion of the populace – they don’t want to see what he can’t or chooses not to see.

    As for the Herald, they are just echoing the narrative that the whole thing is a “left-wing beat-up” – that scummy left trying to take the shine off teflon John. Spin doctors gotta spin.

  5. If someone from the opposition had done what John Key has done I can imagine what the NZ Herald would accuse him of: something not very short of attempted rape. Resign! Resign!
    Just when you think the NZ Herald can’t stoop any lower, you suddenly realize that they can and will. As Nationalphiles there are fewer better and more dedicated.

    • However, if you go to Michael Laws Facebook page they’re fulminating about the left wing biased mainstream media – go figure.

      • Jeez – Michael Laws is further right than Ghengis Khan, but a darling to himself because he resigned from the Nats on a “conscience” issue.

        Great that he was decent about resigning, but a conversation between Mike Hosking and Michael Laws would be two very one-sided monologues about themselves. Add Paul Henry into the mix and it would be 3 one-sided sellfologues, with each respectively being the main topic of monoversation.

  6. Fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter what ‘opinions’ a person has…even if that person is an editor of a large media outlet.

    The law has been broken.

    Quite deliberately .

    And even if it is by someone with high social status , yes….even the PM. The law is there for a reason.

    There is no belittling that fact.

    A push , a shove , or a hair pull….if unwarranted or non consensual is by definition common assault. No amount of ‘opinions’ will ever change that.

    As for this common assault , it was carried on over a period of 7 months. Ample time for the perpetrator to desist when asked . He did not.

    Therefore….being one holding such high office…indeed … one who is part of our governing process that actually passes laws…there is no excuse.

    The law was broken . Clearly.

    To make light of the very laws passed by that official …is to make light of the legal process underpinning the very democracy this country is foundered on.

    There is no law for one but not the other.

    This govt seems to have a habit of breaking laws ,…and placing working people in compromised positions.

    Gerry Brownlee with skirting basic security measures at an airport , This latest blatant case of offending by this PM.

    Even the Saudis were polite enough not to touch on the subject when Key was giving a talk on human rights….not so here…we as the people of this country have vested interests in seeing that the law is upheld….and it is now a matter of public interest despite what supporters of National or the media might claim.

    Not minimized or detracted from , not fobbed off as a minor slip up.

    There have been many cases involving citizens that have been dealt with by the courts over such things.

    Clearly to try and pass off this assault as some sort of joke , is to put those very laws and the judicial system on trial itself…by the sheer act of omission…..

    In doing so, …undermines our very democratic foundations itself.

  7. With media like this, the government and PM John Key can lean back comfortably, and look ahead for a fourth term. They have their mates and friends in core media positions, being editors, managers and also front persons, always there to spin the positive for Key out of anything.

    And as the public continue to rather trust the MSM, no matter how hard blogs try, their influence remains rather marginal.

    I despair about the status quo in New Zilliland.

  8. He is still high in the polls because people have been TOLD for so many years that he’s so great, a real pal, that – apart from those who actually question what they get told – they can’t NOT like him. The media needs to pull their bloody fingers out and do their jobs for a change – or we’ll just have to wait for Gen Y to wake up politically.

      • I wonder if the defense layers will seek name-suppression in perpetuity, and request a continuance of the case until after the 2017 election?

        If granted, there will be a collective palms-on-the-forehead moment for Daily Blog readers, a collective sigh of WTF and Joe Public will go on watching sport, cringing at The Batchelor, and utter moronic mutterings about left-wing conspiracy. Vodaphone Bowl-Cuts will be mandatory in contracts for service workers to prevent pony-tail and hair-tuggers.

        And if you look closely at the statue on top of the Old Bailey (which is incidentally facing towards New Zealand), there will be a solitary tear squeezing out from under her blindfold.

        W(h)ither democracy?

        • Why did you vote this down Gosman? Would you prefer the boil to be lanced well before the election so that damage control or diversion can be put in place?
          How about another Royal visit?
          Another trade deal?
          A ‘nearly’ budget surplus?
          A new flag or a new name for the Beehive?
          More synthetics being legal?

          Whatever you and the spin doctors come up with, you all might find it hard to avoid the fallout this time.

    • Cagey – Eh?? He is still popular in the polls because most NZers are self absorbed and totally uninterested in what really goes on. They are fools, and fools follow a fool.
      NZ is hardly unique in this, nor the current point in history, also the ms media is owned and says what it’s told.

    • its quite scary the number of people who seem to think that “shit i say and do in the pub” is the yard stick for how our top civil servant is meant to behave

  9. Anyone recall what Key said to Demelza Leslie, Radio NZ journo, in Ch Ch during the election campaign? Something like “get out of my way or I ‘ll ??? you.” She was on the footpath with another female journo and expressed her shock.

  10. You know, my husband is quite a blokey-bloke. His “hysteria” barometer barely registers when other people are screaming. When I told him about “Fingers” Key and showed him the John Oliver clip, he recoiled. He looked at me and said: That guy’s a creep. There’s something seriously wrong with him. You don’t do sh*t like that. I think the Herald have it wrong and also, how many women vote for Key? How many women will have been subject to harassment like this, passing as a joke? I’d say A LOT.
    As for Red Lips Rachel: isn’t she the one that wrote the diatribe on Charlotte Dawson – after Dawson’s suicide? She’s a parlour snake.

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