A Very Short Collection of John Key’s Lies


A Very Short Collection of John Key’s Lies


  1. This Prime Minister disgraces the holding of such a title as he has, let alone the “Right Honourable” addition. I say he should be dishonourably removed from any political position, discredited of any and all titles, and stripped of all perks and privileges of political entitlements including trusts, pension, etc.

  2. @ Trevor Mills . Exactly . Which begs the question ; where the fuck is our Governor General ? ? ? In hiding with Jason Ede ?

    It’s the Governor Generals job to sort out shit like this . The Queen told me so in reply to a letter I wrote to her out lining my concerns for our country and its over-all infrastructure .

    The Queen , our head of state , told one as humble as I that my letter to her had been on-sent to jerry . ( It was a reply on HRH QE 2’s behalf from her correspondence chief in actual fact . )

    So . WTF Jerry ? ( How much do we pay jerry by the way ?? What are his entitlements ? Free power , phone , travel , clothing , accommodation , medals , gold braid , moustache wax , stiffener for his upper lip . He needs to grow some balls and kick jonky out . Then … then we can private sector the fucker and sue his nasty arse . )

  3. The UK is clamping down and finally bringing to light the pedophiles, the so called top people who engage in sleazy tactics with young girls and vulnerable children, even royalty is being investigated.
    These people all deny culpability, but get high profile lawyers such as the one used to get O J Simpson off the hook , money talks, why would they need such lawyers if they are innocent.
    So maybe we can hope the top creeps are falling down at last, maybe the next to fall will be deceitful self serving polititions, John Key might get swept up in the net.
    For decades these people have been protected by police, lawyers, and judges,now someone or group is rounding them up for prosecution,so we can have hope that the people who have controlled us like sheep can start digging the earth to cover up their excrement, like the dogs they are (with apologies to the animal kingdom),the bulldozers can uncover their droppings and clear the land of these criminal filthy beasts.
    The world will be a better place without them .
    Happy New Year and may 2015 be year of the people and demise of all those who have been the dirt on our shoes and the rope around our necks.

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