Everything wrong with NZ media in just one photo



Ugh. Doesn’t it make your skin crawl? One of the secrets of Key’s success is that he is the non-politician uncritically scrutinised by a neoliberal media that expands all the way down to commercial youth stations.

The domestic violence that Cunliffe was criticising when he lamented his gender is such a good reason to mock isn’t it? Why doesn’t the Edge just start making rape jokes on air?

Once upon a time youth would rebel against the unjust policies of a National Government, now the commercial voices of youth cuddle up to Key and and give him a platform to appeal to other politically vacant youth.

If the Edge were half as edgy as they pretend to be, this would have been the caption they sent out…

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…but what can one expect from a Radio Station that actually glorified rape culture earlier this year?

The need for public broadcasting for youth that actually engages with their issues rather than promote their oppressors is more necessary than ever before.


  1. You only have to read the comments left on their fb page to realise that many are now not going to listen to them.

    They altered the heading after reading the comments.

    thankfully the listeners that were are now going to comment with their radio dial.

  2. Who chooses Radio station names in NZ? It’s like Orwellian Doublespeak.
    The Edge isn’t.
    The Rock sure doesn’t
    The Coast ain’t.
    Classic Hits aren’t (Should be spelt with a “S”. If it was shit in the ’80’s, it’s shit now. It isn’t wine)
    More FM ??

    Really, who names them?

  3. What a shallow opportunist cock our Prime Minister is.

    Is this part of the hard case barby boy next door look? Did this get focus test approval from David?? Any piss taking on this subject is approval!

    What is funny about a bashed up person who is weaker than the tough bastard dishing it out?

    Any half decent human much less a PM would know what the now departed Cunliffe was referring to in that comment. The horror that goes on in this country, witnessed and lived through often by little kids behind closed doors in all levels of society. They would publicly do something about it and not tolerated domestic violence, but not John Key. He sees it as an opportunity to score points. Fuck what slime! A bet a few wife bashers are toasting him after that one.

    What is funny about this John Key, you’re a disgrace as are The Edge.

    And sadly I note plenty of support for this clown on the Edges FB page, it’s just genius it seems.

    • Everyone who is decrying this, says it is making light of a serious issue of domestic violence.
      They are correct.
      All of FJKs defenders are saying it has nothing to do with domestic Violence but all to do with sticking the boot into Cunliffe.
      Well they are right.
      FJK is quite happy to make tastless jokes as well as taking a chance to stick it to someone.
      I hear so much about Kiwis being magnamious in victory. Yeah right.

  4. Looking back over human history, we can detect that social trends are often determined by the “young generation”, who simply for biologically and genetically pre-programmed reasons desire to be “different” from their parents and their generation.

    Politicians of all directions have realised this as an opportunity to “win” the younger people over, for their ulterior purposes. Some of the nastiest examples for this were the creation of the “Hitler Youth” by the Nazis, and there are many less evil examples also.

    Key and the Nats have realised the same potential and use smart tactics to do the same, to win over the “hearts” of the young, who have for too many years grown up under a “new right” social order that was created by the ones like Roger Douglas, Ruth Richardson, Jenny Shipley and so forth. Since the late 1980s and early 1990s “the state” and collective ownership have been given a “bad” reputation, and achievements that once were made by the last powerful political generation from the 1960s and 1970s have been “re-classified” as the opposite, and labeled as “unproductive”, “cumbersome”, “yesteryear”, “socialist” and “costly”.

    Even under Helen Clark the last Labour government did not dare to reverse some “reforms” the Nats brought in before, and so the many younger ones now know nothing else but “private enterprise”, “free enterprise”, “entrepreneurship”, “career”, “competition” and “effciencies” achieved through applying “privatised”, “outsourced” “investment”. They grew up with “student loans”, “earning your right”, with lots of commercially pushed new fads and cannot in their wildest dreams imagine “free education”.

    The socio economic realities the young of today grew up with are all about focusing on yourself, your talent, your education, your career and your self realisation, by whatever means. So they simply accept things as they have learned, and want to make the best of it.

    John Key is to them the “moderate” right of centre “leader” that is “easy going”, comes across “positive” and like a “mate”, so as most like to be “positive”, they are easy prey for Key’s and the Nat’s calculated efforts to “soften” resistance and turn this into cosey support.

    The absence of scrutiny is not only found in the MSM media, it is everywhere, in the lecture theatres, in education and so forth. All is now presented via easily accessed, push at a button digital means and forums, not by doing the hard bit of research, of study behind the scenes, and investigation are no longer necessary, and not encouraged, as there is “Google”, delivering what is generally mostly searched and “popular”, and also “sanitised”, thus re-enforcing the status quo of what is deemed “popular” and important or necessary.

    So perhaps a major break down is needed to wake people up and get the brain to re-connect with the more traditionally used parts.

    What about hackers, now there is an idea, we see it with Sony and Playstation and US government, I bet NZ hackers are not up to it, to slow down or close down ‘the Edge’, the ‘Office of the PM’, NZ government departments, and some large corporate business players in NZ. There is a challenge, I suppose, they are not up to it, are they? Not wanting to suggest any “ideas”, maybe only such activity may break the dead lock of power we face?

    Just some hypothetical, speculative thinking.

  5. If women don’t like having their gender objectified, they shouldn’t objectify men – & saying JK is “no man” based on his actions is ironic sexism. JK is a man, but he’s no gentleman.

  6. Whenever I see John Key my flesh crawls, because he is an ignorant scumbag, and his government has done so many things that I consider to be the nails in the coffin of this country. Yay for the rest of his third term.

    But what makes my skin crawl most, is that an image featuring his smug, brainless image has also no corrupted the awesomeness of one of my favourite bands of all time – one I recently saw for the first/last time in concert. Why is John Key in a picture with a Rolling Stones T-shirt? This shouldn’t be allowed! LEAVE THE ROLLING STONES ALONE, JOHN KEY!

    Sorry. But of an irrational response. But hell, this guy is such a loser. I honestly hope he just keels over and drops dead, giving us all a hell of a break.

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