Why MediaWorks will try and kill off Campbell Live despite the massive surge in ratings


Despite this…


…despite this…

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…and despite this…

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Campbell Live ratings surge

On Monday night the TV3 show recorded an average audience of more than 419,000 viewers – the fifth highest rating episode ever and only the sixth time Campbell Live topped 400,000, the Throng website reported.

…MediaWorks management seem set to kill off Campbell Live. The argument being pushed by Whaleoil’s advertising agency – Throng – is that MediaWorks will kill off Campbell Live because people aren’t sticking around to watch the rest of TV3s crap. Isn’t that hilarious? Because TV3 has nothing worthwhile following Campbell Live, it’s Campbell Live’s fault?

If MediaWorks want to solve this, they just need to extend Campbell Live by another 30minutes!

So Campbell Live was losing ratings so Campbell Live is for the chop. Now Campbell Live is rating it’s bad because no one sticks around for TV3s poor programming?

The moving goalposts are on purpose. The CEO of MediaWorks, a mate of John Key, seems more interested in a TV3 that doesn’t criticise the PM than one that does.

If we roll over and allow MediaWorks to denigrate the already weakened media’s ability to ask hard questions, our democracy suffers.



    • I had to look up “remora” – wondered if you meant Remuera, but no,
      “The remoras sometimes called suckerfish, are a family (Echeneidae) of ray-finned fish in the order Perciformes.”

      • Thanks Hugh, I thought it was a well-known parasitic reference and apologies to any ACT supporters Epsom, or Remuerans who were harmed in this ironic metaphor.

  1. If he is that good, the opposition will employ him. The other day, the show got great ratings, and he was away! Mind you, I was in Christchurch the other day, and the lack of progress there still deserves attention, and Campbell was pretty good at keeping on about that. By the way, when is Anderton going to bugger off and let some progress happen around the Cathedral? Would have though the centre of town would be where they start?

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