About Dr Martin Hirst

Dr Martin Hirst.

Dr Martin HirstDr Martin Hirst is associate professor of journalism and multimedia in the School of Communication & Creative Arts, Deakin University. He is co-editor of the journal, Political Economy of Communication.

Over the past 15 years Dr Hirst has led and taught journalism courses in Australia and New Zealand. From 2007-2011 he was head of journalism at AUT in Auckland. He was a 2008 Erasmus Mundus teaching fellow at City University London. He is co-author of Journalism Ethics: Arguments & Cases (2014 with Roger Patching) and Communication & New Media: Broadcast to Narrowcast (2014 with John Harrison & Patricia Mazepa) and News 2.0: Can journalism survive the Internet (2011). He contributes to numerous journals, magazines and blogss on journalism and society. You can find him at @ethicalmartini.

Dr Hirst’s research interests include journalism theory and practice; the reporting of terrorism; political economy of news and media; technology and relations of journalism practice; journalism, democracy and the public sphere; journalism law and ethics.  He is currently involved in a range collaborative projects in journalism scholarship and education.