Top 5 Texts from Cam to Key


So Cam texted Key before the report came out despite Key claiming no contact?

Top 5 Texts from Cam to Key

5 – I still have all the photos

4 – Yes my shapeshifting Lizard Master Overlord

3 – Max isn’t talking to you either

2 – Voila! In view humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate

1 – Lusk will take over account, got new job with Crosby/Texter – cheers 🙂


  1. I love that song “Oh you can’t hide those lying eyes, thought by now you’d realise you just can’t hide those lying eyes”, etc,etc

  2. One of these things is exactly like the other, slater and key your pants are on fire!! yaaaaa Andrew Little flick to the rescue.

  3. This delusional twat has posted on his fb page this morning that he DID NOT say that Labour were trying to kill him, that it is all a Labour smear. Pity it is all there, in black and white, in his own words and adding that he actually had proof. The jester in the Court of King John.

  4. Try this latest statement from the PM …. un – bloody – believable!

    Key is digging a bigger hole for himself to slide into, every time he opens his obnoxious lying mouth now!

    How much longer are the public expected to put up with this nonsense from him as leader of the country?

    Perhaps Mr WhaleOil will do us all a favour and turn completely feral on Key, as he’s done with the PM’s opponents in the past. It’s a possibility given the blogger’s present state of mind!

    • There’s a bitter irony in the fact that we may soon find ourselves cheering for Cameron Slater. Whoever would have thought?

  5. I know the conspiracy theory of shape shifting lizards running the world is “out there”, but if it turns out John Key really is one I cannot say I’d be suprised.

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