Sue Bradford speaking tour






With the generous support of the Hobgoblin Network and several other donors, I’m going to be speaking soon at four meetings around the country:

‘A major left wing think tank?  Is it time for a transformational left project?’

Key conclusions from my research and an update on what’s been happening, with plenty of time for feedback, questions and discussion.


TDB Recommends

Wellington    Tues Dec 2              6.00pm                  St Johns, 170 Willis St

Christchurch Wed Dec 3              7.00pm                  WEA, 59 Gloucester St

Dunedin        Thurs Dec 4            5.30pm                  Quad 1, Otago Uni

Palm Nth      Thurs Dec 11          5.30pm                  26 Margaret St, Palm Nth



My doctoral research lead me to conclude that there is room for multiple think tank-like initiatives on the NZ left.  My own interest is in working with others to develop a radical left think tank which can work cooperatively and purposefully with left academics and activists nationally, on a kaupapa of social, economic and ecological justice grounded in Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  Developing a sustainable organisation of this type will take time, people, a lot of relationship and kaupapa building – and financial resources.

All welcome.  If you have friends, family or colleagues who might be interested, please feel free to invite them along too.  I am open to speaking at meetings in other localities as well, if you think there’s an interest.  More background info is available here.


  1. This sounds like a really positive initiative and something I would really enjoy hearing about. Would you consider bringing this korero to Auckland?

  2. I am a staunch left winger but Sue is just toxic in New Zealand politics. Any association with Sue is electoral sucide. The Greens know it as do Mana now. She will cost the left votes as she has done for a generation. It is not what fellow lefties on here think that counts, its what the other 95% of New Zealanders think and their verdict on Sue has been in for years, Toxic.

    • At one point 95% of New Zealanders supported sporting ties with the apartheid regime in South Africa.

      It took the other 5% (including Sue Bradford, John Minto, etc al) to convince the populace otherwise.

          • Frank, she is toxic. She is a walking disaster where ever she goes. The left for the first time for years is looking like a government in waiting. The last thing we need is another bout of Sue to fuck it all up again. Sue has had her day and she is now and has been for 10 years a major negative for the left. She polarises people and you don’t win elections doing that.

            • I don’t think she is talking about electoral success, a cynic might argue she is proposing the opposite of that. Thoughtful consideration of the issues facing people and the environment they need. From there will come ideas for the politicians to ‘frame’ into acceptable messages for your 95%. Also will come some coordinated activism on the ground to make voters more accountable to their vote. Maybe.

          • Vietnam war. Debatable, but I take your point.

            Anti Nuke. Only in NZ (and if we do not have to have it all the better) but it is common place for power and weaponry everywhere else, and certainly does not stop us being subject to nuclear attack, so a hollow victory really.

            Gay rights. Bipartisan surely.To claim victory for the left here is just naughty.

    • You know what, Mark? My mother used to think just what you thought about Sue. But after Sue’s principled and lonely stand against the Internet-MANA alliance, my mother changed her mind about her and now respects her for being principled. Things changed. And repeating the word “toxic” over and over again only works as a neuro-linguistic programming stunt if we don’t notice you’re doing it, or know why you’re doing it, Mr Astroturfer.

  3. I put my neck on the line for her when I belonged to the Unemployed Workers Rights as did others I know. She doesnt want to sknow us now. Sell out Sue – That’s you. She has no integrity. Her hubby rocks though. Always has.

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