The Countdown Begins: 300 Days to Paris



Today marks 300 days until world leaders meet in Paris to negotiate a climate agreement, so here are my thoughts in 300 words.

This is the year the world will choose how to respond to climate change, the biggest issue of our time.

The Paris 21st Conference of Parties climate meeting later this year is one of the most important climate change meetings in history and is one of the last chances to lock in urgent greenhouse gas emission reductions after the Kyoto Protocol expires.

2015 is the year of the climate.

We can join the world and meet this challenge. With a global deal on climate change expected to be signed in Paris, our Government must decide whether to be on the right side of history, or continue to be part of the problem.

Paris is known as the City of Love, and is our chance to protect our planet that we love.

Six years on the failed Copenhagen talks the science screams urgency. We are seeing the impacts of global warming in the increase in global temperatures, melting glaciers and icepacks, and increase in extreme weather events. Our neighbours in the South Pacific are on the frontlines of climate change and have their entire nations and cultures threatened by rising sea levels.

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When New Zealand is represented at Paris, Kiwis want to know their Government and Prime Minister are arguing for a safe and stable climate not excuses for inaction, playing a constructive role, and locking in an emissions reduction target that sees us doing our fair share as a good global citizen.

The Greens have made climate change a priority campaign this year and we will be running a strong campaign to grow the climate movement and put pressure on our Government to do the right thing in Paris. Now is the time. We have the power to create change and demand our Government takes action to protect our future.


  1. I’m afraid my feelings on this subject may be summed up by a few song titles from Talking Heads (the US rock group, not the TV talking heads idiots on our screens).

    All the ‘Once in a Lifetime’,’Warning Sign'[s] was not given the ‘1, 2, 3, Stoplight’ as the ‘Making Flippy Floppy’ ‘Psycho Killer’s- Qu`est-ce que c`est?(What is this)-continued to proceed with ‘Burning Down The House’ in Copenhagen.
    ‘Don’t Worry About The Government’ they’re ‘Slippery People’ who are running us down a ‘Road to Nowhere’ while ‘Dancing For Money’ at ‘The Democratic Circus’. Time for ‘A Clean Break ‘ with ‘Eyes Wide Open’.’I Want to Live’- now my’ Lifetime [is] Piling Up’ to have been a ‘Life During Wartime’- in a ‘City of Dreams’ with ‘Cool Water’ with non-‘Blind’ ‘Eyes Wide Open’.’This Must Be the Place’.
    Unfortunately we may have to ‘Pull up The Roots’ as it may be too late for ‘A Perfect World’.

  2. It’s good thought. And I wish Our government were more onside, But there’s reason I have low expectations of this Koch(et al) sucking government.

  3. “When New Zealand is represented at Paris, Kiwis want to know their Government and Prime Minister are arguing for a safe and stable climate”
    A safe and stable climate has gone: that was the Holocene. We are now in the Anthropocene. Gaia who gave us stability has lost control to the Human fossil fuel powered juggernaut. Our last chance for a stable climate was in the 70s and would have entailed rapid abandonment of fossil fuels and the end of Industrial Civilisation.

    All the indicators now are that we’ll have disastrous rises in Global Average Temps even by 2050. What we can do is to prepare life boat New Zealand. To say the above is political suicide as compared with your hopium.

    • Realistically, the Paris agenda should be “How do we deal with extinction and retain our dignity?”

      Forget the blame game, burners gotta burn, deniers gotta deny but here and now humans are screwed, how can we shut this whole thing down with the least amount of pain and suffering?

      She’s terminal, Bruce – it’s palliative care from here on, with love and compassion.

    • We have triggered multiple reinforcing feedbacks. Already methane release is markedly increasing. There’s enough methane in the Siberian and other Arctic areas to cause human extinction by destroying human habitat. The Arctic Ice Cap is melting back year by year and its albedo effect being lost trapping more and more heat in the Earth system. This process is now unstoppable. Human conferences in Paris won’t make one iota of difference.

      However. Do enjoy the Paris, the city of love when you’re sent there to represent the Greens, I wouldn’t begrudge you that! I’d do the same!
      I’d be counting down too to little lovely trip to Pareee all expenses paid! Not long to go now! 🙂

  4. global warming is the biggest crisis facing humanity. We have already had 0.05 degrees of warming per decade this century.

    (Although that number is much less than the error bounds)

    The time to take action is now. We need to suspend democracy and form a one world global governence structure, where everyone is ground into perpetual serfdom,

    We certainly won’t be bothering with trivia like health care, education, etc. We will be paying our “green taxes” to the bankers, who are laughing at all the useful idiots that made this happen.

    • Your comment, Andy, sounds like arrant nonsense, unless I am misunderstanding you. No suspension of democracy, no grinding of serfs required. No need to enrich the already wealthy. That is another, relatively unrelated argument.
      The plan ought to be to tax undesirable activities and subsidize the activities you want more of. (I heard that once on Fox News, but it is no less true for that). Should there be any extra receipts, they can be used to promote and enhance the various transformations needed to live in a more responsible – not necessarily less satisfying or comfortable – relationship with the planet.

    • ANDY(S),
      You state without reference links- ‘We have already had 0.05 degrees of warming per decade this century (Although that number is much less than the error bounds)’. From the below reference site… ‘For the last 50 years, global temperature rose at an average rate of about 0.13°C’…Even if the current warming rate was linear we would be looking at 0.5 degrees of warming over the century -let’s hope no positive feed back loops kick in.
      Guy McPherson claimed in a lecture that monthly global temperatures have been raising since February 1985. I thought it statically unlikely there was not at least one colder moth over this time, so I found this graph on the NOAA web site which I can’t confirm is correct..

    • Andy – thank god people like you weren’t able to spout their arrant nonsense when our Ozone Layer was being threatened by the release of man-made CFC pollutants.

      Because whilst deniers like you maintain that humans are not responsible (or capable) for altering this planet’s atmospheric, the fact is that it has happened.

      We came perilously close once, only a few decades ago.

      It is happening again.

    • I’ve long been a “global warming” skeptic, and more recently they’ve changed the moniker to “climate change” presumably since that is impossible to disprove given that the climate is by its very nature ALWAYS changing as evidenced by millions of years of geological/ice core records, including period MUCH hotter than now and with far higher CO2 levels (no one seems to mention that, but does anyone ever ask “why”? See, as a scientist, I do). But all that would be forgiven if the science around “climate change” is 100% sound, but it isn’t. I hate to muddy the waters here but:

        • Hi Richard Christie;

          Did you not read or understand the link Nitrium provided
          properly? Also note a slight case of belittlement.

          This is not just an opinion piece,he provided a link to show the manipulation of data.He could have shown a better one.

          The article gave names and sites you could of searched
          yourself to check. Did you? No.

          You acknowledge that Nitrium is a scientist. Then go on
          to say “you pay scant attention to the science” ??

          All you have done is provide links to the agency’s that
          are part of the deception in the article.!!

          What Nitrium is saying is 100% correct. Go and check at

          And I don’t put up sites lightly without being thoroughly
          checked and vetted.
          A huge data base,visited by academics and students alike.
          Concentrates on what the MSM are NOT telling us.
          Edited by a professor from Canada. Go to the about section.

          You have some homework to do.


          • You want science and the conclusions scientists arrive at, go to the original sources.

            Like NASA.
            Like NOAA.

            Or organisations that survey the science in a transparant manner,

            like the IPCC

            Not newspapers.

            Not politically motivated blogs or astroturf think-tank sites fixated on one-world-gubbmint konspiracy such as the one you linked to.

            You should improve your methodology. There is no spooky konspiracy, NASA are not lying to you.

      • Isn’t this old news NITRIUM,? I’m sure I have seen numerous reports that claim it was a mistake to state 2114 was the hottest year on record, , however, I haven’t see any claims that the global temperatures are not still rising each year.

      • The fundamental science was settled in the 19th century with the discovery of the Greenhouse Effect. No greenhouse effect and the earth would be freezing.
        The greenhouse gases absorb/retain heat from the sun.
        You could think of them as insulation – a bit like BATTS in the roof space.
        Add more BATTS get more/better insulation. Add more greenhouse gases – retain more heat.
        That’s the basis of it and is unchanging.
        Climate and weather are complex and complicated and all sorts of variations occur.
        But underneath it all – more GHGs mean more heat retention.
        How that manifests is debatable. But manifest it will.

  5. Good on you Andy build that straw man and knock it down again. Your argument Is totally Irrelevant to the discussion.

    “Anon”, please choose a more specific user-name in future. I’ll let this one go through. – ScarletMod

  6. Gareth;

    It’s time to stop this nonsense and for you,the Green Party and others to start doing our own research instead of taking as gospel what is
    handed down by the UN,IMF etc.

    The IPCC report has recently been totally discredited,hence the
    change of wording from Global Warming to Climate Change.

    Every weather scientist knows that the SUN is the main driver of
    climate systems both on Earth and other planets.
    BUT it is NOT included in their computer models. Why?
    That’s a red flag right there and makes their science a FRAUD!!

    It’s called a Dominate Social Theme that keeps being repeated over
    and over by the Corporate Media, regardless of the truth of the science,because it fits with the global agenda of control of people,
    small to medium business and nations to tax into bankruptcy on a
    path to Global Governance. See -glossary.

    The sun has been in It’s min cycle and It’s coming max looks weak
    this time around,so why are there extreme weather events taking
    Don’t get me wrong.There are record heat AND cold events taking
    place in certain AREA’s,especialy the Arctic and the USA.

    The answer is GEOENGINEERING.

    This subject has been kept secret,with no-one allowed to talk about
    until recently.
    Articles are starting to appear in some mainstream news. eg The
    Washington Post,but it is being spun as a possibility for Global Dimming when in fact it has been going on for quite some time.

    In fact,NZ and other nations are already signed up thru the UN.

    Russia insisted that it be covered in the IPCC report.
    A small paragraph was inserted at the end of the lengthy report.
    Hence small numbers would have read it and NOT covered by MSM. is the main site to cover this with
    air,water and soil sample results to verify. can confirm with patents and Gvt documents

    http://www.NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND CHEMTRAILS WATCH – a few articles may be suspect but a lot of photo’s from all over NZ.

    http://www.Activist Post – has a comprehensive report dated Jan 28 by
    Catherine J. Frompovich titled “An Indisputable Database for
    Chemtrail Deniers” – For more search on site the term geoegineering

    It is real folks.


    • The answer is GEOENGINEERING.

      This subject has been kept secret,with no-one allowed to talk about
      until recently.

      Ahhh, and only you know the “secret”, Iain? Only the special anointed ones are privy to the”secret” that either no one else knows – or is being kept suppressed by The Cabal (Illuminati?)…

      Chemtrails, huh?

      • Frank,
        Read a lot of your comments and never thought you may be a
        gatekeeper. please say this is not so.

        Chemtrail is a loaded word and conspiracy usually follows,
        carefully protected on Wikipiedia as you probably know.

        Geoengineering is the proper term so search the term on the
        first two sites and you will find out for yourself before you
        debunk.all the patents and documents are there.
        Note that I did not use the word chemtrail,it was in the last
        two sites listed unfortunately.already showing “server not found.
        Geoengineering term is found on Wiki,not that you can trust
        what they say anyway.
        The subject is already mainstream,Frank.Just go and look and
        look up.
        I must say I’m surprised.You have not taken the info on board,
        just attacked the messenger instead.
        Where have we seen that before? I repeat,It’s already out!
        No secret now.


        • Iain,

          If I sound uber cynical and dismissive of geo-engineering (a term usually reserved for other planets such as Mars or Venus in the far future) and chemtrails, it’s because I’ve read so many comments from climate-change deniers* invoking those terms (and others) – and yet dismissive of the most simple reality of all; that increased CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide has consequences.

          It’s no different to the massive amounts of chloroflourocarbons (CFCs) our species dumped into the atmosphere last century – with disastrous effects to the Ozone Layer.

          Consider that those who deny anthropogenic climate change are very, very silent on the fact that Humans have already influenced our atmosphere once in our recent history.

          The only reason there was no opposition to eliminating CFCs (or even identifying CFCs as a root cause of Ozone Layer damage) was that vested interests – the powerful fossil fuel industry – did not fund a vocal opposition.

          The facts are that at the same time CO2 levels have risen – so has temperature. It’s fairly clearly linked. (Unless NASA is in on the “Great Hoax”?)

          Geo-engineering, chemtrails, etc, are a distraction which serves the interests of the fossil fuel industry – but not the human race.

  7. All the climate scietists I know (a few), are saying privately, the 2C rise the IPCC are talking about is super conservative. They are saying, more like 4-6 C by 2060 is very much on the cards, if we carry on as we are…..

  8. Is our planet being poisoned and polluted by emmissions? Absolutely. The argument put forth by people who deny climate change is that the world naturally heats up and cools down in cycles, which is also true. The problem is that due to rampant pollution and abuse of the environment, the cycle is occurring at an unnatural rate, amplifying the effects. For every action, there is a reaction. I don’t believe taxing the large pollution emmitters will help. The money will be funnelled elsewhere by crooks, just like every other tax. The only solution is to minimise consumption and hit them in the pocket that way. Stop buying their crap goods. Recycle whatever you can. Make your own natural compost, etc. Demand from our government mass manufacture of electric cars. Stop spending money you don’t have, on crap you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like.

    • We need to clear out these climate change deniers such as this Iain McLean’s because they do not live in the “real world” as we do living on the land and off the weather that promotes our life.

      These trolls only cite phoney reports from industry sources, so disregard their tripe and observe this.

      We are headed for extinction for sure, as I witnessed a one meter sea rise every year around our fragile coastal flats over the last decade.

      These idiots should get out onto the land and coastal areas and see the utter devastation the melting of our ice caps is causing with the sea level rise NOW INCREASING EVERY YEAR.

      Fossil fuels increasingly used in transport as these National Party idiots are closing rail and promoting more & more inefficient truck freight uses so that our cities and roads are clogged with these car occupant killing monster trucks.

      NIWA and a Fuels & energy reports both claim that moving one tonne one km by truck instead of by rail pollutes the air up to 100 times more emissions than moving it by rail.
      NIWA reports rail uses 5-9 times less fuel to move the same amount of freight than it would use by truck road freight.
      Trucks shed vast qualities of tyre particulates into the air and scientists have now found these black tyre dust particles are settling on the ice caps thousands of KMs away and contributing to the increasing melting of ice caps by attracting the suns heat onto the ice caps.
      Yesterday 15 trucks passed just on the other side of us down the main street in the five minutes that we travelled through Te Puke on our way to Papamoa out of Tauranga, all while the railway remains mostly idle.
      What a bunch of idiots our National Government politicians are,
      wake up before it is to late if is has not already past that time already.

  9. I am impressed with the # of people on this blog who understand this shit.
    This is how I see it
    It took something like 10 – 80,000 years for the planet to go from about 280 to 400 ppm CO2, humans have managed this in about 250 years?
    During that time ice would have melted and CH4 would have ‘burped’ at intermittent intervals, the planet might have gone through a short period of warming, then once the affect of the burp had gone, it would have stagnated for a century or so, then another burp of methane etc.
    Un like now we have rocketed to 400 ppm CO2, and in excess of 1.85 ppm Ch4, which after about 4 months of study, and maybe 100 climate change people quizzed, I think I can say Ch4 is a minim of 150 times worse a gas than CO2, with some consecrations up to 1,000 times as strong,
    So – 400 ppm CO2 + 300 (+god knows) ppm CO2e (as CH4) and something like 100 ppm CO2e – N2O. = 800 ppm easy.
    Near Term Human Extinction is getting close now, we should know inside of the next 2 years , I hope I’m wrong

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