Key’s Spite of the Nation – privatising state houses & abdicating social obligations



While Andrew Little was dazzling the Auckland Business Community with all the charisma of month old milk, John Key was announcing the largest privatisation of State Housing and abdication of Government responsibilities ever conceived.

‘Social Housing’ is like ‘clean coal’ or ‘good cancer’ in that they don’t exist. Handing over the states obligations to religious groups is only a solution ISIS favours, which when you consider Key’s need to go to war against them is highly ironic. Last Christmas the Salvation Army showed none of the compassion of Christ when they declined a needy family Christmas presents, this is the organisation that will decide on social housing?

I foresee little room in the manger for many families.

National are clearly stunned that the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind actually handed them back this huge majority as much as the Left are and the pretence of moderation has all gone as they roll out vast unbuckling of the egalitarian NZ dream.

Privatising State Housing and abdicating their social obligations at a time when inequality is such a major problem should be decried by decent NZers, but this is a country that just shrugged off Dirty Politics and outragoues abuses of political power that would see any other Government thrown out on the streets, so punishing the poor with State House privatisation will probably be applauded by your average National Party voter.

If this is how far right National intend to lean, then the next 3 years will be intolerable.

Labour’s plan to build 100 000 homes affordable for the children of the middle classes in the face of these State House privatisation’s  just seems like lip service rather than solutions to inequality.

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  1. This is vintage but arrogant John Key – National, inversion/doublespeak/lying.

    “Prime Minister John Key has set out plans to expand the provision of social housing, which could see up to 8000 state houses sold by 2017 and up to 5000 better-off state tenants moved out to make way for needier cases”.

    How do you expand the provision of social housing when you are SELLING off social housing? FFS!!!
    What becomes of the evicted state housing tenants that make way for the even needier? Do they vanish into thin air or do they move into their cars. Maybe they swap their house for the even needier persons car!

    “Mr Key foreshadowed more large redevelopments such as that happening in Tamaki, Auckland”

    If I am not mistaken most of these redevelopments are UNAFFORDABLE housing!

    He also said “”The experience of countries like Australia and the United Kingdom is that having non-government organisations involved in social housing, alongside the Government, is a better way of doing things.”

    Dear John, this was the way BEFORE state houses in NZ and it was a failure, a 3rd world slum failure.

    “Mr Key said there was no housing “crisis”.

    Clearly he’s been in Hawaii far too long playing golf and hasn’t noticed the cluster fuck that is the Auckland property market.

    Did anything John Key say make any honest rational sense or was it all utter shit disguising the fact that tax payer money going to investors whilst cashing in state aka social houses in another lame, “burn the floor boards to make it through winter”, attempt to balance the books?

    To the average Kiwi, National are simpletons!

  2. But in this lie fest “The Bridge Too Far award” goes to Paula Bennett, cue slow hand clap…….

    “Social housing minister Paula Bennett has asked for a higher priority to be given to dealing with the needs of homeless and those sleeping rough”

    The same people who are homeless and living it rough directly as a result of Nationals policies and in no small part delivered with unbridled enthusiasm over the last 6 years by the very same Paula Bennett, Social Development Minister.

    How dishonest and two-faced is National and how fucking stupid do they think the population is?

    • The answer to those questions is extremely & incredibly. To be honest, I was surprised to find voting papers in my postbox for this election.. I thought it was all going overseas as raw timber while we all watched in horror the crowning of King john the Merciless.

  3. Key and National and the greedy zombies who vote them in plus the apathetics who won’t vote and voted this shower in make me sick, it’s an unending horror movie led by by smug stupid rich sh@ts. ( Sounds of puking in a bucket off stage ) Sad, sad New Zealand. I can’t look anymore. 🙁

    • Agree 1000% >

      National are raping this country the only one’s making money are the bankers and finance houses.

      Everyone else is slowly but sureley being fucked over.

      Doesn’t matter who you are YOU WILL BE PAYING FOR NATIONALS FUCK UP.

      If you haven’t already checked our national government debt it is over $98 billion plus your own personal debt on top.


      • Who are the fuckers who negative voted you I wonder ? The CEO’s of the major foreign owned Banks ? The ones on $11,ooo a day like that bastard from ANZ ?

  4. Infact any drongo that thinks this country can afford TAX CUTS, has got to be dreaming, with that debt hanging around every adult neck, in this country.

  5. I cannot understand why the Salvation Army is getting into this business at the Government’s behest… talk about selling your soul to the devil.

    But I do defend the Sallies re the Southland Food Bank non-recipient whinger. There’s much more to this than the original story tells. The woman concerned has quite a bit of unsavoury history and she ‘milked’
    the Food Bank system and that led to the Sallies’ decision. It has been published – maybe you should look a little deeper into this one before condemning the Sallies. Some so-called beneficiaries are not beyond ripping off the system too, probably taking their lead from our Nat Govt. So be fair about it.

    But as far as the Sallies taking over some of the so-called social housing portfolio – they should stick to their knitting!

  6. Martin, tone down man!.
    I love your writing and analysis (usually) – and – your bitter sleepy hobbits stuff is not working any more. I.e. its getting stale and the repetition of how we voted in the bad guys and aint we dumb is not useful anymore.

    We were all shocked and horrified and pissed off and mostly still are. And – as some damn good commentators about the evils of the neo-libs have argued – it is not their lies that most need resisting but how their truths / arguments resonate with the lived experience of so many ordinary people.

    The danger of your approach is it loses audience – so cut it out and resist the urge to vent. Instead start asking the harder questions about what is it about the horrible policies that the Nats espouse that give them such grip with ordinary NZ’rs.

    What hopes, fears and dreams do they tag on to?
    How has the NZ concept of fairness been co-opted?
    How does the NZ racism that doesn’t like to name itself get exploited?

    Get busy brother! – we need you staunch and relevant!
    DK from the west

    • I have a blindingly easy explanation .

      The 2014 election ? Rigged .

      Having said that yet again . Moving on .

      @ Martyn . I love you man . You’re an amazing fellow but I have to agree with @ David Kenkle to some degree .
      The psychology of over-cooking an obvious situation/problem is to in fact normalise it . It’s the tactic of the negative narrative the neo liberals use . Tell a lie often enough and it becomes a truth .

      Tell us we’re dumb Nu Zulinders often enough and we believe it .

      We’re not at all dumb . We may be naive , ignorant and passive for the want of what to do but that can , and will, change in a heart beat once momentum is gained .

      In my humble opinion , we could now debate what to do rather than point out the problem .

      And that problem is … ?
      Could it be that our ‘ Government ‘ isn’t a government . It’s a cadre of crooks getting close to being found out . ( Nicky Hager – Dirty Politics yadda,yadda,yadda. ) So, what to do about that I wonder ?

      Any suggestions ? C’mon . Get creative . But remember ? Beheadings , hangings , torturings , tarrings , featherings , shootings , stabbings , stranglings , repeated running over with the car-ings is still frowned upon by that thread of Law that still doggedly remains to hold us together thus preventing total anarchy .

      So I’m thinking marketing The Daily Blog to shove it up the arses of the Masses to force them to take notice ?

      • Who the fuck are you ? Little negative / down voter ? Why don’t you just fuck off . Back under your traitorous little stone .

        • “Whazzup?”
          “Oh mate, just been over The Daily Blog down voting those commie wankers”
          “No shit”
          “Yeah, really pisses them off and totally destroys their fucked up thinking”
          “You’re really sticking it to them man, awesome”

        • Hi COUNTRYBOY – good posts again. Thanks.

          Yes, I’ve been noticing the thumbs down brigade have been let out of their cages once more, dragging their knuckles on the ground, having a sniff around.

          The down thumbers come over from the WhaleOil. They are working for the slimy Key, through the creepy Slater. Let them go. Visiting a classy alternative news site such as TDB, is a day out for them. They can’t help but learn something positive through taking time to read the blogs and responding posts, which they are obviously doing. Otherwise why so many thumbs down?

          Now I’ve said this before, but what the thumb downers don’t realize is, every time they grace us with their presence on this site, they are boosting viewing volume 🙂

          • Ha ! @ Andrea . x . Thank you for thumb up . Homeopathy leaps to mind . If one were to pruge us of a jonky ? We must create a jonky to do the purging .
            Too much . Far too much .

      • “So I’m thinking marketing The Daily Blog to shove it up the arses of the Masses to force them to take notice ?”

        No tree shall die for this!

        And they’d notice, all right – but not in a nice way…

        If you want ‘opprobrium’ in your weapons kit be aware that it bites backwards as well as forwards.

        • Fuck backwards AND forwards ! I don’t give one small , flying fleck of shit ! The yap must be over ! Give me ACTION for fucks sake ! Fell a forest if that’s what it takes . Simon Bridges ( To nowhere ) would agree .

  7. So why are we letting it happen? I was told some years ago “if you know something is happening that`s wrong and you let it happen you are just as bad as the person doing it” aren`t we, ourselves to blame then? Why can`t we protest or something on behalf of what we value as Kiwis.

    • @ Annebee . Correct . You are correct . Pardon me while I use an old , out of date saying . ” Evil prevails where good men ( And women ) fail to act . “

    • I assume many concerned in society are fatigued due to the protracted thrashing meted out upon them and are operating in survival mode, clutching to what they have with hope it won’t all slip between their fingers like sands in an hourglass, with an act of fortune awaited as saviour. The only certainty is trying times ahead.

      Apologies for a lack of optimism.

    • it happens because they gave us peasants the internet…….now we are “puter protesters”…….we dont get off our butts anymore to march and tear down the walls these creeps hide behind

      • On one side the issues are items on a tick sheet.
        On the other side each one is a Cause and separate with few supporters.
        Divide and conquer.
        Foxhole by foxhole the dissidents and dreamers are easily overcome by smears and sneers. ‘Nanny state! Nya nya!’

        Divide and conquer.

        If we all massively got behind ‘affordable housing’ it won’t take long before the day-to-day details drown the idealism. After the party – the dishes. The checklist people have systems and delegation. The idealists have roaring enthusiasm – until the next crisis pops up.

        This cannot be ‘fought’ on those two levels. If you want to engage it may have to be at the same cold-blooded level as the checklist people.

        Do we have volunteers with the smarts and the willingness to lose their humanity? Or was David Cunliffe’s crushing by the timid and nasty deterent enough?

  8. Martin,read what David Kenkil has written.He is right.Enough of the Hobbits stuff.
    Blaming the electorate,especially the working class for not voting for us is a cop out.We are at fault for not getting our message across in terms they understand,& on issues that effect them most.
    Of course it’s not all our fault.The Media has a lot to answer for.But still our task is clear & insulting the people whose votes votes we need,& whose needs we so passionately concerned about,is not the way to go
    Like you I was gutted by the election & am dismayed ay the prospect of the next 3 years.But the time for lashing out in anger is over.

    • Of course it’s not all our fault.The Media has a lot to answer for.

      David, the Donghua Liu Affair was probably the nastiest stitch-up that destroyed Labour’s chances last year.

      That little incident was clearly contrived between certain elements in the Herald, the Immigration Minister’s office, right wing bloggers, and probably the PM’s office.

      Mind you, their inability to come to terms with potential coalition partner (eg, Mana) also didn’t help.

    • Totally agree with David. Stop knocking the people and blaming them for the election. Dirty politics was at play.

      Even just making prisoners not vote, and bumping up immigration to record levels is going to change the election results…. there were so many issues at play and the Nats are playing a long term game. Taking 2000 votes here, 1000 there, pitting the lefties against each other to split the vote. They played every dirty trick in the book. Little Nu Ziland were cannon fodder so stop blaming them…

      Instead of blaming others, you need to look at results and what you can do individually to change the game. Because the left have been losing for years now and turning on themselves…. surprise surprise this is all part of the plan.

      • Here’s a novel concept, perhaps the electorate just didn’t want a bar of a left wing socialist government. Just a thought that seems to have escaped you lot.

        • How on the earth was NZ going to get a socialist government with the policies on offer from the parties available for election to the NZ parliament?. e.g which party was advocating nationalization of all private assets.?
          A comment like that exhibits clearly how stupid Kiwis are. Ignorant uniformed small minded and downright thick! We need to be told repeatedly. Because we are. And then we need another good old fashioned kicking so we will be whining too much to notice the last acts of dispossession.I am a 6th generation land owning cashed up New Zealander and I look forward to selling my hard earned assets to some low rent criminal foreigner simply because that is what we deserve as a nation of greedy lazy whinging selfish losers.We have rorted our tax base for foreign criminal scumbags to live here and own our assets and thrown away our environment to the filthy dairy industry. failed our younger generations of NZ born citizens for a few billion dollars of fuck all. We ARE stupid. We deserve the corrupt scumbag government we have because we BELIEVE the MEDIA. It is that simple.

        • ‘ Us lot ? ” What the fuck do you mean ? ” Us lot ” . As for a thought escaping ? Well , you can talk . Should keep it on a leash until it gets to know itself .

          ” Us lot ” are desperately trying to save our Lands and population from the ravages of a weirdy , neo liberal and likely alien coup d’etat where it’s dictated that we must kill each other for wide screen tv’s and fucking pointless ‘ jobs ‘ to feed the voracious off-shore monster banks and YOU smirk about novel ideas . Jesus ! If you had an idea I’d eat a hat .

          There is a place to which you must travel to fornicate with ones self .

  9. Yes to all and Annabelle,

    We need to speak the obvious as Greece did! Use the same issue they did to get the real truth out in the open and made it a popular movement that threw these arrogant Judas Priests out.


    Bring out the real issue AUSTERITY and use it over and over again to the press FROM all of us.

    The word should be always on our lips as our accusation of these National carpetbaggers so much that the constant noise from the word will finally stick to National, as they will then be forced to fight to defend it.

    Greece did use the word AUSTERITY to accuse there Government of it, and this was the Genesis that bought the rotten right wing down.

    We want to attack National on their never ending record of AUSTERITY still today we see them pursuing the sick fucks.

    Geoff Lyte is 1000% correct we are all being screwed and slowly being fucked over with Key’s corkscrew till we bleed and damaged for all future generations with his smarmy fox like face.

    Smiling assassin he was called in three other countries when he was given the job of firing many Merrill Lynch employees.

    He is a clever cover-up artist and now doing it to us all while being the worst user of Austerity in the world while he bullshits all of us that it is something also!!!!!

    No More Key, no more Mr Austerity is our call.

  10. I’m wondering at what point the elements of the Left realise we are past patch protection, and unless we all unite, then we are well and truly f#cked. Labour, the Greens, Mana and even maybe dear old Winnie, get your shit together and fight as one.We have 3 more years of this before we get another shot at these pricks.Enough bitching among ourselves-shit just got real. Olive branch, consensus, I don’t really care what you call it, but it has to happen.If they get another term, any vestiges of the NZ we all love and cherish will be gone, sold to the highest bidder, and we will be left wondering what the f happened.

    • Totally agree with Dave. Left, centre, god at this rate even the right of centre should be getting alarmed at the continued fire sale to cronies. Left need to

      Unite not Fight.

  11. Rob the state
    For our mates
    50 million’s not enough
    We need to steal a lot more stuff
    Take it from the poor and needy
    We just love to be so greedy

  12. After listening to the Salvation Army on the radio a wee while ago, the idea, in limited numbers, may just have some merit

  13. And to those pissed off about Martin using the words “muddle Nu Zilind” I commented that this was offensive previously, and it still is, probably more so.

    • Rubbish Dan! It is as brilliant as it is accurate. We are a pathetic bunch of brain dead gullible idiots. Martyn is way too polite!

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