Hold on – did NZ just have a coup?




Wait a minute here.

Just so that we all understand what’s been revealed. The Prime Minister’s Office used the Secret Intelligence Service to falsify classified information to smear the Leader of the Opposition via a far right hate blogger months before an election.

In other countries, they call that a coup.

What has just happened here? The SIS helped smear the Leader of the Opposition with falsified information and it was launched out of John Key’s Office just before the election???

Ummmmm. Doesn’t that kinda look like a coup? The State Intelligence Apparatus falsifies information about the Leader of the Opposition months out from an election via a National Party affiliated hate blog.

Are we so laid back that you can get away with a Coup and NZers won’t notice until 2 electoral cycles later?

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Are we so inoculated by the myth that we are corruption free that we don’t actually recognise it when it is smiling and dropping clunky one liners right in our face?

Key grants the security services vast new powers and budgets, the SIS provide the PMs Office with a falsified smear on the Leader of the Opposition. Both of these things have happened, the question is which one happened first and is that the price of the Deep State?

What the bloody hell is going on here?

If we take Key at his word that he didn’t know about any of this, and I mean, if we can put aside the fact Key rang Slater regularly and was also the Minister in charge of the Spies, if we put that aside, plus all the evidence of it being operated and initiated out of his Office, EVEN IF we give Key all that, it means he was grossly incompetent to the point he needs to make an apology to the Nation, not just Phil Goff.

This is either breathtaking negligence on behalf of the Prime Minister, or it is what it looks like – the Secret Intelligence Service and the PMs Office trying to actively rig an election.



  1. Yes we really do allow coups in NZ and don’t react until not the next election but the next next election. To see this cast your mind back to the end of Muldoon, desperate and demented he only went because the right wing vote was split by Jones (he of the “it’s alright to bash journalists fame”). I think we expected a more sensible economic approach than Muldoon’s subsidising of exports and the rich but we didn’t get it, we got neoliberalism and we didn’t vote against that until Bolger promise a return to decent society, which I think most of us thought was a return to Keynsian economics but we got Ruthenasia, and did not vote against that for 3 elections

  2. A coup is defined as “A sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force”. Since NZ wasn’t governed by Labour (under Goff) at the time, I don’t think it fits that definition, does it? Mincing words perhaps, but it’s really more of an illegal back-handed smear against a political rival than a coup imo.
    In the news today, I see Key was caught out in yet another lie – this time in parliament. He lies so often, he doesn’t even know when to do it or not to do it, it seems. It’s just a default setting at this point.

    • New entry to be placed into Collins Dictionary please;

      N.Z’s P.M John Key = Equal to – Compulsive liar syndrome.

  3. ^ Some good points.

    However cast your minds back to when Jenny Shipley rolled Jim Bolger. What we had there was a bloodless coup inasmuch as she took power as an Mp to become the unelected ‘prime minister’.

    That went unrecognized as a form of coup. In other words, a change of leadership without the public mandate.

    This latest ‘prime minister’ however….and his deviant methods to retain power are totally unprecedented. The depth of intrigue , lies and ILLEGALITY of methodology used has reached dangerous new levels.

    So much so , – that nothing short of an independent Royal Commission of Inquiry needs to be conducted to safeguard and protect our fragile democracy , such as it has become.

    This is no one -off slip up by a government or a Prime Minister,….but a prolonged ,protracted and deliberate perversion of our state departments engineered to produce political advantage over any opposition and by definition , – our democratic system.

    These are the typical symptoms of ‘ soft ‘ autocratic totalitarian states.These methods have no place in New Zealand and in our democratic processes.

    • The “Royals” have done far more to subvert democracy in New Zealand – the abandonment of the law of the land and of due process for starters.

      English democracy is rooted in the common law, but the civil state instituted by the Crown only observes a corrupted form of it.

  4. Key has actively led election rigging, while performing acts of negligence as his position of PM, by breaching his Oath of Allegiance, and abusing his powers as prime minister, whilst refusing to take responsibility while in service to the public. Sounds not only like coup, but very much like impeachment action against our very dishonourable PM. Warrants his being removed from politics to me.

  5. I’m getting fairly pissed off with Keys constant struggle with the truth.

    In the latest episode of a shitty 6 year soap starring the man who changes reality into whatever he wants in the blink of an eye, Key’s claim that his office had no collusion with the SIS and that no dirt has stuck to my office hits a brick wall when Cheryl Gwyn found Key’s then-deputy chief of staff Phil de Joux passed information from a secret briefing to Beehive “black ops” man Jason Ede. Ede tipped off Slater in a phone call – the blogger typing out his request to the SIS while still on the line.

    This is John Key, the Grand Wizard of inversion, fluently speaking here. Everyone and anyone in Keys office is involved, except for Key of course because he had an alibi, (yup we are all pig shit thick) and no dirt has stuck to his office. For fuck sake John! You see if you say the opposite of the truth loud enough and convincing enough well it defaults as the truth surely.

    And today in parliament, his bold and simple claim that there was no communications with Slater over this SIS report and low and behold a few hours later he’s found out and it turns out there was. Its one after the other.

    And we have yet to get to the HACKING of the Labour Party computer by National again from the PM’s office or in more simplistic terms the break in and theft of Labours private property.

    Key cannot be trusted to tell the time let alone be a Prime Minister. New Zealand deserves far better.

  6. Sir Jerry Mateparae is our man…

    From the GG’s website –

    The Governor-General’s Roles
    Governor-General’s strategy 2011-16 (summary)
    New Zealand’s Constitution
    An Essay on New Zealand’s Constitution
    The Head of State’s constitutional role
    Royal Prerogative of Mercy
    The Executive Council
    Credentials ceremonies
    RESERVE POWERS (my emphasis)
    Administrator of the Government

    Share this page

    “In a very few instances, the Governor-General may exercise a degree of personal discretion, under what are known as the “reserve powers.” The most important of these is the appointment of a Prime Minister following an election, or accepting the resignation of an incumbent Prime Minister.

    “By convention, the Governor-General will always appoint as Prime Minister the person who has been identified through the government formation process as the person who will lead the party or group of parties that appears able to command the confidence of the House of Representatives. The Governor-General expects that there will be clear and public statements that a political agreement has been reached and that a government can be formed that will have the support of the new Parliament. The Governor-General abides by the outcome of the government formation process.

    “Other reserve powers are to DISMISS (my emphasis) a Prime Minister, to force a dissolution of Parliament and call new elections, to refuse a Prime Minister’s request for an election, and to refuse assent to legislation.

    “These powers to act without or even against ministerial advice are reserved for the most extreme situations and with the exception of the appointment of a Prime Minister following an election, no New Zealand Governor-General has ever needed to use them.”

    Is now the time to start asking him about it?

    • George Hendry,

      Yes FJK should be given the order of the boot, by our Governor General if he has a backbone, in the same way P.M Goff Whitlam was required to resign in the 1960’s after he was also found to be similarly lying during the tumultuous Australian political scene of that era.

      Probably Key will instead unfortunately repeat the ugly drawn out messy Nixon final years of denial and using the famous terms Nixon used – “I have never lied”.

    • Jerry wont even contemplate it , he is Keys man ,moved out of spy job to make way for tricksters to control spy base,John Key in charge .
      Mr Matapare was given cushy job as governer general but it seems he still does as he is told.I would hope im wrong ,I think Matarpare seems a decent sort of man
      When the probervial hit the fan over dirty tricks, Ede moved on and was left alone ,cushy job again, Key couldn’t risk Ede being called to account,so he was hidden away in case he said the wrong thing.
      Whenever Key is in the Dirty Tricks limelight he always tries to deflect blame onto the opposition.
      When the book came out ,Key chased after Hagar,shooting the messenger not the problem,we can all see the tricks Key employs, and all the arrows of deceit point back to Key ,he will never admit anything
      and the media and powers under Key will not challenge him.
      Paula Bennet has learnt from events the way to get ahead is to be a bully and clone of Key
      Collins got away with collusion with Slater, nothing ever done about the Oravida affair, how much is the gullible public going to put up with from this unhealthy government.

    • An interesting precedent of when a Governor General did change the PM in a country with a similar constitution was in Australia in 1975 when Gough Whitlam was removed and a US client government installed to implement neoliberalism. That was a very real coup and one from which Australia still hasn’t regained its sovereignty. Still, what we have in New Zealand is not that far distant from a coup.

  7. Plain and Simple Key and his money men have been found out – It appears the mainstream media are ‘bought and paid for’ Maybe its time for ‘new’ Labour the Greens and ‘dollar each way’ Winston to pile on the pressure everyday till Key cracks – three way team effort . The slime on the Right don’t like to back a looser so they may hang Key out in the wind…….. !!!………. Keep on raising HELL till its done.

  8. It this sort of thing happened anywhere else in the world, say Italy, Japan, Spain (and it has happened more than once in all three countries) then we would have the MSM demanding the resignation of all involved. Governments have fallen in disgrace for less. But of course not in The Shire of New Zealand, where the sleepy hobbits just want to keep on pretending that everything is as it should be, and believe just what the National Party spin doctors tell them.

    • Theirs trouble brewing in the ‘Shire’ ………. hungry little hobbits off to school with bigger hobbits on $15 per hour, hardly enough for any Gold jewelry let alone a long long extended trip over the mountains and down polluted rivers …… The Hobbits are getting Restless………….!!!

  9. Classic stuff Martyn, you how been exonerated again, as the trumpet of truth, keep this as your badge of honour my friend.

    “The tone in his (Key’s) voice that he’s right and everyone else is wrong is the magic dog whistle that appeals to the deep and dark anti-intellectualism of New Zealanders.”

    I was there working in Melbourne in the time when the Australian PM Goff Whitlam resigned after the Governor General request he do so after Whitlam was found lying incessantly as Key has.

    We hope history repeat’s itself eh!

    Perhaps John Key will repeat those famous Nixon words, “I have never lied” before he said “I shall resign effective 12 noon today”. GOTTCHA!

  10. Now is the perfect time for a real journalist to stand up and challenge the moral integrity of this government. Make a name for him/herself by not being another National Party sheep following the rest of the flock and bleating the National Party mantra on cue. Anyone interested? Nah, thought not. Don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you, eh?

  11. The mendacity is mind boggling indeed and we do live in an illusory “corruption-free” country.
    But what really rips my shorts is the legacy that Key is going to leave our somnolent citizens with – a debt mountain that leaves us prey to foreign banking interests (surprise, surprise) that we somehow swallow up as prudent economic management.

  12. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that National’s actions, and those of John Key, have amounted to a coup, but only because it doesn’t meet the strict definition of such an act. The acts they have undertaken are actually treason.

    trea-son [tree-zuh n]

    the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

    a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.

    the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

    John Key has breached his oath of office and was acting against the State when he oversaw an office either 1) with such lax oversight that the actions exposed by his senior staff members went unnoticed or 2) knowingly allowed such actions to be undertaken for his own political advantage and to the detriment of the State’s democratic processes.

    The man is a liar and a traitor. John Key must resign.

      • @ WK … Hee hee :-))) and here’s me thinking the Gos had gone into hibernation for the summer, because he hadn’t posted for a while.

        Proves this blog site is open to ALL opinions, without the need to be threatening or intimidating towards those with conflicting viewpoints, as is the case with one particular blog site, which shall remain nameless for the time being!

  13. “rig an election?” elections (plural) you mean.

    yes, the PMs Office has actively rigged an election, and more than once.

    Hopefully this time I wont get moderated for posting it.

  14. Night is day.
    Black is white.
    Wet is dry.

    This is insane .No admittance , no accountability , no apology , no restorative justice = no credibility or integrity.

    Does John Key have a clinical disorder which prevents him from being truthful ? The guy needs help .When asked yesterday both by the media and in parliament whether he had been in contact with Cameron Slater in the past few months he said NO.As in NO.

    This was a direct lie.

    Given the incontrovertible fact that he had responded to Slaters txts on Monday night less than 24 hours before.

    This was not 1.” A fair measure of disclosure.”

    2″.Plausible deniability .”

    3″.A genuine failure to recall.”

    OR any other weasel words ,it was an out and out lie.

    ” oh by contact I thought you meant conversation and i certainly didn’t do that. ” Definitely no contact in this regard whatsoever.

    ” In regards to contact as it relates to any written correspondence or emails I can absolutely assure you this did not place ”

    “So,in relation to contacting Slater over the last few months ,there was no proactive contact by me with regard to conversations , mail,email,personal meeting , or txt.OK .”

    “I can truthfully say I did not respond to his txts in my capacity as PM , and therefore in a legal capacity did not actually contact him nor did my office ”

    ” I may have responded to his txts on Mon night but it is important to recognize in which capacity I did so.In fact I was responding in a private capacity but that is an entirely different to responding in my capacity as PM which I did not do.”

    What we need is a prime minister who is not only truthful but who is actually honest . A half truth is a whole lie.


  15. i am just left gob-smacked by the way Key is acting. The brazenness of the lies is matched only by the stupidity of some of them. Why lie about having contact with Slater when almost everything associated with him becomes public. The denial and dismissal of investigations and reports is breath taking in its audacity. The refusal to accept responsibility for the actions of his office is exceptionally hypocritical. Lets hope Little and the other opposition parties can keep the pressure on and rid the country of this PM. We live in interesting times

    • He HAS to keep lying, he’s painted himself into a corner over this. As far as him, his office and the SIS goes he is on a hiding to nothing if he so much as looks like admitting anything other than his line is the truth. Any variation from it declares that he was either incompetent or he is lying – rock/hard place.

    • Done thanks save NZ Here it is,

      We oppose any wider ranging powers to be allowed to be given to our Intelligence agencies in N.Z.

      Our knowledge recently of abuse by Government black ops staffers Jason Ede and others using SIS information illegally has given us deep concerns about the current safety and oversight of the whole intelligence operations currently being used for political gain, by embarrassing opposition M.P.’s facing elections.

      We want to see an enquiry into the whole “dirty politics saga before any such wider powers are given to those who have already committed illegal actions in partnership with Government black ops staff near the prime ministers office.

      Watergate springs to mind here and we must firstly have a high level independent investigation into current issues surrounding the close relationship between the PM and the misuse of our intelligence agencies.

  16. In all FVEY countries we see the same corporate corrupt “coup”, only differences are the local flavors.

    We are dealing with global organised crime and the lemmings are too lazy or too stupid to see what is going on. John Key, the cold hearted American bankster was planted here to structure the FVEY control network, the streamlining of mineral exploitation and to finalise the privatisation of strategic (!) assets.

    Just because the New Zealand bought media do not report on the same issues happening all over the world and especially in the FVEY controlled countries, does not mean it doesn’t happen elsewhere. Because it does, again, we’re dealing with global organised crime, and their instrument box is BUREAUCRACY.

    The management of “profitable” wars is just a distant cold hearted management act, bureaucratic management. The financial terrorism that they call financial engineering, is bureaucratic management.
    The creation of corrupt laws for criminal corporations, is bureaucratic management. Etc., etc.

    The bureaucratic law system is corruptible as hell, that is why we have it. For corruption you only need 2 things; 1. a corruptible system, and 2. corruptible people managing it.

    See the problem?

    See who COULD change it, but would prefer to keep it the way it is?

    Every new government keeps this corruptible system in essence in the way it is… Funny that?

    We need CHANGE, but we can not expect it to come from career bureaucrats, aka politicians. They like their careers.

    See the problem?


  17. Comment deleted. Not only did you use a fake email address, but you have fraudulently implicated a company in your fakery. Your IP number has been logged and we are considering laying a complaint with your ISP. – ScarletMod

  18. Not sure whether this is correct,but apparently ten percent of the people in the world are sociopaths,its worth reading about their traits,it might answer a few questions about our illustrious Prime Minister’s behavior.
    The smirks and petulant behavior from JK could be coming from his assumption that most NZers are completely fooled about his actions and his controllers plans, for this country.Not everyone spends their time eating crap food,drinking themselves to oblivion or believing what the mainstream media reports,many of us still have what used to be called a Bullshit Detector!

  19. It’s about 2% in western countries and about 1% in asian countries. By the nature of the job, they tend to gravitate to banking, and politics, among others. JK is a classic example – a lying bully that charms people…..

  20. Sad but true however nothing will come of this our governor general will not do anything as he was put in there by them. Our media is complicit & lack real journalism & too lazy to find the truth. Sad but true.

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