PODCAST: Buchanan + Manning on What Putin wants from a negotiated diplo-solution

A View from Afar, February 17.2022.

A View from Afar – In this podcast, political scientist Paul Buchanan and Selwyn Manning deep-dive into the latest events emerging from the Russia/Ukraine crisis, and they consider:

  • What does Russia’s Vladimir Putin want from NATO and the US in a negotiated diplomatic solution to the Ukraine issue?
  • And what, from Ukraine’s perspective, is the most favourable outcome from the threat of the Russian military build-up on its border.
  • Also, in the US there are concerns that once the Beijing Winter Olympics concludes, the Peoples Republic of China may assert a renewed diplomatic crisis with Taiwan.
  • But, does this fit with a renewed Russia-PRC strategic partnership? And what does such a strategic partnership look like?

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  1. So. When is Russia ‘really’ going to invade the Ukraine?

    A. In the next 24hrs
    B. 48hrs
    C. Sometime in the future, maybe?

  2. what putin wants is simple, remove nato troops from the ukraine, make it plain they won’t be joining nato and possibly the removal of short range nukes from poland….not excessive really is it? and problem over..but other forces don’t want it to be over…crisis is a good distraction and if it tips over into war the poles and the ukrainians will be ‘collateral damage’

    • gagarin,

      Good input bro.

      Sleepy Joe is doing all he can to force Russian hands and pouring gasoline on dry tinder. Putin states Biden is fanning the flames and creating hysteria. I believe he’s right.

      Biden proved once again how completely inept he really is with the shambolic withdrawal debacle from Afghanistan yet it’s difficult to read any links about the Russian crisis that don’t begin with “President Joe Biden says”.

      I wish Sleepy Joe would STFU and go back and sit in his rocking chair while trying to work out the challenging complexities of peeling a banana.

  3. I understand that Russia doesn’t want Nato right on their border but similarly I imagine that many in Eastern Europe didn’t want to be sealed behind the Iron Curtain for decades or thousands of Poles wanted to be executed in the Katyn Forest.

  4. ask churchill he’s the one who gave poland to stalin in return for greece..the bit of paper still exists..(back of a lunch menu actually)

    and you sum up eastern europe in a nut shell..’your grandad shit on my grandad’ is a claim all in the area without exception can make about everyone else in the region going back centuries…what we have is a situation here and now today we need to deal with it in those terms….

  5. Thank you for the podcast.
    Ukraine possesses 15 operational nuclear power plants.
    Europe’s largest nuclear plant is situated in Zaporizhzhia near the Kakhovka reservoir on the Dnieper river in the Donetsk region.
    It is also among the top 10 largest nuclear plants in the world.
    In my opinion military conflict would be a catastrophe both regionally and globally.
    That is the last thing Putin wants.
    NATO and the US have been encroaching on Russia’s western border for decades and the rhetoric around Ukraine joining NATO was a step too far and his reaction was predictable in that it sends a message of pause to Washington.
    The Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been delayed by US energy interests and their allies in the EU but a cheap secure supply of gas to heat their homes is overall more appealing than the more expensive and not as secure US supplied gas.
    Voters freezing in their homes is not something that any Euro politician will survive an election on.
    Most Euro countries do not support any conflict in the Ukraine but the US demands an empirical acquiescence.
    The US energy sector hunts out the potential of global resources and the delusional long game of US energy companies mining uranium in Ukraine is not beyond their entitled mindset.
    If security had been assured by invasion, US energy companies wanted the gas in Afghanistan and the oil in Iraq but it failed and the price of US imperialism has been appalling.
    It has resulted in regional destabilisation that the MIC control and manipulate.
    As far as the warming relationship with both China and Russia it simply seems a pragmatic decision taking into consideration the cold war style rhetoric coming from Washington and their cabal of lackeys,
    Also Russia must be a part of the BRI and benefit from the project however possible.
    As I write Biden is still beating his war drum while it is been reported Putin has withdrawn troops from the border.
    Biden is a cretinous tool of the MIC.

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